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Taiwan Ideal Org to open on 12/7 with Miscavige(?)

Discussion in 'Other Locations' started by AnonKat, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    The Arthurian concept arose as best as I know in the Autumn of 1984 (no not George Orwell's but applicable) at Saint Hill, East Grinsted, England, as the IAS was formed that year.

    Here is a excerpt from Slappy in 1993 about it.

    Nine years and one day ago, the International Association of Scientologists was formed to protect and defend Scientologists and the Scientology religion. At that time, in October of 1984, we found ourselves under vicious external attack. From the media. In civil courts. And by the government. The attacks were of such intensity and velocity - so sustained in nature - that we knew our very survival could only be assured if all of us - as Scientologists - banded together to create a worldwide association. Only in this way could we gather the wherewithal to survive such attacks and hopefully expand. ( the colour I selected seemed appropriate for this quote) if you want a few laughs read the COMMENTS in Red in the linked transcript.
  2. ccas

    ccas Patron

    Late to the party. I was busy helping a new ex to send her story to her friends who are still in. She also have some new COS dirt to forward to ANZO headquarter. But first...

    The President of Taiwan meet the whole YHRI team in the presidential resident. He sent a congraduation message to Narconon anniversary. It is not a coincident that he behaves like a small time Mexican senator/representative (I am not generalizing but referring to a specific person). His approval rating fell to 9%. He is well known for his "touch of death". The media is very focused on how people, even in his own party, avoid shaking hands with him on public occasions. I don't know if it's out of superstition or because of his unpopularity, local scnists don't mention his name, and keep him out of press releases. It is only the mother church who like to mention the unpopular president.

    One of the "VIP" is a presidential adviser. It's an appointed honorarily post so he inherited the unpopularity. He didn't even give a speech.

    The Vice head of something is from a department within the interior ministry dealing with religions. Sending the unelected vice head instead of the head is rather neutral.

    The woman heads a small department in the city responsible for temple registration, funeral palors and neighbourhood watches. I think they have a conspiracy to send a tall woman so cob is the shortest guy in the vip picture, next to a woman, around all Taiwan locals, with one step in front of all the others.

    The monk is responsible for importing Narconon. The charity he founded had nothing to do with Narconon now. Staff tried hard to get rid of Narconon success stories sneaking into their website. They must have something on the monk. He was a gangster and had been accused of taking over land by force in a news article.

    The local councillor is the only elected politican in Taiwan openly helping cos consistently. His family dominates the construction industry in the city. He was known to employ mental patients and such as admins and researchers to cheat govt funding. He is not the only one but he got himself a wikipedia page.

    There is the head of an anti-drug organization that last updated their website several years ago. But church members won't look around.
  3. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you. I have lots of questions.

    What do you think the president's intention is in meeting with them and sending congratulations? What do you think he hopes to gain?

    Is there any connection with the vice president, and does he still hold much power back in Kaohsiung?

    Is the local councilman who supports them KMT or DPP? It appears as if the only influence the Co$ has is with the Blues. How does the local Green power base look at them? Is sending the tall woman indicative of their attitude?

    And if the monk removed his support, how is Narconon doing in Taiwan?

    And finally, do you know how the Taipei org is doing?

    Great job on your website, please keep the pressure up on them.y
  4. ccas

    ccas Patron

    He will please everybody who believe in something in Taiwan. Taiwan is the most religious tolerant country in the world, or most fucked up depending on how you see it. We have a law that it's the govt's responsibility to promote religion. Narconon had applied grant from the Foreign Affairs department to hold local teacher education conferences. I didn't even know how fucked up the system is until I got the reply from the department. He usually attends mass religion ceremonies to show that you still have religion freedom, and you can still have more than one child, and that seems to be the priority for Taiwanese. Anything to be 180 of PRC is OK. There is no cult in Taiwan (because you are a legal religion as long as you fill in a form) until shit happens, such as recently a mother suspect that is son is doing drugs (he's not) and ask her small time cult leader to lock him up and cure him. At the end it's Lisa McPherson + Narconon + RPF - multiple cult members beat him to death in more than 19 days I think, and took him to a far away hospital to avoid suspicion of the cult.

    The president is trying to be a human rights person (180 deg of PRC). And scn is trying to be the religion of human rights. So they make use of each other a bit. Also, Scn has a much bigger sister cult, the religion of democracy.

    VP doesn't do much.

    The city councilman is more like a state representative compared to US, since the city is the top level under central govt, with districts and neighbourhoods under it. People in the south are mostly native Chinese as opposed to the North, mostly "refugees" from across the sea. The south have historial beef with the KMT, and the mayor is actually the Nelson Mandela of Taiwan. (Nobody else use the term, just me.) KMT jailed her for working on native human rights, and Taiwan independence. The councilman's district is a KMT pocket in a mostly DPP city.

    Some scientologists are strong KMT supporters and some are strong DPP supporters. It may be following the north south geological divide. Press releases from cos in the south don't mention what the president did or even take him out of Karin Pouw's press releases. That is why I didn't think the presidential adviser made a speech, because somebody on facebook listed all other VIP's speeches and dropped him. Nobody mentioned that the president sent a flower basket, only someone (must be visitors from the North) noticed and took a picture of it.

    Nobody like cults unless you are in one. City officials have a policy of not supporting cos, but cos still manage to get in schools via YHRI and anti-drug campaigns. Kaohsiung is better and more prepared than other cities. There cos did they work mostly out in the streets, that you can't really ban as much as stress tables. But then they find a crack through the youth clubs of local police.

    The monk is purely for advertisement. They dig him out on such occasions and show potential prospects that this guy endorse Narconon. The only advertisement Narconon do now is to hold small class on it's own for relatives of addicts, and the occasional volunteer who does direct mail marketing, putting Narconon leaflets into every mail box he can find.

    The capital mission (Steve's) I think is the more popular one. Now it seems that they are always looking for staff. Many have 2nd jobs, usually direct marketing of the pyramid type. They have OT V as auditor. Whoever put up the money for the training, it's a bad money losing deal. Once they have an Org in the south, all the missions will suffer. My postulate told me that Sea Org staff are better off now, because at least they have "free" beans and rice and croaches to sleep with.
  5. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Ok, back to the hotel for lunch before catching the train back north. Been in Kaohsiung a few days. Here is the promised report on the traffic at the Ideal Org.




    The place is, well, a morgue. :hysterical:

    I went by at different times of day, on several different days. They open at nine. In that area of Kaohsiung, by 8:30 the first workers are at their jobs, cleaning post office counters, heating up the stove in open air restaurants, cleaning the windows in the storefront and sweeping the sidewalks. In other words, even if not open for business, there are signs of life in the building.

    I never got by at 9:00 or after, having other things to do both more and less fun than $CN watching, but by 8:50, the latest time I dropped by, there was not a light or sign of life in the place. Is this normal? Do staff routinely show up right at opening time and not before?

    During the day the lights were on, but the largest number of people I saw in the very large and opulent lobby was two. At around 6:00 PM, what I would assume to be a prime time for public to come in after work, I saw not a single person enter the building over a half hour of observation.

    This is not a happening place, folks.

    My daughter received a stuffed squirrel from a relative who has no clue what San Da Ji is. The kiddo promptly named the squirrel "Mike Rinder" and tossed it in the air a few times. Chip off the old block. :biggrin:

    1072.jpg 1104.jpg Kaohsiung1.jpg 1073.jpg 1070.jpg

    Left to right, the org from across the street down at the next intersection showing the upstairs lighted rooms, about 50% at about 6:15 PM (weekday).

    Empty and lightless Org at 8:45 AM (weekday).

    The kiddo and Mike on the street leading to the Org at about 5:45 PM.

    The view from across the street at both lobby and mezzanine - empty of public, and I don't think you can see the 2 staffers inside, either.

    Org Lobby at around 6:00 PM lit and empty.

    Sorry for the blur, was snapping on the fly with a cellphone because I didn't want me or the kiddos picked up on their security cams.

    Despite the Co$ press release, this is hardly in the heart of downtown Kaohsiung. That is more than a few blocks south of there. It is, however, only 2 and a half blocks from the Love River. This section of Seven Sages Road looks like it was once more prosperous, and being that close to the river, it may be again. Both the low current real estate prices in that area and the possibility for appreciation probably led to the site choice. It is about a 25 minute brisk walk from my hotel, which is across the river and infested with Communist tourists. :melodramatic:
  6. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron


    Any of our under-the-radar members still receiving cult propaganda hear anything about VMs and the gas pipeline explosion in Kaohsiung?


    The explosion took place in a district just south of the Ideal Org, about 5 or 6 subway stops down.