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Speaking effectively to Scientologists at protests

While on staff; that would have just pissed me off. You know how scientologists are about "not evaluating" for them.

I vote no on these.

Well, yeah, but whatever is said, nothing is going to make them feel like you're their best friend. The idea is not to piss them off, (even though that may be a reaction) but to say something which will invariably be true for a lot of them. The fact that they may get pissed off means they will have to deal with it somehow. It will stick, it will rattle the things they deny. It will make them hear it coming from outside of themselves, instead of just from that nervous little voice inside their head. They will hear it said out loud in public, the things they all keep locked away in little compartments in their mind.


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Any Scilons left?

:guyfawkes: Does the Church have any "meat" left to push out the doors to confrount Protestors?? :guyfawkes: