Sydney Osborne has been Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology and Disconnected


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Sydney Osborne has been Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology and Disconnected,

Mike Rinder: Enforced Disconnection — More Proof


My name is Sydney Osborne. I got in Scientology at the Denver Org in 1989 and was on staff as a sup and Director of Training from 1990-2002. I was on Mace-Kingsley Family Center staff (Scn field group) from 2004-2008 starting in Div 2, and later becoming the OES. I’ve posted on this blog a few times as XclassVStaff.

I’ve known and worked with a lot of wonderful people in Scientology.

The Church of Scientology continues to deny practicing disconnection, states there is no pressure from the church, and that it’s voluntary on the part of its parishioners. I’d like to share my own recent experiences with this to illustrate the fallacy of this assertion.

On 19 Nov 2013, I received a letter in the mail from the FLB (Flag Land Base) Justice Chief informing me I’d been declared (not an actual declare, mind you, just a letter telling me a declare had been issued). Enclosed was a copy of the A to E reference highlighting the points I’d been found “demonstrably guilty of.”
On 21 Nov, I learned from some Denver friends that the local DSA’s office was calling public informing them I’d been declared and thus they needed to disconnect from me. I’d been in contact with some friends I hadn’t seen in years. They’d invited us to stay with them a few nights in Denver and we were all eagerly anticipating some quality friend time. But now that I’d been declared, our friends had no choice but to take back their invitation. They have family in the church, some on staff, and were worried about ethics repercussions, including family disconnecting from them if they visited with us.
Several friends expressed their own disagreements with the church, but said due to how entrenched the church is with their lives and their businesses they would have to disconnect from me. A few said they would have to un-friend me publicly, but that they would still be my friend as long as the church didn’t know about it. And fewer still said they would remain my friend and not allow the church to dictate to them about it.

I understand where they are coming from. I remember being in their shoes, when I also disconnected from people I cared about. And when I did it, I thought it was the right thing to do, or at least the lesser evil.
Over the next few weeks as word of my declare spread, more and more of my Scn family disconnected. All of this without ever knowing what I had allegedly been found guilty of. I still don’t know. Most of these simply un-friended me on FB with no communication at all. I rarely used my Scn FB account, so I can’t tell you exactly how many Scn friends I had before the un-friending began, but it was in the 150-170 range. As soon as I realized I’d been declared I went on FB and saw I’d been un-friended by many already.
This is from 20 Nov where you can see I had 125 FB friends:


A few days later, I installed a plug-in called who-deleted-me to track my friend attrition. Here are some screenshots so you can see the downward trend of friends in my Scn account.

This shows 22 Nov through 22 Dec:


And 18 Dec through 17 Jan.


Here are some comments received from friends who did give some communication after my declare and then disconnected:

“So I probably have to Un friend you on Facebook. But I don’t mean it”

“I guess I gotta say goodbye Syd….”

“I love you-”

“You understand that this will be the last comm I send to you at this point. I’d love to hear from you again whenever you get back in the group.”

“I am not going to call and at this point this will, with much sadness, be my last comm with you until such time as things resolve to the point where we can be in comm again.”

“I suggest you handle any ARC breaks you may have or clear any MUs you may have or get your OWs written up.”

“And if at any time the declare is rescinded, if you are not too ARCX with me for not staying in touch, please do then get back in touch with me.”

“I will sadly have to unfriend u on stupid fb.”

Never have I felt so fortunate none of my family are church members and that my business is not dependent upon Scientologists. Thankfully, my communication with my family is now better than it has been in decades. I actually have time now to spend with them.
I’m happy to communicate with anyone about this. Anyone who wants can mail me at [email protected]
Re: Sydney Osborne has been Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology and Disconne

enough to gag a maggot innit?

"the space age religion" has a medaeval sense of jurisprudence

i'll take american jurisprudence

"innocent until proven guilty"

not only do you have to be informed of the charges against you, those making the charges must appear in court

here she, like so many before her including myself has been arraigned, indicted, tried and condemned and she still doesn't even know what charges there are...


i suppose that does serve to prove CoS really is a church...


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Re: Sydney Osborne has been Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology and Disconne
Mike Rinder says
March 25, 2014 at 10:22 am

An observation I omitted to make when I posted this.

The church has an enormous backlog of “declares” (or what passes for them these days, a letter with a highlighted PL attached). It takes them years to get through the process for people who are not directly on their radar (like Syd and Pete). The evidence is that I first met them in 2010. We met on a number of occasions when they were still living in the local area and made no secret of it.

That is a guaranteed ticket to being declared. Consorting with the biggest SP’s on earth is not take lightly. But it has taken them 3 years to get around to notifying Syd.

They have stacks of names they are waiting to get to. Problem is, they have more people to declare than they have newly coming in. They are eating themselves alive, literally.

It’s a crazy world inside the bubble. They just KNOW they are right about everything they do, even as their own actions are killing them.

Syd was doing nothing that harmed the church, no matter how far they stretched their think.

But yet again, they created another enemy who will now affect others. She touched the lives of a LOT of people, and every single one of them knows her to be an intelligent, kind and gentle person who has devoted much of her life to helping others. This is what drives most people away — when someone they know personally is declared an SP. Someone they KNOW is not.

Keep cranking out those declares guys. While it has become the only real control mechanism you have left, it is also the poison that is eating away at your internal organs every day.


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Re: Sydney Osborne has been Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology and Disconne

Thanks for posting these things, CIC.

That's interesting that it took the cult four years to get around to declaring Sydney -- or at least sending her an email telling her that they had declared her.

I'm telling you ... I think the cult is in much worse shape than we who are long gone can really imagine.

Tony O's interview today with Jillian Schlesinger who left the Sea Org less than a month ago is very eye-opening. Jillian has much to share about how bad things are in the cult right now. And I mean RIGHT NOW!


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Re: Sydney Osborne has been Declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology and Disconne

That's interesting that it took the cult four years to get around to declaring Sydney -- or at least sending her an email telling her that they had declared her.

I think maybe there's a difference that accounts for the speed at which the cult moves to declare a person today compared with 20 years ago.

For public members or ex-staff members like Sydney, there was still money to be milked out of them in donations or if they still took some courses, bought books, or maybe they have some money on account. This was always probably the case so that's not new.

Without a declare, at least she wasn't spilling any stories. Declares piss people off now and they start speaking out. Even the friends who disconnect from her, it may upset some of them and cause them to think. They can't have people thinking about things like that in the cult. It disrupts their money flow. Members might question whether they're really here to clear the planet, or whether it's mostly about the money.