Steve Hassan's BITE model and Scientology's Bridge to Total Freedom


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A friend, who is out for a while, sent me this - a correlation of Steve Hassan's BITE model (Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control and Emotional Control) - the model all CULTS use to covertly control their members.

I would like to discuss it - if anyone is game.

Scientology; The Bridge to Total Freedom and how it covertly traps members using the BITE MODEL:

1. Purification - you are told this is a SCIENCE. As soon as you buy this notion - your under mind control.
No scientist would recommend this because drugs are all water soluble. THC may not be totally water soluble but it does eventually rid from the body.

***If you sit in a sauna for 5 hours a days for weeks taking huge doses of vitamins, oils and niacin - it is dangerous, according to real science - not Dr. Hubbard's so called "Science" :whistling:
This is where they get you to start to change your behavior by introducing WRONG information)

THIS IS L Ron Hubbard's SCIENCE:

*** Scientology has you PAY upfront - then sign contracts where you can't get your money back, can't sue, has to do a routing form...which makes you re do your service over at your expense...

These actions psychologically set you up to not only WANT to believe...and YOU WILL believe...hence the hook is set.

2. Training Routines and Objectives (hypnosis and thought stopping training). You learn how to block emotions, Control Others and BE CONTROLLED.

3. Drug Rundown - very humiliating for a person who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. They get the person to admit every drug they took and every type of alcohol they drank. Information

4. Happiness Rundown - more confessionals of your transgressions - which makes you vulnerable and this begins the covert black mail. They exploit shame and guilt. One may find some relief for getting "sins" off - but like everything else - Scientology exploits it.

5. ARC straightwire - A - Affinity - R - Reality - C - Communication - more auditing where the auditor makes you feel heard and understood with situations in life where you may have not felt heard and understood. BAIT to hook a person to auditing. It feels good.

6. Grade 0 - communications release - can talk to anyone about anything (except the truth about Scientology) :/

7. Grade 1 - probelms release - make your problems vanish (while you go into deep debt, divorce your mate and Scientology will spin you into confusion)

8. Grade II - more confessionals they document for emotional black mail - humiliating and embarassing - all intended to make you feel weak and insecure...they tell you "this is good for you - a little dab will do you.

9. Grade III - "Freedom Release" it is supposed to release you from "fixations" - and it does - being fixated on your goals and gets you more fixated on Scientology's goals.
10. Grade IV - Ability Release - it claims to release abilities you used to have - actually creates so much confusion - one has a hard time functioning in life. By now - you learn to not discuss anything negative about ANYTHING except "The Psychs" and "SP's" trying to destroy Man's only hope....

11. NED - grind away at made up incidents on the whole track...because by this point - you have run out all is more of the money making scam called the Bridge to total freedom - aka Bankruptcy.

After completing L Ron Hubbard's Bridge to Total Freedom - BOTH SIDES OF THE BRIDGE - I would like to attest that

I achieved LEVELS of CONFUSION never achieved by myself before. :yes: