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I heard that the NOTs Tech Sec at St Hill got declared a few years ago, for 'stat motivation'. Perhaps there is more to this but this is how it was described to me by another exec.

It just struck me that for a scn staff member even when you're attempting to produce (get your stats up) you can be hung for it. I thought she did seem very determined to get her 'products', but I could see how easy it would be in that environment to focus on the stats and not at doing the job at hand effectively. In fact, it must be incredibly difficult for it to be otherwise when so much depends on the stats.

Actually I could think of a lot of examples where stats seemed to have priority above everything but this never seemed to be an ethics matter.

I liked her and was really surprised to hear about her declare. I know she could be pushy, but then what else would you expect of an exec in scn?

Have has anyone heard of someone being declared or getting into trouble for 'stat motivation'? What was behind it?


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I've never heard of anything so seemingly contradictory as an exec being charged with stat motivation.

Have you ever met a Scn exec who wasn't?


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From posted stories and also one's own experience, what is promoted as the truth behind CofS justice actions (declares, expulsions, offloads etc.) - the published ethics order and any other relevant issue - is not usually an accurate account.



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There is a lot of pressure for staff members to produce stats. It seems that a higher amount of "junk" stats are better than a lower amount of "quality" stats. By junk stats I mean doing things just to get a number for the stat, as opposed to doing your job the way it's supposed to be done. If someone gets too creative on getting stats any old way, and gets too far away from what they are supposed to be doing, they can be accused of "stat motivation" which I think is supposed to be "stat manipulation". That's a bad thing to do. It's suppressive.

Also, I don't think you can't always believe everything you hear about the reason someone gets declared. The Comm Ev gets written with a bunch of lies to make the person look really bad, and that's all the information the staff members know about the situation. Then the exec with wrong information tells you what happened.


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Stat Motivation - Stat Pushing

When I was in it was called "Stat pushing" and yes, people got canned for it.

But there were so many false stats floating around and so many stats that reflected, not public happy with their services, or new staff joining properly, but people being pushed to take actions that they were not actually EPing on, be it a sale or a course or anything. Div 6 stats and Div 2 stats for call in and BIS etc were very easy to fake, and oftimes people were ARX broken by being made to do something so that the stat arrived at the right time, rather than the person doing it when it was right for them.

It went from everything like counting a BIS who had stopped atthe front door and said "I don't want to go in" to saying there was a PPO on post because there was last weeka nd he didn't really finish his routing form until 2:15 pm. Or, "assuming" the new reg was fully hatted and counting it, when the HAS knew darn well the reg had not been hatted for this post when he transferred. Or the HAS signing up their kid sister, who now had to hang around the org for a few days until people forgot her. Then a few months later he would sign her up again when he needed some QSH.

Stat pushing was usually brought up as an overt when a mission went in to fix a situation as they could then do a stat correction, bring the stats down to a more real level and it was fairly easy to get them to rise from there.

Also from a middle management point of view you had people at the CLOs who had no way to control their stats short term, other than ringing their counterparts at the orgs. Say the Qual Sec Continenal phoning the QUal sec of an org and saying, "I need one more cramming order completed, or some such thing." the Qual sec would look around before 2 pm and see who they could psuh through to get that one more. If the Qual Sec COnt expected the stat tobe up, but as it came in from the orgs ( all cont managers would be hanging around the data area waiting for "their stats" to come in) if it were down the Qual Sec of the org knew they'd be gettinga call and a demand. Anywhere from " I need this help me" to " You told em you were getting this stat level and Iwill assign you Treason for lyingif you don't get it." Some org staff were strong enough to stand up to this, so the Continental managers would aim for those who would be more easily "motivated". So after 2pm, gettinga call like this they'd look around and see who "Actually did finish, we just hadn't done all the paperwork so I'll do that now" Suddenly a reg, bringing his call in IC into Qual to show her a reference this morning becomes written up as a "cram". I'm not picking on qual here, it happened everywhere. It came under thebanner of "making go right".

A Continental Qual Sec could do this with say, 4/7 orgs and she'd push her stat up.

Now, she'd have her family time this week and be on the "good side" of the CO and she'd get her pay - 50 cents some weeks - she'd not be in danger of being sent to the decks, etc.

Major problem ( if one belilves in ethics conditions which I no longer do but anyhow) is that now, although the stat was truly in emergency or danger, she writes up her BP to apply normal or even affluence. Talk about viscious circle. Plus, if her stat shows production that is actually over capacity for the area, next week she has to somehow get them to produce more than they didn't really do but appeared to do last week. She runs a constant level of tension and runs off pure cortison/adrenaline mix - which actually diminishes your thinking capacity, your ability to be reasonable and your emotional balance, not to mention it's affect on your health.

She's almost relieved when a mission is fired into her area 6 months later to "correct the stats", put her through conditions or replace her etc.
I have seen this happen at both CLO/FOLO levels and FCB. Seeing the Qual Sec Int on the phone to an org Qual Sec one day and reading the fear in her eyes - it was very very eye opening.

From an HCO viewpoint, trying to correct this when you see it happen in the first place is a nightmare. Most people involved or who see it will dny it completely and justify every product that made it to the stats. Some few will "cave" and actually go teary and try to get off all their BPC about everything - very messy) and some will just go, "well I tried - I'll hide it better next time". On top of that the one pointing the finger will get so much BS it is tantamount to being a whisleblower. They are accused of "being CI to Scientology", their own stats are scrupiously searched, the invetigators looking for any similar push or anything they can use to bring the person down.

Left of field attacks also come in an attempt to discredit the "whistleblower" and accusations of "targetting upstats" fly everywhere.

Basicallt there is so much to do that it is seen as easier to keep up a false pr front that all is well, than actually look at any situation and handle it.

Underneath all of this is the stupid "stats must always rise" belief and loads of unhatted staff who do not have the resources, internal and external, to produce their products for real and senior staff, who do know how to produce theirs, not having sufficicent products flowing up the org board for them to make the stat levels they need to stay out of trouble.

Designing Hell would surely be easier with this as a basis.

The other problem at Middle and Snr management levels, is one is suppposed to run stats on a monthly, 3 monthly basis but as there is no inch given on a downstat, one is hit with "ethics action" before one's management plans have had time to be effective.

PLUS - another MAJOR problematic belief or held down 7 - s that ONLY LRH solutions must be run. If you see a problem, it does not matter how smart or how effective your idea might be to fix it, unless LRH said it first and you can prove that and that issue is currently "source" (While I was there there was a constant renegging of issues as source) you can't implement.

Even if you gather your LRH references to defend your proposal, forget it, "unusual solutions" are the "squirrel" equivalent in admin and very very dangerous, if you can get anywhere near implementing them.

These days I can only be glad and relieved that the admin in the orgs is so stupid - otherwise we might have a much bigger and stronger church sucking people onto the slide to insanity.


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thats a fantastic description of the pressure flowing down the command chain. I remember many nights staying in the org when a mission was around to do those bloody RTC programs as a stat push. As soon as the mission leaves the programs go back into the dusty desk drawer. Stupid things get done for the sake of stats and actual production suffers. It was rediculous.


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It makes my blood pressure rise just to read about it again!! :angry:

The whole organization was dependent upon others doing their job, or the public person finishing on something.
So an affluence of Div 6 would show up as rising stats for most areas but did not guarantee an affluence for all the org.
Most often an affluence or above normal stat was really a stat push or a false stat.
Catch 22, the person is "up-stat" so they should not be investigated.
But watch the stats crash the next period or very soon after.

Just ask a sausage maker what happens when you try to push too much mix into the skin too fast.
:duh: :duh: :duh: