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Swiss Anon attacked by Scientologist


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Translated by Ann O'Nymous (Switzerland) Thanks


After a very sunny, peaceful and entertaining official raid in Lausanne some members, while traveling back to the German-speaking part of Switzerland, decided to check some possible spots for the first raid in Bern. This should provide us with a clearer picture for the forthcoming raid planning. At the first possible location (Berne Org) several scientologists followed us and some of us were entangled in a discussion.

During the discussion, a very influential person parted from the scientology group and went after the camera, when she understood that we were Anonymous. This person was politely asked several times to remove her hands from the anonymous’ property. She ignored the request with apparent pleasure and mentioned that the camera was going to be broken. This however did not happen. She asked the scientologists standing around to take a picture o the face on a mobile phone, an action that is a breach of law. The lady was also told several times that we gladly would make her face unrecognizable, but would not delete the attack. When a scientologist stood ready with a mobile phone, the lady tried several times to take the anonymous’ mask off with the other hand. Would that attempt been successful, is it clear to us all that the anonymous would become directly a victim of the "Fair Game" Machinery (enquiries, humiliation, etc. ).

Fortunately it was not successful as, among other reasons, a second anonymous quitted in the meantime the on-going discussion and managed to refrain verbally the attacker from going on. The lady then played the now internationally known tactic of presenting herself as the victim and not the attacker. The police was informed by the lady. During the attack and afterwards we noticed that she exchanged signs and requested guidance from the other scientologists. When the police arrived there were only three women left, the men present during the attack having disappeared again in the scientology area.

We would like to thank the police for their calm and deliberate way to judge the situation, when we proposed ourselves to show them our IDs, as long as it was not in sight of the scientologists. After the identity check, there was no more problem and we were allowed to wear our masks. Our legal situation was then explained to the scientologists. We will clarify all this and publish online a video later in which the scientologists’ faces and the names they mentioned will have been blurred. Thanks again to the Berne police and we intend to collaborate with them and the authorities, in peaceful way and a mutual understanding.

Information for the active ones among you:

1. Take care of each other

2. Always let the camera running, even just filming the ground when scientologists behave aggressively.

3. React calmly to a violent attack, if necessary take two steps back. Express loudly your intention to disengage from the situation, even if it offers no guaranty against violence. We remain faithful to our national and international principle to oppose the scientologists with humor and friendliness (or to stop, as in the video, when someone would like to inform the police).

4. Our current situation since Saturday.

- We were convinced that such a use of force on the part of the Swiss scientologists would never happen.

- This situation was documented worldwide hundredfold with video and audio on the Internet so it is nothing new.

- We seem to be on the right path as scientology apparently finds no way to counter our humorous, friendly and peaceful protests worldwide.

- Despite its billionaire enterprise, scientology seems to have reached a new low, be it the present trial in Paris for organized gang fraud, the constant surveillance by the German service for the protection o the Constitution (which was initiated after a accusation similar to the one in Paris) or us – the ever present laughing legion – that cannot be threaten, intimidated or destroyed.

- In Switzerland we will continue to inform the population about the dangerous structures of scientology. Raids in Berne and Luzerne are getting clarified with the authorities. Scientologists we see you as victims of brainwashing practices and are of the opinion you need our love to find some time a way out of this greedy machinery.

PS. We are convinced that the mirror of the scientology org in Berne can break anytime and from everywhere. Based on experience, we know that many people " in close connection with scientology or almost" but not associated with Swiss anonymous visit our forum nevertheless. This person should now not only read this, but also understand it. We condemn such senseless actions developing from rage and grind: this will bring neither the time nor the money back lost into the cult, quite the contrary. It places you exactly on the same stage as Scientology against the Anonymous

Switzerland and Anonymous Worldwide demonstrating peacefully. It is only a question of time before scientology shred itself into pieces due to its eternal greed.

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