Tampa Bay Times: Scientology's leader reaches out to mend fences with Clearwater


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Daisy the "lot" on Drew St. is at least five or six city blocks away from Ft. Harrison. I'm just a bit confused as to your posts.

You are right But that is the lot scientology bought that happened to be what the city wanted.

The article goes on to say that the city manager, Horne said that they might pursue building a garage across a side street from Flag.

Then DM hears this and now is saying that maybe they can give up Drew lot after all.

It may not be the lot behind flag, but they are talking about another lot than Drew.
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Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
Did the good mayor count his fingers after the handshake?

Funny this happens RIGHT AFTER the full page story on disconnection. Guess this proves it does not exist.

An hour is probably all DM's meds are good for.... Maybe next time they can meet at Starbucks so the mortals can have a look at the god.

Did I just say that?


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Not mentioned in the article was the fact that DM presented a book to the mayor, "To Serve Clearwater." It is written in $cientologese so the local pols are still working on translating it.


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I would like to see COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY in any dealing of the City and scientology. Way way way too much political manipulation especially from Southern Land development, or I mean United Churches of Florida, or I mean church of scientology playing both the donut and the hole in the constitution. Everything recorded and freely available online. NOT a difficult task. It could be set up as a volunteer citizen website. It can be a plebiscite or a letters to the mayor and council.


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Maybe it time for SP's to get in comm with Clearwater Official's. Just like Mark Bunker is doing. An Organized group to further expose the present time criminal activity of the cult!

If the Blown Sea Org group and the 20 plus South African's all went to Flag and showed up at a City Council meeting along with Marty, Mike, Karen and other high ranking officials that have first hand knowledge of the cult's tactics and dirty tricks - some more damage could possibly take this cult down once and for all!