Super Power Building pictures leaked to Tony Ortega


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The 'photos' are just computer generated concepts — they are just imaginings; these spaces and decorative whatsits do not exist at present. The place may never be fitted out like this, although it appears to be from the same school of tasteless design that the ideal orgs have been done in. So if it ever gets finished, you'll be able to get lost in space or transported back to pseudo Greek and Roman times.
If it ever comes to fruition It seems like nothing but a huge waste of resources and endless money pit of maintenance costs.

Am I missing something here?

All of the electronics they are incorporating will be obsolete by time it's installed, and good luck maintaining that boondoggle, if it ever does get complete.

What is the point of creating a brick and mortar role playing game when you can just make a video game version of it instead like everyone else does these days?