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Staff pay.


Master of Disaster
In my experience in PAC, CLO had it the worst. (Well, maybe except for ASHO.)

AOLA made the majority of the money. Things weren't great for the staff, but in general the pay and food was better than the CLO. If you're going to work in an org, your best bet is generally to work in the org where the money is made. Int pulled most of the money that AO wasn't able to keep. CLO, being only one rung up the food chain from the service orgs, generally got screwed. They didn't have the clout to pull any of it for themselves.

I have a recollection of the policy being that CLO's got their operating money from their Class IV "service org". In EUS, that was NY Org, in WUS I think that was LA Org. For Flag Bureau, I remember it being Public Estates (the org that ran accommodations for FSO public). I remember being pissed that FB was put on rice and beans, despite being upstat, because Public Estates was having a bad week.

Lulu Belle

When were you in? When i was there everyone ate the same food with the exception of INCOM which had a super nice food and dining hall on the floor above and the RPF which just ate whatever was leftover.

No, you're right. When everyone got food it was the same food.

I was thinking more of "PBC didn't get paid so the org was on rice and beans" food.

CLO had that situation a lot.