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Sydney Anonymous is having their monthly demonstration this Saturday, Dec 19, 2009. All exes are, of course, invited. We will be concentrating on petitioning this time, and could sure use a hand.

Last minute news, Aaron Saxton will be attending. This should be very interesting....matter of fact, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Hope to see a few of you there.

Here is the schedule and other details from the front page of asyd.

The times are a-changin’

Yes – another Bob Dylan reference on the front page. We really need better allusions don’t we? Anyway, back to the important stuff.

Due to the success of our last monthly protest (which I missed :( ) we are scheduling another for the 19th of December 2009 – just in time for Christmas. Due to the political climate at the moment, ASYD will have a slightly different methodology for this protest. In keeping with the traditional Sydney/Melbourne rivalry (we’re so much cooler) and due to the epic win of Senator Xenophon’s awesomesauce speech, we are going to be spending part of the protest getting signatures for a petition to send down to Xenophon to show the public support for an inquiry, after all, it’s the least we can do.

After two huge days of petitioning, ASYD has managed to collect a total of 546 signatures for the petition we are going to be sending down to Canberra to show the public support for Senator Xenophon’s proposal. Special thanks must go out to Tamphex and Kookaburra, who attended both, as well as RSG, BBG and Goldmask who have also helped out. Yet more thanks must of course be given to Zhent for providing us with such sexy paperwork for the petition. Read the post game thread over on the forums here: Stay tuned for more updates and more days of petitioning. To those of you who are worried about attending, every little helps, seriously, having even one more person show up for as little as one hour really does help us, not only get more signatures, but to boost morale.

Anyway, enough of that, the current schedule for the protest on the 19th is as follows:

11:00 – Meet at Belmore Park.

12:00 – Move to area outside Central Station.

12:20 – Move to Hercules Street Org.

12:30 – Arrive at Hercules Street.

13:15 – Depart Hercules Street, towards Broadway, through Devonshire Tunnel, pausing at Railway Square for some more petitioning, before heading down to Broadway shopping Centre for more petitioning.

14:30 – Arrive at ANZO on Glebe Street.

15:00 – Depart ANZO and head towards Glebe Point Road for some more petitioning.

16:00 – Protest Ends.

Although this is quite different to our previous protests, it is designed to gain maximum public exposure and to maximise the amount of face-to-face public time we have so we can get as many signatures as possible, as well as ensuring that we not only enturbulate OSA (mainly Tojo) but also get our message across to the Sea Org that we love them and are never gonna give them up. If you’re a little confused, just speak with anyone who looks important and they’ll point you in the right direction.

If you’d like to help out getting signatures, or, for that matter, signing the petition yourself, again, speak with someone who looks important and they’ll be more than able (and supposing they’ve had enough caffeine, happy) to help out. For those of you who would like to print off your own copies to help out, the petition can be found here: although we shouldn’t quite need over 9000 copies (although it would be epic if we did).

Finally, we are currently planning a bonus round raid on the 31st (New Years Eve for those of you who don’t do dates real well) as there will be another “big” Scientology event for us to show up and have some fun at. So keep your eyes open for updates regarding times and places. Currently it will be sometime in the early evening (so you can all still get drunk or whatever people do these days) at the Greek Street Org (AOSH ANZO).

Well I hope you’re all happy, and that’s all there is from us for now. It’s good night from me and goodnight from him [points].




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Petitioning is not really my thing, personally I cant wait till we get to the org and Aaron lets rip into OSA! :D


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Petitioning is not really my thing, personally I cant wait till we get to the org and Aaron lets rip into OSA! :D

Oh, me too! I wish we'd scheduled a bit more time there, now. I guess it will just be more intense this way. And with our current permit, we can use firebox for speeches around the neighbourhood of the AOSH. That'll be fun. :D


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Well, this was quite possibly the most awesome raid yet. Full reports are not yet up, there's tons of pictures and video being sorted through and edited.

It was great to have Aaron there. And he brought an ABC film crew with him. They stayed with us for 4 1/2 hours filming and interviewing people. I can't wait to see what they do with the footage.

We caused quite a stir at the AOSH. People were covertly peeking out of the closed blinds, I am sure they heard what was being said. And because it was Aaron, who many of them knew, it would cause even greater impact.

There is one video up so far. This is one of Aaron's speeches.

And Scientology's pathetic fail response lol (photo from Zhent's footage):

There are also 2 threads on asyd.

I'll post further links as they appear. There is a lot to report.


Leakus Maximus


Aaron's speech is a must watch!

My pics are up here -

La La Lou Lou

Im loving it.
Nice speach.

I want to see the stats from this, sure theres going to be a lot more people on this board very soon!