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Wendy and Tom were married at the time of Kyle's death They were married in Oct 2006. Kyle died Feb 17th, 2007

Wendy may have been in the midst of things but by phone only -- she was in NY visiting family when all this occurred. I have no idea if she was deposed but I don't think so because she was not there, she was not considered a witness. The police did interview her, I believe, by phone - possibly and after she returned and verified that she was not in Clearwater at that time.

Yeah, true much that Wendy is not the sharpest tool in the shed, lol!

Thanks. Well, to be kind, I'm very glad for her that she was not involved. That would surely have made her mental. :melodramatic: That aside, blind is blind.


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How did one of the 'Duck Dynasty' guys get involved? :coolwink:


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Press Release: Scientology tricks and lies exposed tonight on World Cult Watch

Three men, each from Texas, Oklahoma, and Canada, who were tricked and lied to by the cult of Scientology, left their jobs, homes, and family, to venture out on a 4,000 mile trek to expose Scientology's lies, abuse, and crimes. Some might suggest it was Karma paid ten-fold as the three confronted powers not of flesh and blood, but of powers and principalities in high places. Press Release - 09/01/2013 - This Sunday evening, with radio show host, Robert Robinson, Bert Leahy and David Love, will highlight the 2 week journey for listeners, compacted into 2 hours of amazing stories and crazy events.

The "Scientology Cult of Confusion" documentary tour that took Colin Henderson, Bert Leahy, and David Love across America's heartland to visit Scientology entities in 20 or more cities exposed a cult that was at death's door. The few cult members that were standing around outside buildings, had zombie faced stares and sad, blank looks, like their pale faces had the blood sucked dry.

Some people asked "why are you guys doing this and taking time and money away from your life just to film Scientology?"

The Suppressa Palooza Tour "Scientology Cult of Confusion" debriefing show airs at: Pacific / 8 Mountain / 9 Central / 10 Eastern.

Listeners are welcome and encouraged to call in at: 914-338-0452 or toll-free, 888-238-8529 (or, when show is live, simply push the SKYPE button that appears on the show page.

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