Stalin - Hubbard's role model for a successful cult leader?


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I watched a documentary of Joe Stalin the other night and I was amazed at just how much of his life seems to have been emulated by “our” very own Hubbard.

Stalin had churches in Soviet Russia demolished and replaced with “museums” that featured busts of himself and paintings of his “life” (altered beyond recognition of course.) Hubbard spoke of how HIS image was soooo necessary for org.s to survive, something which always sat ill with me.

Stalin passed himself off as a “humble” man who had only the good of his people at heart, and how he was just a man who wanted his fellow men to go free. A man who worked long into the night and dedicated himself to the cause.

Stalin took lessons from an actor in public speaking and slowed down his voice and lowered it in pitch so that (according to the then-current theories) he would come across as “measured,” “thoughtful” and “composed” – a stark contrast to the near-hysterical tones of his competition in the cult-leader stakes, Hitler. Stalin then made sure that recordings of his speeches reached remote villages so that every peasant could be inspired by Uncle Joe. Just like Hubbard did with His messages for the faithful, remember them?

This one I found particularly poignant – one (rare) survivor of Stalin’s gulags spoke about how they sang songs on their way to the gulag of how only in Soviet Russia was a person truly free. I couldn’t help but think of RPFers clinging to how free they are and how they are still “elite” and “OT.” While calling everybody “sir,” eating table scraps, running around doing menial labour and confessing to endless “crimes” to satisfy their masters.

Stalin’s cult even lasted for a few years beyond his death, until his many and bloody crimes were finally officially acknowledged. Stalin was “upstat” and I’m sure Hubbard must’ve noticed just how well Stalin smashed his name into history (still much better than Hitler PR-wise, despite being just as viciously and murderously paranoid and murdering as many if not more people than Adolf.)

I have no solid evidence that Hubbard based his “image” on Stalin but I seem to recall he never actually bagged him out as badly as he did Hitler or Napoleon.

There were many other things in the doco that Stalin implemented that kept him in power that seemed to have echoes in $cientology and Stalin even died of a treatable condition and no doctor dared go near him at the end. Paranoid about the medical profession, just like a certain other cult leader.



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Stalin was cleary a sadist, who enjoyed seeing his closest associates tremble with fear when he entered the room. I've read that his favourite way of ending the day was to draw up lists of people to be executed or imprisoned over a bottle of vodka and good cigars. Hitler was another type altogether. He showed no no signs of sadism or cruelty in his day to day interactions with people, and was actually quite mild-tempered until things started to fall apart. Yet they both caused the death of millions. Both psychopaths, but very different in their behaviour.

Hubbard? I'm sure that he studied how other dictators achieved their position, and consciously emulated them. Stalin for sure, but not Hitler, I would think.

Big Brother would be his main source, IMO. There is so much similarity in ideas, that I don't doubt that Hubbard combed the book for 'Tech.'

... Hubbard? I'm sure that he studied how other dictators achieved their position, and consciously emulated them. Stalin for sure, but not Hitler, I would think. ...

Certainly not the vegetarianism, maybe the mistress bit. :coolwink:

Another possible 'role model' may likely have been the fictional Elmer Gantry or one or more of his very real evangelical counterparts.

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