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Sympathy for Rex Fowler OTVII

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by The Anabaptist Jacques, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    It seems most here don't really believe in "OT powers" but some may say they did get something out of it. Most people out who have anything positive to say whatsoever will probably say whatever benefits they had are way overstated.

    But another important point about this case is that Fowler had already finished the level in the late 80's and probably was ok with it at that point, whatever that means but I doubt he was homicidal. But then the CofS realized it could have a major cash cow on it's hands if it made a mandatory retread of the level and changed the duration of it from 2-4 years to well over a decade for many with mandatory 6 month checks costing 10's of thousands each.

    Having to pay major bucks for something that is not only not beneficial and an extreme pain in the ass, as well as all of the additional donations being asked for continuously which bankrupted him, and the constant false warnings of imaginary enemies are probably what drove him over the edge.

    I know the feeling well and was not too far from that when I left and is one of the reasons I've followed this thing pretty closely. I mean it is a revolting sensation. They manage to get you believe that there is such a dire situation, that the only option you have is to destroy yourself. It is fucking BLEAK!

    But to answer you're question in regards to scios still in the CofS, I think this story could be dynamite to get people to start thinking again.
  2. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader


    That pretty much sums up how I feel about it Panda Termint

  3. Clarence Rockaway

    Clarence Rockaway Patron with Honors

    Being jewish, I'm naturally guilt ridden. How I wish I could have told Rex when I knew him as a young kid back in Denver, to get out of the CofS. But then I was up to my neck in it myself. But to have stayed in it these thirty-five years. How lucky are most of us, that the veil of deceit fell away. How lucky not to have those roman numerals after my name. Each one is the nail in your coffin. God of Abraham, or whoever, please have mercy on Rex Fowler. It reminds me of the end of Tess of the d'Urbervilles...'the President of the universe had done with his sporting with Tess (paraphrased).
  4. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Rex's actions caused his entire family to suffer... I was informed that Janet had a huge garage sale at the home she shared with Rex & daughter, Angela, on March 27.

    Now the home is listed for sale.

    Anyone feeling sorry for this murderer, can write him at the Buena Vista Correction Complex:

    William Fowler
    P. O. Box 2017
    Buena Vista, CO, 81211

  5. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.
  6. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Quite frankly, this entire event breaks my heart. It breaks my heart. A good man broken, driven to evil, by coersion from his insidious so called religion/church - driven to murder an innocent man, destroying a life - and that man's family/friends and loved ones, in the process - doing it in cold blood - thinking he'd find some kind of honor and / or redemption with his fucking religion/church for this horrid deed. And even more horrifying - the co$ probably thinks that too.

    :nooo: :nono: When will it stop . . .
  7. I spoke to Rex a few weeks before this happened. I ran into him at the Denver Org....(I lived there for 8 years and was public there). At the time I was told that I had to sell one of the book/lecture packs. I asked him if he wanted to buy one....His face went blank and he said "HELL F*CKIN NO!!" I didn't know that he had just bought 30 sets and was trying to sell them himself. :unsure:
  8. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome purpleheather69!

    Stick around. Tell more stories!
  9. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Is there any update on this case? Was he found guilty and has his family had a wake up call re Hubbard and the cult?

    I find it hard to find sympathy for the man, but then I understand that it is possible to take wrong turns. I wonder if he will ever realize that his redemption does not, nor will it ever, lie within the scope of scientology?
  10. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

  11. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    Rex Fowler should write a book about his experiences with Scientology and what happened with his partner that he executed, telling the whole truth and sell the book, donating whatever money he makes off it, to the family of the man he executed.
  12. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    With the look of his mugshot he'll be lucky to be able to write his own name.
  13. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    I have to admit, as a naturalist, I feel sympathy and not hatred (mind you, his victim is unknown to me). Under the same circumstances of environment and heredity, anyone would behave in exactly the same way. The problem is Scientology and what it does when it hijacks someone's brain.
  14. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    I have neither sympathy nor hatred for Fowler. Merely contempt.

    Scientology makes cowards of its adherents and Fowler is a shining example of it - he ambushed an unarmed man who made no physical threats and was coming to a business meeting and Fowler killed the man and shattered his family.
  15. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    And shattered and shamed his own family.
  16. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Looks like Rex is in for the long haul.

    Court of Appeals No. 11CA0747
    Adams County District Court No. 10CR233
    Honorable Francis C. Wasserman, Judge

    he People of the State of Colorado,

    Plaintiff-Appellee v. William Rex Fowler, Defendant-Appellant.


    Division V
    Opinion by JUDGE BERNARD
    Graham and Nieto*, JJ., concur

    The family of the victim sued Rex Fowler in civil court after all.

    "Submitted an Expert Opinion in Laura L. Ciancio, Nicholas C. Ciancio, Brianna R. Ciancio, Jonathan D. Ciancio, and the Estate of Thomas Paul Ciancio v. Fowler Software Design, LLC; Delati LLC; Laura C. Zaspel; William Rex Fowler; Janet Stephens Fowler; and the William Rex Fowler and Janet S. Fowler Living Trust. District Court, City and County of Bloomfield, Colorado. (October 22, 2012). Case settled out of court with a $2 million award to plaintiffs in December 2012."
  17. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

  18. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Anyone know what Rex Fowler's IAS status was?

    He was already OT VIII, IIRC, so presumably the monies he embezzled and killed to protect went to IAS, yes?

    Patron Homicidus?
  19. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Someone, somewhere, has all the details of this case, which the cult has made very sure to keep under wraps. If all the details ever come out, it would make a hell of a movie!

    And his story is just one of many murder/suicide/suspicious death cases.
  20. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Patron with Honors. He only gave the cult $200,000. Had he given $50K more, he would have gotten a Patron Meritorious trophy (worth $2 on eBay). :biggrin:

    No more $$$ for plastic surgery to the left side of his deformed face. [​IMG]
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