State Investigators Of Narconon Arrowhead Say They Were Wrongfully Fired


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State Investigators Of Narconon Arrowhead Say They Were Wrongfully Fired

News 9: State Investigators Of Narconon Arrowhead Say They Were Wrongfully Fired


The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse started investigating Narconon Arrowhead in July 2012 after three people died at the facility in nine months' time. More than a year later, the agency fired Inspector General Kim Poff, and Michael DeLong another investigator in the Narconon case.

"They were terminated back in August 2013, no particular reason was given for their termination," said their attorney Rachel Bussett.

Both have not filed EEOC complaints saying they were wrongfully terminated. Bussett says, because of the current investigation she can't say much about their case, but believes they know the real reason why the two employees were fired.

10/30/2012 Related Story: Exclusive: Inside Narconon, CEO Answers Accusations About Deaths In Rehab

"Their termination, in part, relates to the Narconon Investigation."

Family members of those who died at the facility have become increasingly frustrated with a lack of results from the state investigation. But Robert Murphy, whose daughter Stacey died at the facility says Poff was the only one doing any investigating.

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
Something smells like a pole-cat!

If dirt was dug up on the investigators... there ya go.
If possible lawsuits were used against the state... there ya go.
If the inspectors were idiots... wait how long had they been on the job doing good work... there ya go.

I would say the smell of blackmail is in the air.... there ya go!

I would like to see the state reason for their termination....



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Adding that Tony Ortega of The Underground Bunker is also working to obtain/collect additional information on this strange development.
Link to today's The Underground Bunker here:

For additional information about the 'investigation' in Oklahoma, see this ESMB thread:

ETA: From the original news link kindly posted by CommunicatorIC in post #1...

The EEOC has 180 days to investigate the complaint, before Poff and Delong can file a lawsuit against the state.

The investigators, Kim Poff & Michael DeLong, were terminated from their positions in August 2013.
Was the EEOC complaint filed in August 2013, too? Or was it filed more recently? Anyone know?
(It's hard to calculate a 180-day deadline when I don't have a start date, lol.)

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Was Scientology behind the firing of Oklahoma Inspector General Kim Hoff?

The father of Stacey Murphy believes Kim Hoff was actively pursuing the investigation into the 3 Narconon deaths when she was suddenly fired.

These are extraordinarily suspicious circumstances.

What is Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin doing to investigate this?

She signed "Stacey's Law", but the deadly fraud of Narconon continues to spread misery and suffering.

Narconon's insurance fraud is only the tip of this very dirty iceberg.
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It may be something, it may be nothing. :confused2:
When the cult of scamitology is in the picture though, it isn't usually nothing. :hide:

After all, dirty tricks are sacred to them. :eyeroll: