Stat check: Number of Scientologists?

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The sequence of events went like this; "The war (with the IRS) is over" followed by "We hereby announce a General Amnesty in celebration of this victory".

The IRS "victory" was used as the shore story or acceptable reason for what was really an act of desperation over falling membership and participation in CofS.

Ooops, I meant to say; a charitable act of forgiveness for past misdeeds (once they'd been properly confessed, that is!).

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Are you talking about the "amnesty" from when the IRS agreed to pretend that the money grubbing cult was a legitimate religious organization?

The cult manages to recycle a lot of its old victims this way.

I'm actually rather sympathetic to CofS' search for religious status. Being a user friendly non toxic organization of religious derivation has never been a criterion for recognition of same as a church and/or religion.

Just look at the way the Catholic Church up until the *1990s*- not 1790's, not 1890s, but 1990s- ran roughshod over the rights of Irish (and other but mostly this was in Ireland) women in the Magdalene Laundries. No way one could say, oh, that was just bad in MEDIEVAL times. The last Magdalene laundry was closed in the 90s and young women were still being imprisoned up til the late 60s.

I'm not using the "other groups did it too so it's ok" argument. I'm saying that being toxic never was a disqualifier for religious tax exempt status-it never was a criterion at all. So when people indicate dismay that CofS is so toxic (which it is) and does illegal and immoral things (which it does) and that this is why they shouldn't be recognized as a religion, I just laugh and shake my head.
The figures quoted here are probably quite accurate and one assumes census data would be unless a lot of people don't like to identify themselves as

Here is a website devoted to this issue. The section by Mark Plummer is quite important as he approved the postage for mailing to all members worldwide. It was for 225,000. However that just means those on the mailing list. It didn't usually include those dead, or those no longer involved. For some who don't know its notoriously difficult to get taken off the mailing list as that area is never properly manned. Mark says that the max no was 100,000 in
1979, the peak of membership.

Thus 50,000 or even less seems very probable.

Is it 'members' who were sent the mailings or "all people who had ever bought a book"? because that's how they decide on who gets some of those mailings.