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Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT (2)

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand Pickets and Protests' started by oneonewasaracecar, May 3, 2011.

  1. Once bitten

    Once bitten Patron Meritorious

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    VERY hilarious. Go well
  2. behindmycamel

    behindmycamel Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Going to be any lit up signs for night?
    How 'bout some simple Mandarin ones for the Taiwan scilons? (I suppose they are going to show up?)
  3. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    This was a problem last time. Perhaps people can bring some torches?
  4. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Good idea. I remember the Post Office had a range of small battery lanterns a while back, I meant to get some. Something like that could be put in front of static signs.
  5. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Hi Zhent,

    I will be there early and will text you. There should be plenty of cars.
  6. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    I will be there either early or late due to train timetabling - leaning towards early atm (before 5pm)

    Do you have a torch you can bring?

    Also what about a sound system and megaphone, has fatman organised this?
  7. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Fatman is bringing megaphone, Kooka SHOULD be bringing the sound system but not confirmed yet. This is going to be epic. Also cold.

    <edit>I will bring a few torches.</edit>
  8. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Pretty crazy, isn't it?

    ---------- Post added at 12:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 AM ----------

    Temperature will be 13 to 15 degrees around that time. A bit windy but no rain.

    I have the Beringer in my possession and the megaphone, but not the microphone. Fatman needs to bring that.

    I am charging up my Ipod, per your PM. It is very brave of Anonymous to let someone 2 generations removed pick the music. :D :whistling:
  9. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

  10. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    LOL. I will charge my Zune just in case :eyeroll:

    Also, has anyone invited Tamphex to come? Would great to see him again.
  11. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    It's a bit late, but I have PMd him.
  12. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Crusader

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Oh, thinking it must be cold even in Sydney! Can't wait to hear what happens. Thinking of you out there in between essay writing and being huddled over my little oil heater. I trust your music, Kooka! Lol! You should hear mine ... :p
  13. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Zhent and I did a brief sweep by Hercules St to see what was going on before the raid. Zhent noticed a new camera installed near a window we sometimes can see through. The front of Hercules St had a sign which basically had all of these ideal orgs where construction was going to start by the Maiden Voyage date. Inglewood and Tel Aviv were among them. Sydney was on the list as a fail.

    We knew that the ideal org was going to be a sore point and we hammered it, as well as the stats leaked, and Rex Fowler's conviction (we did that one for anonSparrow). We did a quick sweep past the ANZO org where the protest was about to happen and we saw no red carpet and no one much there. We weren't able to confirm the event so we weren't sure til we got there if it was on or not.

    Then 6 of us met up at the park and headed down to the org. We had 2 exes among us, Ian and Jen, which I am glad made it as there input was important. I'm not sure if we stepped into a spacetime fluctuation but when we got to the org, it was like we were in 2008, although Fatman said it was worse than 2008.

    We had to explain to the new cops why we wear masks and they finally let Barbie put her mask back on. And the bullbaiting from OSA and even the publics was like these people were possessed by Jesse Prince.

    We had lots of speeches, mostly Carla and I had both doors covered, they had 5 OSA guys on the doors. That's more than the 2 or 3 they normally have. Zhent managed to get a Xenuroll on them. We got that on video too. Lulz.

    When I first took the megaphone, they started to heckle me. When I ignored them, they crossed the road to heckle me. When I still ignored them, they started grabbing the mike, pushing and shoving and all that. So I made a new rule: you cross the street, I cross the street and start protesting at your front door. They pushed and shoved me a bit at first, but they quickly learned. I can make more noise through your front door.

    There were no cops there and the Scis were behaving very strangely. It was not looking good, but we just behaved, protested and had our video cameras rolling.

    It didn't end there. We had publics crossing the street to grab cameras and shove people. There were numerous instances, and like good anons, we videod much of it from multiple angles. Fatman seemed to be the target of a lot of unprovoked stuff and he counted at least 10 minor assaults to him and others. We have footage from 2 angles of a crazy scilon trying to grab Fatman's camera. They were bullbaiting Carla and I because we were on the mike, but with Fatman, it was totally unprovoked. We were very well behaved and very civil, particularly Fatman, so they have no excuse.

    It reminded me of that line from the Blues Brothers:

    "Unnecesary Violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers...

    ... has been approved."

    When the cops showed up, all of us made it clear that there was a very violent atmosphere. Even before the "West Side Story" bit, we all felt we needed a police presence there permanently from now on. I cannot say for certain, but there was a feeling among all of us, that the intimidation was endorsed by Scientology management. Particularly because management, including Cyrus Brooks were participating. The cops left after this. Must have been a busy night.

    Still haven't reviewed all the footage yet, but Fatman got footage of Cyrus Brooks crossing the street to bullbait Carla Jesse Prince style. He has gotten close to her to bullbait before, but Fatman's footage is at a good angle, and it makes it clear he is the aggressor.

    Michael Gordon still looks ready to blow to me. At first, he was laughing, secondly he was stern, third he was angry, and last he turned his back on me. The story of Colin Gao, seemed to really bug him.

    I'm not sure when this happened, but there was an incident with a Scientologist by the name of Jo Kingi who parked near us, opened his car door and nearly hit Xenu, came out of his car, went to the org, ordering people out of his way in a very menacing manner. He then came back to his car, directly at our line of protestors. He told Barbie to get out of the way in an agressive manner and made a fist at her. Fatman got that on camera as well. There were too many of these incidents to name. We will put up video of as much of it as we can.

    OK, so here is where it gets weird. One of the people who came to intimidate Fatman called him a paedophile and said he ran a paedophile website. She then said that she was going to get photos of him to put up on a website. Fatman was very well behaved, waited til she left and called the cops. The amount of intimidation going on and no cops there was feeling dangerous. It felt like at any time, there was going to be a full-on brawl. With 5 OSA guys and a number of heavy set Scis out the front, it could have been pretty nasty.

    So a few minutes later, a bus full of kids turn up. Dozens of them. Out of nowhere. Then they stand out the front of the org in a line and start staring at us like out of "West Side Story". Fatman wisely did not take any photos. Nor did I. We think this was the last attempt to bullbait us. That's why we didn't take photos. It would have been like picking up the gun that Jack Palance through at your feet. It would have given the 5 OSA guys and the other publics, like Jo Kingi an excuse to come over and beat us up.

    We will probably post most of the video on WWP the thread is here

    <Edit>Kookaburra has rightly pointed out that since Jesse Prince is out and doing good work, he no longer does this. For clarification: This is what Jesse Prince did in the early days with the critics.
  14. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Well the threat of Bing Crosby was just too much for the Scilons. They put on the music. For once it was quite decent music. Loud but not to the point of distortion. So we just went with that. Saved our batteries for the speeches. :whistling:

    Well, to sum up this demonstration, the TA is moving. Excuse the Scilonese, please.

    Scilons are becoming more and more agitated. There were several instances of aggression from them. The first one was some man who was shouting at us (at close range) to go away. Two OSA staff physically pulled him back as it looked like he was about to attack. Then there was a lady and her teenage daughter who got out of a car and the lady came flying up to me and screamed at me to not talk to her daughter, that it was illegal. I was addressing all arriving Scilons on the PA system, telling them about Rex Fowler. And I told her I'd talk to whoever I pleased. She went absolutely ballistic and stood in the middle of the street screaming and swearing. I called for cameras, so most of this is on film, which you will get to see. Then she went running up the street still in a rage, pointing her finger at us and saying we were pedophiles. A couple of minutes later, Cyrus came over to me and gets right in my face (like 2 inches from the end of my nose) with his bad breath and starts demanding that I get anons to erase photos they took of children. I just tell him to back off, repeatedly, which he doesn't, so I pushed him back to arms length. Then he accuses me of hitting him. :eyeroll: Then he again demands that I get Anonymous to delete their photos of children. I told him Anonymous didn't take any photos of children. Later on, when the police came, they checked everyone's cameras for these lewd child photos we supposedly had and surprise, surprise, there weren't any. :confused2:

    But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

    We have another Joe Klingi incident. For those of you who have been paying close attention to Anon Sydney's adventures, you will remember that Joe Klingi is the pro boxer who assaulted the smallest protester in the crowd last year and ruptured his eardrum. Well this time he picked on Anon Barbie. She's not very big either. Anyway, he parked his van, then got out and told her to move. She said he needed to say please if he wanted her to do something. Then he said if she didn't move he would punch her out. She stood her ground. Finally, he asked her to please move so she did. Fortunately, cameras were rolling and we have this recorded. There is a beautiful shot of Joe's fist drawn back ready to belt her. Anon Barbie did a beautiful job of staying cool and keeping control of the situation.

    Then about 20 or 30 Scilons came out and lined up on their side of the street. This unnerved a couple of the Anons, who felt threatened by it as several of these people were the same ones that were involved in last years brawl. Personally, I think they were just attempting to handle by confronting the protesters.

    So this time it was Anonymous who called the police. They have requested that police attend the demonstrations due to the aggressive behavior of the Scientologists. Poor cops. This is the first demonstration the Glebe police have stayed away from. Looks like they will not get much of a break. :eyeroll:

    All in all, a great demonstration. :yes:

    tl:dr We are making an impact and the Scilons are getting really upset about it. Anon photographers will be burning the midnight oil to bring you coverage of the highlights.
  15. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    This is essentially the same script they tried to run on Sparrow, only "Aussie style".

    The lady with the teenage daughter.....totally scripted. The whole point of their little drama is to forcefully assert highly charged wrong items, so as to provoke you to attack or otherwise flip out. Classic "Fair Game", in the sense of "may be lied to, tricked, etc. It's about the only thing in Scn that David Miscavige truly understands to the point of application. Expect legal shenanigans next (ie TRO's).

    And well done to all of you for staying cool and keeping the vids rolling...
  16. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Crusader

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Good grief! The Scientologists are going :nazi:

    Well, let them be violent and hateful. It's time they showed the world their true colours. I am going overseas for a couple of months, but they have motivated me to protest again. Keep up the good work, OSA!


    Let me know when the footage is up and I will blog it on the new ESMB blog feature. The more ordinary Australians that see this the better. Hopefully the people of Sydney will be motivated to come out and stop their city becoming another Operation Normandy like poor old Clearwater.

    My deepest respect to SydAnon.


    I witnessed the assault that Kooka speaks of as you know. Bullying cowards like Kingi have always been attracted to Fascist organisations. He will get his comeuppance. The camera does not lie. I would also be interested to hear the progress of that case, as I know some of the politicians I spoke to at Parliament House were quite interested to hear whether things were progressing or being obstructed. It does make one wonder what influence the Scientologists may have over some of the civil servants in this country, and why the Scientologists suddenly felt so confident to attack people exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest. Something smells pretty off to me.

    Thank you so much for what you do. It's a thankless job in many ways, but look at the effect you are having!! That is so impressive. I don't know how you managed to keep your cool, but if they want to behave like Barbarians, at least you have shown them how it's done in a civilised society.

    Just, wow!


    ---------- Post added at 09:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:42 AM ----------

    Ok, so now I have some great ideas for some signs! We could blow up some stills from the Kingi threatening to punch Barbie vids and put them on poster board or laminate them with some appropriate commentary, such as ... "A civilization without insanity, without criminals ... oops!" ... ROFL!!
  17. MrNobody

    MrNobody Who needs merits?

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Thanks oneone and Kooka for your reports, and thanks to all contributors for keeping your cool. :thumbsup:
  18. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Jen, who attended this raid summed it up perfectly: the fact that they can no longer advertise is a big win. When you call up and ask for the event time, they can't tell you. They have lost.
  19. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Hello, here is my take on last nights events.

    It was a cold winters night that we assembled at Victoria Park, and there was a whiff of a fell wind in the air, though it was not heeded and we proceeded to be merry and joke of a fine night of enturbulation ahead.

    We soon headed on down to the back street that houses AOSH ANZO, there we were greeted by an unprecedented amount of handlers. All the regulars were there, plus many I did not recognise. They began with alternating from giving us a stony stare to the 'OT' smug grin, and often interjecting into speeches to heckle speakers. The mood was tainted black like the sky above us, there were no niceties or pleasantness on display and it was becoming clear we were in for a tough night.

    But things were only just getting warmed up, though it seemed there was much confusion among the scilons as to when the event was starting. When we got there at 5:30 there was already a fair few inside already, and till we left at 8:00pm a slow steady stream of scilons continued to come in. Possibly this is regular behaviour for Scientology events? Overall attendance was hard to gauge, I would put it between 100 and 200. Mostly bitter old timers, staff, and the Kingi clan (see below).

    Soon after our arrival the crazies came rolling in, and we had quite a few scilons coming up to us who had forgot their TRs. One man got very close to violence, lucky the OSA handlers eventually intervened before things got ugly - though this was probably the plan all long. Intimidation and veiled threats were a strong theme of the night.

    Another notable crazy was a women who was coming with her kids. fatman was taking photos across the street, so naturally the women assumed he was a paedophile ringleader taking photos of her children for internet exploitation. What ensured was the bull-baiting 'dance' of a scilon with a camera phone in fatman's face, continually sidestepping to get a better shot, all the whilst screaming that he was a paedophile operating paedophile websites and that she was going to 'get him'.
    Eventually she got a suitable picture and then stormed off, but that was not the end of that!
    I missed what initially happened, but she had gone down the street to where Kookaburra was talking on the megaphone and now it was Round 2, with her screaming at fatman again, and now CYRUS BROOKS was screaming at Kookaburra. Why on earth Cyrus was targeting Kookaburra I don't know, but he was getting very aggressive and in the face of Kookaburra demanding she delete photos of children (she didn't even have a camera). Eventually Kookaburra snapped and pushed Cyrus out of her face, to which Cyrus started bawwwing about assault, though nothing came of this.

    It wasn't just random publics who were getting aggressive, even the controlled Michael Gordon was getting quite pushy and antagonistic by coming over to our side of the road and getting in front of the speakers.

    Well we thought we had seen everything that night, but things were just about to get worse.

    At some point multiple vans came down the street, one parking (illegally) literally in front of the protest. And who should get out but none other then Joseph Kingi – notorious ex-boxer who assaulted a protester way back last year. Of course also getting out was Kingi's seemingly endless extended family. They came out of the vans and from up the street and in the carpark behind us. Before we knew it we were surrounded. Suddenly there must of been at least 50 Scientologists on the street now. These were not your regular public who blindly ignore us and walk past quickly. These were there for one purpose only - intimidation, for there was malice in their eyes and they made sure to note us and made sure we noted them.

    I can't overstate what a bad situation this had suddenly become: It was dark, the scilons were playing loud music, we were in a back street alley and we were surrounded and sorely outnumbered by non-too-friendly scientologists.

    The most disturbing part of all this was Cyrus Brooks. Though his eyes were dead and cold, his face was broke by a grotesque grin, and he laughed and clapped on the street while the situation unfolded. Clearly this was his /b/lackup and he was very pleased with what was happening and the tactics used.

    The police were called soon after the Kingi clan arrived, and they could not have come too soon, for the situation was looking very ugly. Thank goodness we had cameras rolling during this or I am not sure what stunt they would of tried to pull.

    The police arrived and as if by magic the Kingi clan had disappeared inside the building. This essentially was the end of the protest, the rest of our time was spent talking with the police. From now on we must insist on a constant police presence at protests, for Scientology has signalled there are no depths too low it will stoop to eliminate opposition.

    Scientology Sydney is in a pressure cooker situation. They have been badly damaged over the last couple of years by endless media reports, investigations, leaks and protests. But never have we seen them so desperate, and so compromised of their own values. As any Independent/Freezoner would be quick to point out there was no Scientology on display on last night, only the desperate air of a cult and its cultists lashing out in any way to defend their crumbling organisation, completely removed from the reality of the situation.

    I would call this a shallow victory indeed, for they have descended to the level of 1.1 thuggery, and this is only bad for both sides.

    How I now miss the days of boring scientologists, those who either ignored or scorned us while Michael Gordon stood by door silently and I got to have a friendly chat with a local SO. Alas, gone they are and I encourage caution around the world. I would say don't protest alone, but now it seems a small group is no longer safe.

    Strong words can be conjured up when thinking about Sydney Scientologists; these include brainwashed, delusional, and most importantly, dangerous.

    I took video of much of the above, though the quality varies greatly and it will take time to edit out the good stuff. Also I was filming on another anon's camera so it will take additional time to distribute the footage.
  20. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Re: Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT

    Sydney - doinitrite! Thank you.