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Sydney May 14 2011 Protest - OPERATION DOWNSTAT


Anyone recognise this guy? He was one of our regular handlers during the night.


I am trying to get more photos online so stay tuned.

OK my memory is kinda hazy, that guy looks like a guy out of the wise directory who runs his own OH&S consultancy company, running certification short courses, industry inductions and carrying out external risk assessments. Damn can't recall his name for the life of me sorry.

Actually disregard that seems I was wrong and its that owens guy.
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OMFG! :omg: OT Scientologist Maria da Silva has a paedophile website??!!! She should get that handled WTF!!

The degree of irrationality of an OT is usually directly proportional to how far up Hubbard's Bridge to Total Insanity they are.

Now that she has made it perfectly clear what trigger sets her off, I think a RonThePedophile website dedicated to OT Scientologist Maria da Silva is in order. I'm sure she'll like to have everyone get creeped out just as much as we are, by an old man who surrounded himself with young impressionable teenagers and used children to dress him in his fake naval costume every morning and cater to his every need throughout the day.
I find that video very disturbing indeed.

There is no doubt that is a programmed 'handling' - the disturbing part is the ferocity and single mindedness of that lady and Cyrus. Do they then report this as a 'done'? Is such a website a reality or a threat?

If apparently normal people can be fired up to do this, it does not bode well for them. If I as a public person had seen such antics outside an event I would certainly have never gone to another. I hope this happens and no-one gets hurt in future protests. Really bad move scientology.

That's the point that jumps out for me too...how they are now acting completely lunatic in front of their paying public. So out-PR and will definitely chase some of their paying public onto the internet to deal with the cognitive dissonance. Mind you, I suppose they were ashamed at their paying public seeing them running away and trying to hide last time. :yes:


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Shame on you Cyrus Brooks, using Scn public stirred up by the slander and lies you have fed them.

You don't know how right you are.

Racecar has just posted my videos of the incident, and do note: Cyrus Brooks HIGH FIVES the women after she has come away from photographing fatman (and acting like a complete fool).

Edit: OK racecar beat me to posting the vids but whatever.


Way to go Cyrus, thats keeping Scientology working right here! Keep feeding the crazy and see what happens.

The second part:


Honestly... seeing Cyrus that night routinely swinging from carefree ignorance to indignant outrage to malicious glee, this truly is a guy who has sold his soul to the devil. A life in Scientology has utterly ruined him, he is deranged and needs to see a mental health expert (yeah, a real one).

Edit: I LOL hard when Kookaburra calls Cyrus a silly goose, priceless moment!
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Such complete awesomeness on the part of the protesters!

I love you guise. Thanks for doinitrite.

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Also, another comment on that Kooka vid - cornering a woman is sexual harrassment if it's connected with your workplace. So off!

And surely it's child abuse to deliberately stick your kids out the front of a building as human shields? Is that normal? Am I missing something? Why would anyone DO that??


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Kooka, if you want to complain to the Human Rights Commission about being sexually harrassed by Cyrus Brooks cornering you like that, you can lodge a complaint online here:


I have lodged a complaint before and they were absolutely fantastic. Even though I didn't win, a lot of things changed as a result. I would really encourage you to let him know that it's not acceptable to physically intimidate a woman like that.

There are intimate zones of personal space that rightfully belong only to ones closest loved ones. That is absolutey a gross violation and completely unnecessary. He could easily have asked you the same questions without using his gender to intimdate and harrass a woman.

Anyway, so creepy ....


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Anyone who wants to know who Joe Kingi is.


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From littlebopeeps father.
After being at the last two protests,I am observing that the AO seems to be taking on new tactics to handle protests.They now have no hesitation in crossing the line in order to get in your face,and to some degree get quite physical. My feelings are that the cult is escalating the emotions of demonstrators and the public to cause more conflict, the reason being - some of their public are dispensable and they will deny having any control over individuals: Any incidents caused by that conflict would not be the responsibility of the cult, and any blame falls on the individuals. They are using their public.

Secondly, last night at the demonstration they made sure there were plenty of children out on the front line. They then accuse you of filming kids. Be aware their sick minds are working on peodaphilia. They accused us of filming - for the sole purpose of capturing images of their children. You know the line: they like to ruin reputations.
We are certainly having a great impact on informing public but make no mistakes in taking that for granted, we know just how covertly they operate.

Thanks for reading: BigboPeep.

I can take as many photos of children as I want without fear of being called a paedophile. It is the nature of the photographs that determines if they are improper and a bunch of kids lined up on the street certainly doesn't qualify.


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Kooka - first of all - you are looking good girl!!
Watching those videos again, really, Cyrus stepped over the line, you could follow that up. :yes:

And there was a bit about Carol Miles in there that was drowned out by the music (love the Floyd) - can you say what was said?

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And thankyou guys for all the videos!!!

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I think maybe the problem was you guys just weren't hospitable enough. Like, did anyone think to bring a slop bucket for their dinner, hmmm?? Or a peanut to push around the road with their nose? I think not. So you see, you really did goof the floof or something, didn't you?



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The guy in this video I am sure is 'Greg Kingdon' brother of one Harley Kingdon who was married to Amanda ( deceased/cancer R.I.P ).

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OK my memory is kinda hazy, that guy looks like a guy out of the wise directory who runs his own OH&S consultancy company, running certification short courses, industry inductions and carrying out external risk assessments. Damn can't recall his name for the life of me sorry.

Sydney , I think they guy is Kevin Owens. Could be wrong but...