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Suffering and death of my brother in the Sea Org


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Can anybody help me with the following questions

-can anybody in LA contact the physiotherapist (one supposedly visited him in the blue building) of Uwe in order to get more informations. Telephone numbers and adresses of all physiotherapists near the PAC building?
-does anybody know in which hospitals Uwe went to when he was in very bad condition in the PAC RPF? Names of responsible doctors in these hospitals.
-does anybody know more about the last year of Uwes life. 2007 - 2008.
-In which sanatorium did he live then or was he still living in the blue PAC building?
-does anybody know more about his blow from the Sea-Org in 1997?
-is it true that DM has a relationship with Laurisse Stuckenbrock and where is his wife right now? Is it true that she is missing?
-does anybody know if Stephen Wills and a guy named Alan Richard Povall are still Sea Org staffmembers. How can i contact them.
-Are Karen Wagner Rudy B. Ferguson still in Scientology - how can I contact one of them?
-does somebody know when Uwe exactly got the diagnosis MS?
-how was Uwe treated in the RPF over the years? Is it true that he had a special provision in the RPF? Did he always had to run" in the beginning and untill when?
-everybody in this or other Ex Scientology boards who lives in LA - can you please try to get any Information you can find about Uwes Life?! Please help me to investigate this matter!
-All people who read this and live in LA or know something about Uwes life please let me know!
-Does anybody know anything about the ceremony for Uwe in LA? Please let me know. Who was there. Did he have any real friends at the end. How can I contact them?
-what kind of medical care was provided for him? Exactly with periods of time!
-every person reading this and living in LA please help me to investigate this case!
-is anybody here in contact with Laurisse Stuckenbrock or with her sister?
-I need contact to "seenitall" in order to get more detailed informations

This Thread you can post whereever you want to.

Thanks for your help!




You provide no explanation of your connection to Uwe nor why you are asking so many questions. :unsure:

Is this in pursuit of a law enforcement investigation or perhaps some sort of lawsuit ? :ohmy:

What's the deal man ?

Of course, if you can't answer that due to OSA monitoring of this board, I will understand.

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I am *not* anonymous


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Well if it weren't for Emma and the rules I'd have something mega-ugly to say right now to Sneakster.

If it were my brother I'd set up a website like "what happened to my brother?" and offer links to as many ex-scientologist and anon websites as I could, then sit back and wait.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened this is why we fight the cult.


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Markus I wish I had the answers for you. If there is an ongoing investigation, please be careful to let the authorities (or professionals) do their job too.

I really wish peace (and answers) for your family.:bigcry:

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Well if it weren't for Emma and the rules I'd have something mega-ugly to say right now to Sneakster.

If it were my brother I'd set up a website like "what happened to my brother?" and offer links to as many ex-scientologist and anon websites as I could, then sit back and wait.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened this is why we fight the cult.

Sneakster's post was tactful and civil. He only wanted to know the reason for the questions as he didn't know Markus was Uwe's brother. You can tell by the phrasing that Sneakster wasn't trying to give him a bad time.


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All that I can offer is my condolences to you and your family for the loss of your brother. I am so very, very sorry. Hopefully Uwe is in a batter place now.




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Please use this information only within this board!

My opinion about the decisive mistakes of CoS which lead to the suffering and dead of my brother:

-He signed his Sea Org contract in the age of about 16 or 17 Years without knowing in what he was getting involved by doing this. No parent signed this paper. A very doubtful contract.
As far as I know nobody gets detailed information about the working conditions (with all possible consequences) in the Sea Org before signing the contract.

-The attitude of CoS regarding illness and ill or handicapped persons is extremely discriminatory.Surerly sometimes there are psychic causes for an illness, but to debase human beings simply because they are ill or handicapped is inhuman and is leading people to see CoS as discriminatoy oraganization with right. I’m working with handicapped people and know that many of them are much more worthy than any OT when he is not able to be loving and warm.

-And this is exactly the point: L. ron Hubbard mixed his Anglo-Saxon idea of a capitalistic achievement oriented society with ideas from the Buddhistic culture area. And made this all to a very dangerous mixture. In my oppinion that is also the reason why the basic Scientology Technology and the policies about how to lead staff and the organisation always conflict with each other.

-in general one thing is missing in Scientology an especially in the Sea Org very decisive: A compassionate heart! Everything in Scientology is controlled by the intellect (heartless Thetans) without any human emotion. And even the comon sense one has to suppress for the goal of a "better world". The higher the position of a Scientologist, the more brutal he has to suppress it. And that’s my main criticism: “ An Organization which is leaded by such compulsorily people which are not only spatial far away from real life but also mentally can never do anything to make the life more worth living-create a better world.
Jack Kornfield is writing in his book “A Path with Heart. A Guide through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life” :Even the greatest conditions and the remarkablest achievements are useless, if we are not able to be happy in the very usual and the very simple way, if we are not able to touch each other and the life that was given to us with the heart.
Look at every way very closly and very careful. Then ask yourself – only to yourself –one question. A question, only a very a very old man can ask. My benefactor once talked about it when I was joung and my bloud still to wild as that I could understand it. Now I understand. And I tell you what he asked: Is there a Heart in this way? If yes it is a good way. If not it is useless!

-The very big social dependency which is caused by the very bad payment of Sea Org Staffs makes the case even worse!!

- Uwe had the false hope implanted by CoS that Auditing in any way could handle his MS. Somebody should have noticed this somebody of the "well trained personal" should have cleared this big missunderstanding with him.

-proper medical care for his very serious Illness was not provided from the beginning. He did get medical care only when the state of his health was very critical. The attemps of his family to help him with the proper medicine were blocked and as far as I know by now only alternative methods were applied on him.

Uwe at least wanted to leave the Sea Org once but somebody pushed him back somehow. It would have been better for his survival and for his life if they would have let him go. You even can say –if you look at the special situation of Uwe 1997 when he wantet to leave the Sea Org – that it was cruel and inhuman not to let him go! And I’m sure now that he still could be alive and could laugh with us if he would have got out of there in 1997 and then would have been supplied with the propper medicine.

If you have more objective Information for me please let me know!
What do you think is the best way to use this awful Story to help People in similar situations inside Scientology?
And please use this Information only inside this board until I know which way will be the best for my family and me to deal with this Information. Thank You!

Best wishes


Hey Markus,

Your conclusions are certainly fair. The culture within the CofS is seriously lacking those virtues which should be number one to any and all religions, organizations, and/or movements, which claim to be helping and/or promoting spiritual and mental well being. The culture of the CofS is one, that any decent human being looking at it would find abhorrent.

It is so sad that so many get sucked into it and that so many who are wrapped up in it, forward it. Uwe was a victim who fell prey to it, along with you, the family and friends who loved him. It's heartbreaking to think of what he went through, that he didn't get out, and that he isn't alive or there to be able to laugh and share with you again.

We are all sorry about what happened to Uwe, as we are about what has happened to others, and about what is still occurring to many still 'in'. Putting this awful story out there in an effort to help these people, would be a good thing.

My suggestion is that you just write up any and all facts about what occurred and give reference to where you got the information. To make it as effective as possible, it would be best to write it as a factual account of what transpired, then you could add how you feel about it all at the end. The facts speak for themselves. Getting this story (in this form) on a few boards/forums (with permission to publish), would result in more eyes opened, and make a difference. I'm sorry it's too late to make the difference for Uwe.

All the best Markus,

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Loss of a brother...

Dear Markus,

The loss of a brother is a hard thing for me even to imagine as I have no experience with which to compare it. But please know that my thoughts are with you and your family and I also grieve for Uwe even though I never met him.

Callous, insensitive and unfeeling treatment such as he, and others, receive and have received from the CoS will eventually bring about its downfall, or so I believe. This is scant comfort, I know, but I have nothing more to offer except my sympathy, empathy and best wishes.

I would hope that you remain an active member here and follow and contribute to, the process, as this community of souls engages in the work of healing, repairing and eliminating the offending organization.

Mike (aka Roy and EP)