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An essay on the spirituality of a " church" that worships technology. You should read it, because it's what you need. What the planet needs, as well. May not be read by on-staff Scientologists since the 'tongue-in-cheek technology' might spread insanity and chop up auditors.

I, Ronbot

Technology presumes there's just one right way to do things and there never is. –Robert Maynard Pirsig

What product does Scientology produce? Truth be told, the 'church' is not known to deliver sanity, serenity and higher knowledge. Scientologists don't obtain a perfect memory, they don't become immune to radiation and impervious to disease, and the laws of nature remain infuriatingly resistant to manipulation attempts.

A cynic would accuse the 'church' of producing overt products, but this would only be justified if Scientology actually worked towards making people saner, more intelligent and more able. The true motives of the 'church' are money and power, and Scientology runs a tight ship. Scientologists respond to the constant pressure and produce, they don't question anything and obey. Critical thought is a crime, gross 'downtrending statistics' are out-ethics, so most members function like clockwork...or robots.

Isaac Asimov, a science fiction writer whose work was way too intelligent to be converted into a science fiction religion, developed The Three Laws of Robotics, three commands that are included in the preprogrammed behaviour of the robots populating his futuristic societies.

Law #1: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

Law #2: A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

Law #3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

The film I, Robot, which is loosely based on Asimov's novel of the same name, features a robot called Sonny as one of the central characters. Sonny yearns to become more human, he develops emotions and starts dreaming during his robotic sleep cycles – albeit not of electrical sheep.
Scientology offers the reverse process, everything is being technologised, tech is the hallowed word among Hubbard adherents. The essential and most important dogma is Keeping Scientology Working, everything must yield to KSW. Let's forget political correctness for a moment and analyze Scientology from a technological perspective.

KSW means getting every Scientologist to apply the technology correctly. This must be done by following ten rigorous steps. “One: Having the correct technology. Two: Knowing the technology. Three: Knowing it is correct. Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology. Five: Applying the technology. Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied. Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology. Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications. Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology. Ten: Closing the door on incorrect application.” [205]

If Scientologists follow religious protocol to the letter, their spiritual awareness will increase by 3.86% over the period of 12 months (3.88% during leap years). That was pure irony, of course, but would anyone be surprised if 'scientific studies' would prove the validity of these numbers? After all it can be assumed that those studies were done by 'independent organisations.' Well, enough with the Joking & Degrading.

I believe that the word technology does not feature in the scriptures and guidelines of other religions, including newer denominations and fringe religions. In Scientology everything revolves around the tech, everything is based on it. The 'church' is ruled by the Religious Technology Centre, all the copyrights of Hubbard's oeuvre are held by The Church of Spiritual Technology.
Everything Scientologists learn is part of the tech, which must be applied correctly to make use of its workability, which – according to 'church' management – has been proven and validated. This makes it very easy to blame the Scientologists for the non-appearance of results, since there are only two possible options to deal with the tech: Doing it right or doing it wrong, like a computer who works with two numbers only: 0 and 1. Failure to get results are inextricably linked to failure to apply the tech correctly.

Thanks to Hubbard's 'extensive research' we finally know how the human mind works. It's basically a hard drive with two partitions, separating the analytical mind and the reactive mind. The analytical mind is our consciousness, it contains the operating system, the reactive mind is our subconsciousness, a mass storage capacity filled with negative recordings (sic) of hurtful and painful events in the past. The reactive mind is called bank, short for memory bank

The engrams are charged with negative energy, they're part of the mental mass and energy of a person's mind. When the E-Meter sends a tiny but steady current of electricity through the body, those engrams will disrupt the flow, which makes it possible to detect them and use a certain technology to discharge them.
Unfortunately those engrams are mnemonic cockroaches, it's virtually impossible to stamp them out for good. They function like mental rootkits or boot loader viruses – they're hidden too well to be found or they reappear constantly. Every time the mind appears to be clear, new engrams float to the surface, or previously discharged recordings are restimulated. This turns the open road towards the state of clear into a steep and thorny path.

E-Meter diagnostics has spread to other areas, modern car engines are examined similarly, a scanner is connected with an interface and receives the data of the Digital Motor Electronics System. Owners who feel fleeced by the car repair shop have obviously no clue how much Scientologists must shell out to have their heads examined with a primitive lie detector.

How spiritual can technology really be? How technological can spirituality really be? Most people would be hard-pressed to define spirituality in one short and precise sentence, because the term itself defies any attempt to force it into an analytical straitjacket. Spirituality and higher awareness are diametrically opposed to figures, predictability, routines, laws and standard procedures. Forced amalgamation will produce UNKNOWN ERRORS, instability and system crashes.

In Scientology free spirits will need to redefine their idea of spirituality, because even human emotions are analysed and numbered consecutively. Apathy is 0.05, the feeling of Regret is below zero, it's precisely –1.3. Hate is much better, it clocks in at 1.4, which in turn is humbled by Boredom at 2.5. The upper echelons of the 'tone scale' feature those emotions that are rarely or never experienced by downstat staff and Sea Org members – Cheerfulness (3.5), Enthusiasm (4.0) and Exhilaration (8.0).

Usually they're more familiar with other emotions. Sea Org members at Gold Base Can't Hide (- 30), and they're often Making amends (0.375). This applies to all staff and Sea Org members, and they often feel Hopeless (0.07) and practice Self-abasement (0.2) during security checks and other forms of ethics handling. Other common emotions are Grief (0.5), Terror (0.96), Despair (0.98), Fear (1.0) and Anxiety (1.02). Ethics personnel is usually at 1.2 ( No sympathy). Those on the receiving end of ethics handling are never at 1.3, though, Regret comes after the decision not to remain at 0.1 any longer, which is the assigned numerical value for Victim.

Is it calculating and heartless to chart human feelings and emotions? According to
L. Ron Hubbard those are the typical symptoms triggered in sociopaths (below 2.0), when they're being guided towards survival objectives. [206]
Scientology claims to be a religion or a religious philosophy, yet it sells technology for spiritual advancement. Albert Einstein observed that our technology has exceeded our humanity, and the high-tech environment created by Scientology illustrates this with cold efficiency.

Scientologists are told they're an advanced race, the humanoids vegetate on a lower level. They are raw meat which must be processed. Canvassing Scientologists are called body routers, their job description is very easy: Since human beings are unaware of their thetans they think they're just bodies, they have no will of their own. In order to process them they must be steered into the Org. It goes without saying that the routers are armed with superior tech to command the somnambulistic clusters of cells.

Processing of raw meat always entails the stripping of false data, which is then replaced with true data, new adherents become cases which must be sorted out. Hubbard demanded that preclears who started a level before fully completing the previous one had to be repaired.

The Case Supervisor has a job comparable to a technician, he analyses the defective sectors on the hard drive of his case and programmes him/her into certain handling procedures. If preclears join staff, they become Org terminals, this term stands for 'properly hatted workers'. 'Terminal' is often assigned to regular persons as well, manual and guidelines sometimes refer to 'the antagonistic terminal' instead of suppressor or chaos merchant.

Slow working speed, production of useless products and general incompetence could be caused by Robotism, and the affected individuals are consequently called robots. The proper term for deleting data is Keying out, the reverse process, adding harmful data, is called Keying in.
The spiritual journey of a Scientologist towards higher awareness equals the scanning of a hard drive to find invalid or corrupt data, members believe they become more aware, more alert and more able – like a hard drive that's being defragmented to speed up the operating system.

Corrupt data and junk files are deleted simultaneously, in the end the operating system is like new. Actually it is new, to be exact – it has been reprogrammed, and the owner doesn't even realize that he or she has no administrator rights anymore.
Rules and regulations have been programmed into the minds of Scientologists, including 'secure data processing routines' designed to ignore any interference attempts from other sources.

KSW.exe is the process that has been assigned the highest priority, it's a start-up process set to 'Automatic' and cannot be terminated. PTS/SPcheck.exe upgrades harmless civilians to malevolent criminals the second they utter a word of criticism.
The spotless mind of Scientologists features an extensive and sophisticated protection mechanism to contain virulent data. Virus protection is always active in the background, and the filter is set to 'Ultra-High'.

This scanner monitors every word and kicks in automatically to contain harmful code. Every form of criticism, even a polite question, is interpreted as an attack on the 'church', the malicious data is moved into quarantine automatically and must be deleted by an Ethics Officer or the Case Supervisor right away. Attempted comm cycles by known criminals are blocked categorically, the integrated firewall has sealed most ports. Only Scientology data passes without interference, and this data self-installs automatically.

Scientologists operate in a virtual environment shielded by safety programmes and technological features like No Execute Memory Protection to avoid the insertion of malicious code. Behind the ecclesiastical curtain spirituality à la Scientology is just a computer simulation like the Matrix, homo novis is a Ronbot.
Should the expected and completely predictable results provided by the tech fail to materialise, the cases need to be debugged. This is not satirical, Hubbard actually said that. He referred to the security check as a valuable debugging tool.

The tech is always right, Hubbard is officially regarded as The Source. His writings are source material and members must remain on source to avoid making the tech unworkable. Hubbard's work is not open source material, the founder was obsessed with securing 'data integrity', the source code had to be left untouched forever. Therefore the use of verbal tech (describing the tech by word of mouth) is a High Crime.
In a rigid and systematic world, where everything is calculated and subject to regulations and strict codes of conduct, data corruption is the worst case scenario. Corrupt data will undermine order and produce chaos.

Predictably all the tech doesn't turn the adherents into higher beings, there's no better and more efficient way to crush the spirit. Members become androids, the perfect foot soldiers to clear the planet. Here are the three laws for Scientologists determined to ensure KSW.
Law #1: A Scientologist must never impede KSW or, through inaction, allow suppressive groups and individuals to impede KSW.
Law #2: A Scientologist must obey any orders given to him by any superior officer, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Law #3: A Scientologist must dedicate everything to the cause and never do anything that would conflict with the First or Second Law, or else.

The end result is technology that exceeds humanity, demonstrated by the merciless treatment of Lisa McPherson. This case is a fitting example for yet another observation by Albert Einstein, who said that insanity could be defined by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
The Scientologists responsible for the care of Lisa McPherson ruthlessly applied the tech over and over again for seventeen days in a row, despite getting the same (unacceptable) results over and over again. They stubbornly stuck to PTS Type Three handling routines defined by Hubbard, despite the steady decline of Lisa's physical and mental condition. When they decided to change the approach, it was too late to save Lisa's life.

Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist for 18 years, had called her parents and announced she would be leaving Scientology for good. Per standard procedure she was assigned a PTS condition.
After a minor car accident she was physically unharmed, but she stripped off her clothes at the scene of the accident. She told one of the paramedics that she wanted people to think she was crazy, because she needed help. She was duly admitted to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. This strange behaviour happened a month after she had officially reached the state of clear. She had also 'successfully' done the L-11 rundown, which costs $1000 per hour and guarantees to cure a person from insanity once and for all.

Scientologists appeared at the hospital soon after Lisa had been put under observation and 'convinced' her to leave with them. She demanded to be released against the recommendation of her doctor, who later testified that she looked and acted as if she was in a trance.
Lisa McPherson was brought to the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Fla., for 'rest and relaxation'. Over the course of the next seventeen days her physical and mental condition declined rapidly until she was on the brink of death. Despite her alarming physical state – she could hardly breathe anymore – Scientologists bypassed three hospitals and brought her to Newport Richie Hospital, a 45 minutes drive from the Fort Harrison Hotel, because it had been decided that she should be treated by Scientologist doctor Dr. David Minkoff, a high-level OT. Given the physical condition of the patient wog doctors might have felt compelled to publicly invalidate Scientology tech.

Unfortunately the OT had an off-day and couldn't restore the temperature of Lisa's carbon-oxygen engine to the required 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. He also failed to command Lisa's thetan to come back and reanimate the body. Twenty minutes after her arrival all attempts to resuscitate her were discontinued, she was declared dead. Lisa McPherson was emaciated, she had lost 40 pounds. She also was severely dehydrated and her body showed bruises and lesions which were attributed to bedsores and insect bites inflicted by cockroaches.

What was the official reaction by the 'church'? Scientology angrily denied any accusations of malpractice, everything was done to help Lisa McPherson, apparently nobody could have predicted her sudden physical decline.
Let's assume this was true, if only for a moment: Lisa was fine for at least sixteen days, until all of a sudden she slimmed down spontaneously, dehydrated on the spot and was blitzed by cockroaches. That was clearly not the case, judging by the notes of her 'handlers', who had meticulously logged her slow demise. They didn't act like human beings, they observed and recorded, like machines. They obeyed the tech which, as we know by now, cannot guarantee the survival of a person who is PTS Type Three.

Lisa McPherson suffered from psychotic episodes, she pounded the walls, screamed abuse at her captors and tried to attack them. At times she suspected her guardians to be psychiatrists trying to kill her. She tried to walk out of the room several times. She also talked with imaginary persons, became delusional to think she was someone else, she hardly slept and soiled herself on purpose.
Instead of bringing her back to the hospital she was sedated and fed herbal concoctions and vitamins, and she was charged $240 for a tape series called 'Expansion of Havingness'. Force-feeding of real food rarely worked, she had to be tricked like a stubborn child, but most of the times she spit out the food right away.

Insufficient nourishment and lack of sleep began to affect Lisa's health. While she literally lost her sanity she also degenerated physically at an alarming pace. Those who questioned the way the case was handled were told to mind their own business, and they obeyed. The tech is always right, it cannot be questioned. Lisa's unforeseen response could not upend the priorities, rules are rules. Things proceeded according to plan, Lisa was restrained against her will, most of the time the only communication between her and the 'handlers' was auditing-related. The Introspection Rundown entails isolation to force patients into periods of introspection.

All her begging, crying and screaming was ignored most of the time, she was surrounded by robots who only talked when they saw fit, and they didn't answer any questions, they rarely showed compassion or offered comforting words. They were the ones to ask questions, they were trying to find out why Lisa was harming herself – after all everything was her fault.
All this counter-productive and self-harming behavior was worrying but not unexpected, because L. Ron Hubbard had written that some patients who are PTS Type Three must be written off as hopeless cases, they cannot be helped because they refuse to allow it. It's quite tedious, but what can you do? [207]

Hubbard made this sobering discovery in 1965, strangely enough he later insisted that the Introspection Rundown delivers magical results: “I have made a technical breakthrough which possibly ranks with the major discoveries of the Twentieth Century. It is certainly the greatest advancement of 1973 and is now being released after a final wrap-up of research. It is called the Introspection Rundown.” [...] “The RD is very simple and its results are magical in effectiveness.” [...] “You have in your hands the tool to take over mental health therapy in full. You need not fear the insane or the psychotic break any longer.” [...] “THIS PLANET IS OURS.” [208]

Lisa McPherson fought against the magical effectiveness of her 'therapy' tooth and nail, and she was able to enact her succumb postulate (death wish). As a human being I experience various human emotions whenever I think about this tragedy, predominantly pity (-0.01), terror and despair (0.96 and 0.98), resentment (1.3) and anger (1.5). How desperate Lisa must have felt being held as a prisoner by those who had promised her total freedom, and how cold and clinical human beings can become after being programmed to compute everything the tech demands.

After Lisa's death Scientologists pressurized her family to have her cremated right away, and three of her 'handlers' disappeared and left the country. The fact that the Clearwater police department wanted to interrogate them caused an angry response by Scientology – the investigation was labelled as a harassment campaign against the church. This time Scientology was gracious enough to avoid the term Gestapo methods.
Heber Jentzsch, director of the CoS at the time, became angry when a TV host insinuated that Lisa McPherson had been held against her will. He insisted that the Scientologists in charge of Lisa McPherson had done everything in their power to help her, and he described them as heroes for taking all the abuse she had directed at them. [209]

Had they been less heroic and caved in to the constant 'harassment' by their prisoner, Lisa McPherson would still be alive. It would've been out tech, a serious infraction in the eyes of Scientology ethics, but it would have saved a human life. Unfortunately the tech is more important than one human life, it cannot be compromised to prolong the lifetime of one incarnation. Death becomes an irrelevant term when the body is seen as 'a solid appendage to make the person (thetan) recognizable.

The tech is the essential part of KSW, and the highest dogma trumps everything.
No apology was ever issued, because Scientology management does not have a sense of responsibility, it doesn't have even the tiniest shred of moral accountability and no sense of guilt. The death of Lisa McPherson was a mishap, but it didn't come entirely unexpected.
They couldn't leave her in the 'care' of psychiatrists, could they?

The autopsy pictures show a body that looks like it was found in the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amun, but to this day Scientologists insist that Lisa suddenly died from pulmonary embolism – the result of her minor car accident. Apparently she bumped her knee against the steering wheel, which created a blood clot that would kill her seventeen days later.

With clinical perfection the 'church' took all of Lisa's money before she died. In 1994, one year before her death, she 'donated' $130.275 to Scientology, $75.275 for services and $55.000 as a 'donation'. At the time of her death she had $11 in her bank account.
Making it rough on attackers all the way is also part of KSW, the 'church' unleashed lawyers and goons to sabotage the trial to change the cause of death to 'accidental' – and once again a technology called Fair Game proved to be extremely workable.

During the civil suit Scientology attempted to use their tried and tested methods to bankrupt Lisa's family, among other things they filed 47 demands to find out the name of the anonymous benefactor who was working against planetary salvation by paying the legal bills for the victim's estate. In the end the matter was settled out of court, the amount of money paid by Scientology was never disclosed.

Scientology functions like an enormous machine, every action must generate a predefined reaction. Scientology has manuals and guidelines for any situation, and those actions and reactions are fully automatic, they must be initiated immediately, regardless of the consequences, even if the reaction results in bad PR.
This stipulated lack of evaluation has produced even more antagonism, the 'church' creates its own enemies. The organisation used to be extremely effective in cowering critics and silencing the media, but those 'techniques' are becoming less effective every day. The 'church' stubbornly clings to methods that do not work anymore.

The notorious Tom Cruise video is the best example: These days information travels fast, when a cat escapes the bag, it cannot be shoved back in. It's hard to say how much attention this video would have sparked without Scientology's noisy interference attempts, but the furious copyright claims definitely exacerbated the situation tremendously. As a result the 'church' is now haunted by scores of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks who enturbulate and educate a growing number of people about the dark side of the 'church' behind its religious veneer. The programmed response is a million dollar advertising campaign that proves to be decidedly counterproductive.
Those ads are well made and very immersive, but they lose any credibility as soon as the product is revealed. [210] They achieve the opposite and create more antagonism, but this doesn't matter as it did work before, so it must work again. The organisation functions like each of its members, every action is predetermined and predictable.

On the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks the Religious Technology Centre issued a WAKE-UP CALL, hammering home the 'urgency of planetary clearing'. David Miscavige sought to exploit the disaster to spur on every planet saver to work harder and faster, and he warned of the dangers of materialism, which hides the pervasive apathy of a society that allows evil to spread.
But fancy houses and nifty cars are just the tip of the iceberg, the real issue is hidden beneath the surface: “Look even deeper and you find mankind's 'humanitarian' objectives heading into the direction of MEST (the physical universe) and 'artificial intelligence', all towards denial of the spirit.” [211]

David Miscavige professed to be really disturbed that the spreading of 'cold and inhumane technology' was subjugating man's spirituality – how ironic is that? Would it make sense to point this out to a Scientologist?
Irony and sarcasm are too close to joking & degrading, they're also concepts used by homo sapiens, machines cannot compute them. Machines have very precise assignments, they do what they're programmed to do. When they start thinking on their own, they become a threat and must be stopped before they enslave their makers.

Scientologists are not allowed to think either, they get hauled into Ethics and sorted out. They are reprogrammed, and if this doesn't work because certain pockets of aberrations
are secured with an encryption algorithm to prevent remote access, the minds of the troublemakers are subjected to brute force attacks to find the password: Severe Reality Adjustments and gangbang sec checks crack every case.

// End chapter.

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