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Stories about stupid KRs

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Hey, I know what might be fun. Stories about stupid ass fucking KRs!

Ok, we know that CofS' justice system is for the birds and that Scn ethics is problematic- and that's putting it kindly (since I know there are those here who try to use Scn ethics in a kinder, gentler, heretical sort of setting)- and that just about every ex has had ridiculous ethics cycles.

I'm not necessarily talking about the hideous brutal ones wherein families were lost and so on. I know there's lots of those and they break my heart. I was thinking that this thread could be a bit less intense- maybe snarkier- and we could talk about the sorts of KRs and minor ethics "cycles" that had us shaking our heads and muttering "what an idiot".

I'll go first.

I was A/Ping a bit here and there and this idiot reg would phone me always at Thursday around 1 ish. (gee, wonder why he'd call THEN! :dieslaughing: ) AT MY WORK since I'd (unwisely) given them my work tel #. At this job, our phones had multiple buttons and so someone might grab a call meant for someone else and then call them to the phone as needed. So this idiot, Kevin Allen, would call and it got to the point where my coworkers, in exasperation would say "who's Kevin Allen?". We were collectors in a bank so they were trying to figure out if he was a borrower or why the fuck he was always calling, particularly at Thursday pms (he called other times). So I guess one time I was trying to get him off the phone rather quickly as I had work to do. I didn't realize that he thought I hung up on him. I didn't think anything of it. So later he KRed me and I never got a copy or anything.
This dovetails with the next story because the two things combined caused me to be called by the ethics officer for my behavior.

So there was this woman, Tammy Harris, who was always phoning and trying to reg, get some a/p going, get me to come in, this and that. Finally, I was like, don't call me, I'll call you. When I moved from one house to another, the new owners wanted to keep (with my permission) my old number to just have that phone number be for that house. So I was like, fine. And they were telling me, "yeah, Tammy Harris called. My, but she's insistent, isn't she." (Fluffy's theory: church staff do not know how to behave in a business like manner on the fucking phone). So one day she called and she's all like "I know you said don't call me, I'll call you BUT" and I fucking BLEW UP at her. I ranted, I raved, I told her I'd rather experience an eternity of blackness and pain. I mean, I'd had it. You guys know I don't put up with harassment and bullshit and that I have a temper. So I let Tammy have it. So she KRd me. Again without giving me a copy. Never knew about it.

So I get this nasty letter from the Seattle Org saying I have to come in or face a non enturb order, that they'd seen a pattern. So I had to come in which pissed me off. I then find out that these two idiots had KRd me without giving me a copy. Only one of the KRs was legit, since I can see why one isn't supposed to scream at a staff member- I mean, at least with that one, I really did do something. But with Kevin Allen's bullshit KR? I had no idea he even thought I hung up on him. (though the Thursday afternoon calls to my job DID stop after that.) But the org wouldn't listen and I had to work up through lower conditions.

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I remember reading an ethics issue on a woman (who owed me a lot of money and was in violation of a WISE agreement to pay me) where WISE said they'd been unable to track her down.

I knew someone who knew her personally and contacted him to tell him to contact WISE and give her contact info. He refused to cough up her address to me or to the WISE staffer.

So I wrote a KR on the dude (I knew his name, address, phone#, etc.) for withholding vital information and I attached a copy of the other WISE issue, circling the part about how Miss So-and-So had refused to communicate with WISE.

The WISE staffer wrote a KR on me for "copyright violation" for photocopying the original WISE issue and mailing a copy to the guy with his copy of the KR I wrote on him.

What a twisted world.


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Any KRs are stupid... and dangerous!
They make us subtle to being erroneous.

KRs are taken from comunistic system where anyone reported on his brother/sister,

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I wrote a 'kr' once on a 'kr' written by some 'dir of comm' in response to my 'kr'. We were both accusing each other of purposefully jamming 'ethics', of course after his 'dev-t report' of my 'dev-t report' (he accused me of causing 'dev-t' by making him write out a 'dev-t report') the 'e/o' hauled us in and told us both to stop being assholes as he ripped up the 'chits'. :duh:


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Best KR I´ve ever seen(comedy wise) was a KR written on a guy for going to the bathroom 3 in the morning. Surely he was having a wank his roomie thought.


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When I went to L.A. (at my own expense) for my comm-ev, they read what they considered the most important parts of the KR's to me but they never let me see them, or told me who had written them. That is Scn Justce at work. :angry:

The Great Zorg

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When I went to L.A. (at my own expense) for my comm-ev, they read what they considered the most important parts of the KR's to me but they never let me see them, or told me who had written them. That is Scn Justce at work. :angry:

You should have written a 'kr report' on them! :yes:


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i got a KR because I told someone that I over ran the purif and the first over run re-hab process "didn't work" (because scientolgy always works) . Then when they re-did the process it really did work.

Apparently saying it didn't work the first time every time is forbidden.


I had a similar thing,I asked for a Commm Ev and had to go to NY to get it. They rattled on about all the KR's written on me. I said I wanted to see them as I had not received any copies. The Chairman told me I had to go to HCO to see them and then said the Committee had completed it's work.

I said , "you're a fact finding group and you don't have the KR's?" She said no and adjourned. Additionally , none of my accusers were present at the Comm Ev.

I applied for a Review Comm Ev but was told by IJC Secretary that it would be better to get a Board of Review. I did and they cancelled the Comm Ev because I was not faced with my accusers. Then IJC Secretary told me to buy my basics to keep these things from happening to me. I told her they don't keep happening to me and the basics won't stop it either. She wouldn't answer my calls after that.
When I went to L.A. (at my own expense) for my comm-ev, they read what they considered the most important parts of the KR's to me but they never let me see them, or told me who had written them. That is Scn Justce at work. :angry:

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I remember a policy wherein Hubbard said to not KR someone who writes a KR on ya, no matter how crappy. He said to ask them to withdraw the KR. From what I've heard, though, this was ineffective.

I think the ethics gradients where first you notice something but don't say anything and onward and upward make sense from an "escalation" perspective. "Escalation" is a word used frequently in my work and I think it's pretty descriptive. However, I could not help but notice (a little understatement there) that the KRs didn't work out. It created an atmosphere like Soviet Russia or Communist China. In fact, there are a lot of things about CofS that I find reminiscent of those regimes. There really is a lot of policy that's highly problematic, even abusive.

And the KR Tammy wrote on me was sooo retarded. It was just plastered with "This is true"s. Like, yeah, well, you're not supposed to be making shit up anyway, so obviously you think whatever you're writing up is true. Yes, I know it's quite a common mannerism for churchies to write "this is true" but it's just one of several things I found to be inane. And from what I recall, the policies on KRs don't even require that.

All in all, her KR came off like an hysterical fit of temper. Which, considering I was being KRd for a fit of temper, is a bit ironic.

Hey, Tammy-- if you're reading this- blow me. You, too, Kevin, though chances are you're not even in the cult anymore. I bet the Harrises are, though.


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My husband got a KR written on him for not going to an event.

But he HAD gone to the event and had even bought the new release ! :duh: WTF ????


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Oh, and another time he got KR'd for being rude on the phone with someone who was fundraising.........and yes, he had donated money on that same phone call. That really pissed us off. :angry: