TAJ the War Hero

This was thread recently regarding L. Ron Hubbard's war record. He lied about it, of course. But he did serve, rather poorly, as I understand it. And his father was a naval officer. But still his service was better than mine.

My family tree had a different history of serving our country.

During the Vietnam war, the army recruiters took one look at me and THEY burned my draftcard.

During World War II a French woman hid my father in her wine cellar through most of the war. She lived in Baton Rouge Lousiana.

During World War I my grandfather wrote a song showing his patriotism. It was called "Nowhere Near There."

And during the American Civil War my great-great-grandfather had to choose sides. He joined the West.

But my son went to the military academy.

When he return from his years in the service I asked him, "Did they give you a commission?" He replied, "No, just a regular salary."

Then I asked him, "Did the army decorate you?" And he responded, "No, but they did clean me up real good."

Thank you folks, you've been wonderful lurkers. I'll be on this thread all weekend.

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The Anabaptist Jacques

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Bardo Tulpa

It's good to know that you were not the only pacifist to join a movement that would create a world without war.

My father got his neck shot off in WWII.

That's why I have no neck today.