Take That, Tom Cruise!


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Take That, Tom Cruise! Katie Holmes Shows Off Some VERY Sexy Single-Girl Hair

If her recent hairstyle is any indication, I think single Katie Holmes is feeling ready to mingle. For the past couple months, she's been wearing her chest-length hair in soft flirtacious curls (pretty much since her divorce to Tom Cruise was finalized in late August), but the voluptuous bombshell waves she wore to last night's 12-12-12 concert were total guy bait.


(Yeah I know it's a silly article.)


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It's an okay do, but nothing Katie's make up crew can accomplish could ever hope to match how much hotter she became, the moment she stopped being a creepy Stepford wife.


^^^ That, and all the best in the world to her, as she faces the monumental task of washing Tom's PR stench off of herself. I think she'll have a career again.