Sunderland Protest 15/3/08 Pix


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Cold today, but hardly any rain and not windy. There were about 12-15 people on Fawcett Street opposite the CofS building from about 1-3:15. There were 4 there at 11a.m. I got there about 11:15. Luckily I had brought two extra double-sided signs, as there were virtually no signs apart from mine. A reporter and cameraman showed up from a local paper, the Sunderland Echo. I didn't talk to the reporter--not particularly avoiding her, though. A couple of policemen showed up twice, three times if you count the visit to the CofS too, but there was no trouble. They wouldn't allow the Anons to wear masks, even on the back of the head (I specifically asked about that). There were about four or five different staff in the CofS lobby, mostly one or two stayed there the whole time. I don't know names and didn't speak to them. The Anon guys were handing out stickers (from a roll of 2,000) and A4 fliers. They handed out a couple hundred, I would guess.

At one point one of the staff crossed the street and spoke to one of the young Anons. That staff member seemed quite bright and uptone; the others that I saw weren't.

Last protest in February there were 5 protesters, so this is three times as many. The most at any one time was 16 people.

I had deliberately tailored some of my signs to a Scn public. One passer-by asked an Anon what the list of names was on her sign, and she said people who had died in Scn. I hadn't told her it was a list of Int Execs in the SP Hall!

The last photo shows a DVD of "Anonymous Hate Crimes", which won't do anything to encourage the Anons to get bored and go on to another target. Heh. :)







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Hullo DOF,

I would still recognise you after all those years. There you are, standing on Fawcett Street, enigmatic smile still the same.