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Trying to keep a business relationship with a Scientologist after you have been declared is kind of impossible. :duh:
What gets me is how they are willing to throw away an income source just because Scientology says we are "SPs" despite their own experience in dealing with us.
One of the reason I am putting this up here is I think Scientologists that are having to deal with us "SPs" forget that we were also Scientologists and understand its technology.
This business person is impossible to get anything out of him. They can not make decisions as they must not upset the SP "Good roads Fair weather" or check with OSA first or what ever the deal btu everything is "I will get back to you"
They can not say that it is due to Scientology that they no longer want the business contact ooooooooo no :nervous:
So they dance around and acknowledge only, without coming to any arrangement.
Are they really at cause??? I dont think so.
The weird thing is OSA yes this for you is I would not even be putting this on the internet if the matter could just be resolved HONESTLY like normal human beings.
Now when I say HONESTLY I do not mean yea no problem we can still work together but your fees are doubled thats underhanded.
Why not just admit what the deal is sort out the differences and then both move on.
Scientology is not even allowing there members to make their own business decisions as I am sure he has been told DISCONNECT or no more bridge.
Yet he refuses to deal with anything.
I put this to you OSA ANZO I am sure you know who I am talking about, get onto it and sort it out with him. The longer he good roads fair weathers this situation and does not take a stand and do what he or you want him to do the worse it will become.

Petey C

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Hmm yes. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to disciminate on the basis of religion in Australia.

And (even though I was one for years) I think Scientologists are basically in Stupid Land if they go along with the sort of crap you describe. I've never understood how public scientologists can live, not noticing what's going on in their orgs under their nose. Have they never wondered why there are so many "SPs", and why so many message boards are so critical of Scientology? Have they never noticed that they didn't clear the planet by 1984? Have they never wondered why the orgs are so empty and they're being asked over and over and again to empty their pockets? Yet they still go along for the ride. ILike I said, it's Stupid Land -- or maybe Stupefied Land.

I'd better go take a nap, I'm sounding a bit grumpy.