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The following 10 steps is better known as The 8 Steps OUT of scientology, was linked from a newspaper article in the Guardian UK, I think it was, back in 1997.It took me until 2000, to learn enough about history to understand what Hubbard emulated when he chose the promises he told us, and where he got those from...

This excerpt is from a webpage on Lermanet.com here:

I posted these in 1997, based on the stages that I passed through, having left in 1978, and having endured 1,740,000 dollars of scientology's best litigation in an effort to silence me.

29 November 1995 - Memorandum Opinion [ Full Text ]- Judge Leonie Brinkema

"the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in general and to harass its critics. "

Title: 9 steps out of Scientology
Author: Arnie Lerma
Date: 31 Aug 1997 17:01:27 -0700

I was in the cult and on staff for 10 years... here are the stages I have seen... as one exits the 'Hubbardian' mind control program....

1) There is something wrong here, if this is so great, then
why is (______) going on?

[ insert whatever atrocity you have recently witnessed ]

2) The guys at the top must be crazy

3) Miscavige and crew are evil demons from another dimension
[ or something similar ]

4) Hubbard went crazy at the end .....

5) Hubbard went crazy in 1966

6) Hubbard was mad from the start.

7) This whole thing is a complete fraud

8) my god, its a criminal organization... with criminal convictions
all over the world... and it was only about the money

9) realization that THERE ARE NO OT's THERE!

10) realizing, after leaving Scientology, this makes one an ex-nazi and wanting to do something about it

Good twin

Thanks Arnie. Yours was one of the first websites I visited when I finally left. I had a memory of forwarding a postcard with the word "lermanet" on it to OSA when I was on post. I figured that was as good a place as any to start.

When I first saw these stages I thought maybe not everyone goes through ALL the stages. I could see getting through a few of them. But before long, I found myself experiencing each of them and ALL of them.

It all sure looks different from the outside.............:yes:

Thanks again. :thumbsup:



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Hi Arnie,

Yeah that is it. Sat in #1 for 7 years. Then during two years of hard research, to go from 2-10!

You're an Honorable Old Guard Hero! Thanks for helping carve the path!



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Hi Arnie,

Yeah that is it. Sat in #1 for 7 years. Then during two years of hard research, to go from 2-10!

You're an Honorable Old Guard Hero! Thanks for helping carve the path!


Thank you, both of you, this file is the most often mentioned page during the first telephone call that i will get from new escapees..from Scientology, who will say, Is this arnie lerma? I'll say, yes.. "I have been up for days reading lermanet..." then I listen for a long time as they unload years of anguish...

To paraphrase a quote by the joker from crowley's tarot deck,

"for god sakes build a better bridge" out of scientology..

When Im feeling extremely conspiratorially paranoid, and nota bene, it is scientology that has prior conviction for Conspiracy, I wonder sometimes if scientology were crafted with intent, to waste the effort and lives of those who might dare actually try to reform what passes for western civilization and 'society'.

When Ghandi was asked what he thought of western civilization he quipped:

" It sounds like is would be a good idea "


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Factually, those who leave scientology are EX-SCIENTOLOGISTS. Some may have behaved liked Nazis while in, but that is definitely not true of everyone I know of who has left.
Most exes I know want to do something about it.

I don't think that one 'has to have wanted to do something evil' to see the corollary with 'having served the evil of nazism'. Many decent Germans, soldiers and citizens supported Hitler while not being aware of the atrocities being committed. Nevertheless many of those naive supporters later realized that albeit unknowingly, they had played a hand in the carnage and became ardently involved in anti-nazi movements after the truth came out. :)

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It is amazing how long one can stay 'in' scn while being at your #1.

I used to think that, if I was involved with a new sitaution in life where I felt #1...that I would run fast and immediately given my scn experience.

But I think that more likely, we tend to notice something not right but it may not be enough initially to get us to act quickly and listen to our 'gut reaction' (unles it was immediately life threatening).


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tis understood that some of us were lousy at being nazis, like Yvonne Gilhiam... When I have choice wording, i usually choose what will affect the lkedership in OSA the most...I was not a good nazi, when pressured to break the will of another during reg cycle, I could never do that...

Some were VERY good at it, like Jack Dirman, who vetted Reed Slatkin's office of incriminating evidence and email from OSA, (I believe scientology was giving cash to broke sea org members to 'invest' in that scam) and Bill Yaude, who choreographs scientology's online hate campaign against high profile ex-members. The good nazis got the big promotions...

I could charm, but i could never break another's will...has something to do with a promise I made myself when I was a kid, long before scientology...that I would never use my technical skills to build weapons, and I would never break the will of another...

In deprogramming you are not breaking a persons will, you are breaking a person free of the will of another!

Powerchange, nexus, knightvision,- any Improvements and or additional alternate wordings are encouraged.. Perhaps that 1 st step needs to be longer and the hubbard went nuts steps shorter?

If this page is the most helpful page, then perhaps you guys should make it better, *I* did the best I could, please help, edit the page source and send it to me in an email to [email protected] ..

related subject:
Also there are 4700 pages on lermanet,, if theres one you like that has errors, FIX THE CODE and send it to me. Its is impossible for any ONE to maintain that many links...
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Step #11 would be something like:

Having escaped the $cientology onion, I now see the same techniques used throughout society, and for the same reason - for the PROFIT.