Suing the church of Scientology for fraud - the CLEAR cog? A lie!

Idle Morgue

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The Church of Scientology $ells their services to assist their members in "going clear". They bait the hook with Dianetics that promises to "get rid of the reactive mind - the source of all problems". Become HOMO NOVUS - never seen before on this planet! :whistling:

What I discovered once out - is that the entire state of "clear" is a total and utter FRAUD! Even on Scientology's website - they state that the state of CLEAR is "getting rid of your reactive mind". Well, that is a LIE! You don't get "rid" of it. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life - also disconnecting from "perceived enemies that are against Scientology - per the tech - cuz you know it works :whistling:when 100% standardly applied :whistling:, one finally reaches the conclusion that

"I am mocking up constantly (and you are in auditing if you are going into past lives) my reactive mind - constantly putting it there - each and ever moment. I see that I am doing it but I can control it, stop it and not be the adverse effect of it".

But just look at a Scientology clear and compare them to a WOG! YIKES!!
This is FRAUD! Add that to the list of their other heinous crimes!
I hope to see the day when the church of Scientology gets sued for this fraudulant advertising and total rip-off and has to give everyone their money back!

Just read the "promises" the Church of scientology claims on their advertising! It is time they take responsibility for their "FALSE ADVERTISING".

The reason the Church of Scientology is "pulling in" so much entheta - is not because they are winning and the SP's are is because they are a criminal organization that lies, cheats, steals, extorts, bribes, kills and maims!

As Jason Beghe says: "Show me one mother-fucking CLEAR"? Scientology CAN'T! There is no state of Clear and it is a LIE!