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strange things - fair game

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by exseaorgclocmoflagetc, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Okay. well, you can always set up webcams at home if it's important to you to catch the person. But then, you're playing into the whole thing if you go through all that trouble. To me, it's not worth it, but you do what you feel you need to do to feel safe so you can get back to normal.
  2. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Thanks, trubble,

    I dint wont too git strat pyst ahff at me!!
  3. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    I noticed your 'private massage', but I just put it down to a Freudian slip. :biggrin:
  4. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    i have camera, things only happen when i accidentally turn them off(which i am not anymore) or i get messed with and someone will leave cigarette butts just out of the camera view,I'll shift it , and then things happen on the otherside out of camera view.
  5. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Yeah. Well, talk to someone. Better than to sit and figure, figure...know what I mean?
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  6. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Take any evidence of harassment (whether cult based or not) to the Police, they can actually do something about it.

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  7. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    the police do nothing about it, read up about stalking, the police dont care, unless your near death or have credible death or violence threats.
  8. screamer2

    screamer2 Idiot Bastardson

    Get two cameras. Point one camera at the area of interest, and point the other camera to encompass both the first camera and the area of interest.

    You might even go full misscabbage and get three or even more cameras all pointed at each other.

    Then, the only thing you should reasonably have to fear would be the odd black-clad ski-masked figure pointing an AK47 with attached grenade launcher at the camera captured in the last frame before the feed goes blank and it begins to get suddenly warm where you are watching it from.
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  9. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    get a drone with a P1000 attached. Give it to a trusted friend to operate it over your house when you accidentally turn your camera off. make sure it has infrared. There are many things you can do.
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  10. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    what I really need is a camera that has long range wireless and is battery operated, so I can put it outside.
  11. screamer2

    screamer2 Idiot Bastardson

    What you really need is more than one. Many more than one. Trust me.
  12. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

  13. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    I just think that people who use the wrong word should have the humidity to admit it.
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  14. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    As far as I am concerned, I always admit my wrong words use..but unfortunately, I can't admit any humidity. :oops:
  15. WhatWall

    WhatWall Silver Meritorious Patron

    Amcrest 16CH 4K Security Camera System w/H.265 4K (8MP) NVR, (8) x 4K (8-Megapixel) IP67 Weatherproof Metal Bullet POE IP Cameras (3840x2160), 2.8mm Wide Angle Lens, 98ft Nightvision Black

    Been looking at something like this for awhile. The example above may not be the best bang for the buck. If you don't need 4K video or that many cameras, much less expensive systems are available.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  16. J. Warbler

    J. Warbler Patron

    Very drool..... ;)
  17. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    First, you have to extend your wireless. Wifi range extenders cost about $50.

    Your cameras need to be good enough to be worthwhile, though. One of my neighbors had a trailer stolen right from his driveway that was caught on camera, but the picture was too grainy and blurry to be useful.
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  18. cleared cannibal

    cleared cannibal Silver Meritorious Patron

    I just bought this system but don't even have it up yet. Going to have to run some wires for the power. Not a big investment if it isn't that good. this is on;ly a supplement to a security system we already have too. Four stars with 216 reviews. i wanted a plug and play type thing. where the big money comes in is if you get a company to insatall a system.
  19. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    My avatar is the security system I acquired when I left Scientology.

    There have been NO PROBLEMS, lol.
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  20. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron