SScientology Modern Science and our World


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In this the 21st Century we have seen the birth of a new science called “Monistic Idealism” named as such by one scientist and defined by him as follows; “THE ANTITHESIS OF MATERIAL REALISM is monistic idealism. In this philosophy, consciousness, not matter, is fundamental. Both the world of matter and the world of mental phenomena, such as thought, are determined by consciousness. In addition to the material and the mental spheres (which together form the immanent reality, or world of manifestation), idealism posits a transcendent, archetypal realm of ideas as the source of material and mental phenomena. It is important to recognize that monistic idealism is, as its name implies, a unitary philosophy: any subdivisions, such as the immanent and the transcendent, are within consciousness. Thus consciousness is the only ultimate reality. MATERIAL

REALISM cannot be saved. Two important questions must then be addressed: First, why does the macro universe look so realistic? Second, without some sort of realism, how can we do science? The resolution is that material realism can be incorporated within monistic idealism. (Goswami)

Consciousness can be likened to LRHs “Awareness of Awareness unit” or as the Christians call it The Human Spirit or the Soul. Modern Science denies the existence of the soul completely but it is not their fault. The reason for this is that modern science is based on physics and if you cannot measure it, see it or however they define it, it does not exist. We live in a reality called physical reality and the human race is focused on this reality in its entirety but apparently there are other realities of different energies of which we are not aware including parallel universes.

Scientology has become extremely controversial due to its practices of disconnection and other practices such as harsh ethics etc. When I joined Scientology in 1964 the message was about spirituality (Consciousness). I chose to go the auditors route and studied how to become an auditor. I did not have auditing until I completed my class 4. During these studies I listened to all LRHs lectures on spirituality. This was my grounding into scientology and was the basis of my continued involvement. The message was about spirituality. Then he started writing about administration and ethics. When I joined the sea org in 1968 he said that he had all the answers. He was wrong, very wrong but I think he started hallucinating or whatever. His message seemed to change and the purpose was to get ethics in on the planet as you must have ethics in before you can get tech in. This message came after his “research” into OT3. Getting ethics in on the planet is probably impossible and unnecessary. Probably those still in the movement are looking for that spiritual freedom that was promised. It will not happen.

I continued my studies of spirituality after leaving scientology from various sources including science and have come to realize that the study of consciousness and spirituality is the way to go. Due to modern science our leaders manage the world on the basis of materialism which is causing much of the problems currently being experienced such as climate change, the global credit crunch, war and much more.

I spoke to a scientist recently about God and his answer to me was that it is all “Physics”. Religion is no longer being taught in our institutions of learning yet 86% of the population of our world believe in a higher power. Is there a Higher Power? Absolutely but it is not your grey headed old man sitting on a throne above judging people.

The following quote from a scientist”
Jesus lamented, The kingdom of God is everywhere, but people don’t see it. Well, the evidence is subtle; it is easy for ordinary people to miss it. But scientists are special people; they are experts in deciphering subtleties of evidence. Why have they been missing the signatures of the divine? The Nobel laureate physicist Richard Feynman expressed this myopia of the scientists of recent times when he offered this admonishment against unbridled imagination. Said he, “Scientific imagination is imagination within a straightjacket.” The straightjacket Feynman and others of the materialist ilk wear is the straightjacket of the belief system called scientific materialism. And the doctrine that binds the most is the exclusive reductionist doctrine of upward causation–everything is the movement of elementary particles and their interactions.

This entire paper is an exercise in how to take the straightjacket of materialism off our back. I argue that quantum physics is showing us the way by giving us back downward causation and its agent—Quantum consciousness (popularly called God) acting through the observer. In Newtonian physics, objects are determined things. But in quantum physics, objects are possibilities for consciousness to choose from. When an observer looks, the observer’s consciousness chooses among the quantum possibilities to collapse an actuality of experience. Quantum collapse is downward causation. (Prof. Goswami & other Scientists)

My argument is this: Just because L Ron Hubbard screwed up does not mean that spirituality is dead or does not exist and the way to go is materialism. I believe there is an 8th dynamic, and what I have studied is mind boggling. It is apparent that there have been earlier civilizations on this planet that destroyed themselves because they went the route of materialism. Will we do the same.