T.S.M.Y. Excalibur


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No doubt you've trawled the net for images and information. Here's an image I found featuring a not-so regular ESMB poster Candy Swanson with Jeff Levin aboard the Excalibur.


Good luck with your research. Would love to see your site when its up and running.
Sorry, shipmate but this foto was not taken on the old girl, it's from either Neptune or Aries. Pkatz


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Thanks so much for your reply. This picture is not of the Excalibur and from what I vaguely remember of the Bolivar, I don't believe that it is it either. As I never saw the Neptune, maybe this is a picture of it.

The site is up, but currently most of my work is having to do with the military life of the Excal. I can't wait for all the comments when I do the page concerning the Excal's RPF! I was there at the very beginning.


H.M.S. Pinafore ? Waiting for those two to break in to song and dance. :)
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