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Im almost done ... I will be adding another post to this thread explaining other courses (PTS/SP, etc)

Staff Status 0,1,2
Courses to get a person stably onto staff and indoctrinated on the most important policies necessary to be a member on staff

OEC - Organization Executive Course - Training on all policies for all areas of an organization. This can be completed (theoretically) by doing all OEC courses for each volume which applies to the various departments of an organization.

OEC Volume 0 - All policies that apply to all areas of an organization
OEC Volume 1 - Policies that apply to Division 1 - Communication
OEC Volume 2 - Policies that apply to Division 2 - Dissemination
OEC Volume 3 - Policies that apply to Division 3 - Treasury
OEC Volume 4 - Policies that apply to Division 4 - Technical
OEC Volume 5 - Policies that apply to Division 5 - Qualifications
OEC Volume 6 - Policies that apply to Division 6 - Public
OEC Volume 7 - Policies that apply to Division 7 - Executive

Completing Volume 0 and the Volume for the division where your post is located is either staff status 3 or staff statuses 3 and 4

If you are doing this while actually on a post, you are supposed to do:
Volume 0
Volume for your division
other volumes for the section of the organizaton you are in (7,1,2 or 3,4,5 or Volume 6)
And then the rest of the volumes

Completing all volumes is staff status 4 or 5

FEBC Flag Executive Briefing Course - Only delivered at Flag Command Bureax (now ILO) International Training Organization for staff or Flag Service Org (for public - and I think the public one is watered down or there may no longer be a public version)

This course trains people to manage organizations.

Specialty Courses:
C/S Courses -
There are Case Supervisor Courses and Internships for Class V, VA, VI,VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
These train a person to direct other auditors to standardly deliver procedures for each level. You must be a certified auditor for the level before doing the C/S course and internship.

Courseroom Delivery:
HPWCC - Hubbard Professional Word Clearer Course and Internship - trains a person to deliver all types of word clearing procedures
HPCSC - Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor Course and Internship - trains a person to standardly train others. It should be noted that a Course Supervisor does NOT have to have done the courses he is supervising. He is supposed to ensure that the student does all requirements according to a checksheet of items.
There used to be (may be still or may not)
HMWCC - Hubbard Mini Word Clearer Course and INternship - training a person to deliver most methods of word clearing
HMCSC - Hubbard Mini Course Supervisor Course - a course to train people quickly to run a course room. This is the minimum required to run ANY courseroom.

More Courses:
KTL - Key to Life - Training and Auditing procedures to get a person able to communicate fully and clearly and to be able to undertstand the communications of others.
LOC - Life Orientation Course - Training and Auditing Procedures to get a person competent in the Physical Universe.
(Also C/S courses for these)

PRD - Primary Rundown
- A course to make a superliterate, a person that can read an immediately apply anything. This consists (or used to consist) of doing the Student Hat and all materials of the student hat using method 8 word clearing (clearing in a dictionary every definition of every word) contained within the student hat course before studying the material.

To become a Professor of Scientology, the highest level of course supervisor, one must complete the PRD, HPWCC and Internship and HPCSC and Internship
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