Super Power pushed back indefinitely!

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Dear Davey,
hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhhhahahhahahahahahahahahhhaahha--wheeze--hahahahahhahahahhahhahahhhahahahhhahahahahahhhahahahhah---pick up chair and reassure the cats------hahahhahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahaahahhahahahhahahahhahahahaahhahaha.

PS Need some help with the empty tent syndrome? Scientology can help with that.

Ha! I forgot about the tent! Isn't it already up? :hysterical:

Maybe they can have the Div 6 use it as an introductory course room. An Ideal Tent!


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Thanks, IL2K. :thumbsup:

This actually disappoints me. :bigcry:

As one of the guinea pigs for "Super Power" I know that it has been SO unbelievably oversold...which DM damn well knows...that stalling off it's release is the smartest hand DM can play right now. The disappointment in the results will be HUGE when, and if, it's ever released. Mark my words...many a Whale is gonna bail. :yes:


When I first heard of Super Power, we were told we had to be done with KTL and LOC. Supposedly KTL was the "Be" LOC was the "Do" and Super Power was the "Have." Is this the case when you did it and is it still the pre-req?


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Ha! I forgot about the tent! Isn't it already up? :hysterical:

Here you go (for the new IAS-hymn):

"What goes up, must come down
What must rise, must fall
And what goes on in your life
Is writing on the wall
If all things must fall
Why build a miracle at all
If all things must pass
Even a miracle won't last
What goes up, must come down
.... "



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Hey Davey you downstat cocksucking motherfucker! You can fill the IAS Tent about as well as your tiny midget dick fills a trojan condom!


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Re: Super Power - Scientology Building Dedication Postponed - Indefinitely!!

A recent informal discussion was had by a group of 'never-ins'.
The topic: What would be the fastest/easiest way to derail the 'Super Power' building?

Many of the suggestions involved 'frikken laser beams' tied to the heads of certain media darlings; some involved 'super-soaker' water pistols filled with non-lethal but decidedly icky liquids; a few involved hurricane-inducement prayer sessions; but one suggestion proved a winner all around the kitchen table because it requires little real effort, addresses the situation head-on, costs very little $$, and has a lulz factor of 100:

Change The Name of The City of Clearwater.

Freudwater, Florida

Psychwater, Florida

Exwater, Florida

Espeewater, Florida

Shellywater, Florida

McPherson, Florida tied with Wogwater, Florida for the win here. YMMV. :confused2:

If the past and present City employees who've done their jobs despite the negative influence of Co$ truly want to help the tax-paying residents of their community, this may be something to consider.


Haha! How about Bankwater? Or Bodythetanwater?


They could gut the building and make a nice parking facility out of it!


What?!?!?!? And lose all those Advance mag OT wins?

OT Win: I found a parking spot.

The World: Big Effin're parking in the Super Power garage...that thing could house a zeppelin...or in this case...a [STRIKE]Lead[/STRIKE] Led Zeppelin!!


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When I first heard of Super Power, we were told we had to be done with KTL and LOC. Supposedly KTL was the "Be" LOC was the "Do" and Super Power was the "Have." Is this the case when you did it and is it still the pre-req?

I was a white mouse for a lot of stuff during my SO Tenure. Some of the stuff was named after I was one of the "research" animals....Like Super Power, LOC was another one but KTL was not.

The "Be, Do, Have" is, IMO, Marketing spin that was "thunked up" when the three actions were packaged up to be sold.

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The writer seems to have missed apportioning responsibility to David Miscavige's "enabler", preferring instead to make another attempt at rewriting history. A fine mess, indeed . . .


That's the first thing that ran through my BT infested head when I read "Another Fine Mess"!!!!




Cancel your airplane tickets and hotel reservations gang. :coolwink:

"The Church of Scientology has backed off previously announced plans to dedicate
its Flag Building downtown on Oct. 6 and will push back its grand opening indefinitely."

Tony O

Tampa Bay Times


Mike Rinder

"I don't remember a calamity like this
that played out in the public ever before.''

The really, really stupid? This is supposed to put world Clearing within reach.

Something like first the staff, then the public and finally the politicians but maybe it was the staff, then the government and then public?

I can't remember all this crap.


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It's obvious that planet Earth needs to complete its lower conditions to deem itself worthy of this priceless gift from man's greatest fraud.

I always said DM would never release this. I was beginning to think I was wrong. Ha!


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Re: Super Power - Scientology Building Dedication Postponed - Indefinitely!!

Xenu, Florida?

If they changed the name to that and put incident II on signs at the edge of town no one below OT3 would be allowed to come.


What if a fed-up business owner in Clearwater put 'incident II' signs up in the shop window? Similarly-placed signage would also work in Los Angeles, too.

'Words have power' -- and if ANY group of people know the near-absolute truth of that phrase, it's Ex-Scientologists.

Changing the name of Clearwater -- a name Co$/scientology had nothing to do with but one they decidedly claim as their own -- is a sure-fire way to help reclaim the City by those who live there and have long-endured having to subsidize the costs associated with the Co$ presence.

Another step in the reclaiming process: rename the "hubbard" streets/avenues in Florida and California. If the Courts are finally doing their job, and the media is finally paying attention, what better time could there be for ordinary citizens and municipal staff to act?

"Tony Ortega Boulevard" has a lovely ring to it, btw.



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The SP's can hold their protests in Clamityville, FL on the corner of Tobin and Childs.