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Short piece. Powerful possibilities.

Sample:"Consider for a moment how between-life-implants are done, what you have studied about it from LRH. You will see that this Super Power "auditing" is a perfect duplicate of implant procedures. It can therefore not be classified as auditing, but as implanting which is the opposite. A possible explanation for all the flavours and scents are that these are chemicals, and chemicals can be combined in a way that affect the thetan and the body. That is what drugs do. Now, having a person under the influence of chemicals and then putting him in the electric chair watching a giant screen flashing pictures at him while it moves closer, withdraws, moves closer etc. that is the perfect set-up for implanting. What commands he will be given I can't say, but "obedience to the leader" could be one..."

and another:To me it sounded like the perfect implant station. But the crowd applauded enthusiastically. It was like an automatic reaction "Wow, this is really fantastic" without at all considering what was just said. But it puts the need of a new building in another perspective. All these installations would hardly be possible to install in an existing and functioning building.
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There is also the Scientology take on it:

You know, Super Power is just such a powerful rundown, of course it would be very dangerous if done incorrectly! But, we have Miscavige and all of the other people in the Sea Org making sure that that doesn't happen. That's why it's taking so long to complete! But you know, Miscavige is such a great guy, I'm sure he'll get it right. I mean, you saw the latest re-re-release of New NEDS for OTs, right? That was like, right on Source! Thank god he re-re-released that, because incorrect application of the tech can really fuck you up, you know?

Maybe someone else can dramatize Scilon better than I can?


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Giant flashing screen that moves close to you then backs up over and over. Lets hope nobody that does this has any real medical conditions that are triggered by these type of things. Epilepsy comes to mind.


You are right, I have noticed this similarity between super power and an implant station. Then they will re-do stucked thetans and perfect sheeps.