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Sparrow now set to be arrested for stalking!


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I really hate posting links here to other sites. I found some updated info. So its out there if your interested.

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Hi everybody. As usual, thanks for all the support.

Here's a brief summary that hopefully doesn't piss my lawyers off. :)

As some of you mentioned, I was charged with a second crime (wearing a mask) about ten days ago. Also, at the same time, the prosecutor requested an amendment to the first charge. They sought to enlarge the time frame during which the alleged activity took place and re-worked/broadened the wording of that charge.

My lawyer pleaded that this was unfair to do at the last minute and the judge agreed - hence the continuance. When asked why they were making these last minute changes, the prosecutor said that in light of things learned in KB's deposition, they were now wanting to introduce allegations that took place earlier than the original time frame.

Why they are doing this now - I don't know. Bottom line is that I was arraigned on the new charge this morning. Despite being at the last minute, the prosecutor has the right to do that without the judge's consent. The enlarged time frame was up to the judge and he did grant that.

So now we have another two months to start over and prepare for the enlarged scope of time and the additional charge. I was really, really hoping to goto trial today, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

Other items of note:

Moxon was there. He sat quietly and observed.

This case is decided by a judge. In the District, a misdemeanor is decided by a judge - not a jury (to save time and resources as I understand it).

I have no idea what the Brady issues are that appear on the Court website. Those words never came up at all today. Whatever it means, it didn't seem to work in my favor (today at least).

I guess that's it for now. Again, thanks to everyone for keeping my spirits up!
Yes! Sparrow still needs donations. I figure with all the enjoyment from his vids, the least I could do was donate a few bucks. He can accept Money orders and paypal, though they say paypal is only OK if youre already namefaggin.


Three cheers for Mr. Sparrow! :thumbsup:

He is STILL out there doing what he does best - confronting Scn robots with "in-your-face" facts about Hubbard and $cientology. Despite OSA's stupid games.


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Check out 3:42 in the second video. Now that really speaks to the evil of scientology. The girl staff member is talking trash to the seated guy about Sparrow. Whoa! That's why you protest with a camera. Very telling video.