TECH BREAKTHROUGH! Why your BT's are still haunting your ass!


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Oh Sweety,

You have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


funny thread though :thumbsup:


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I really want to keep my BT's.Its Really boring in my head without them.:hysterical:

Crud realized I had a huge comm lag also. But in my defense I didn't know of ESMB in 2011
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The C/S you need is Captain David Miscavige. Not that he is going to monitor your BTs with a camera in the session, but he might instruct the IRS special agents in his Church to impose taxes on every cluster and BT in the clusters, with the benefit of half rates to those unresponsive in the meter. If this does not scare your BTs then it will freak you out enough to get rid of some of them in the commotion.

It may come as a shock to all of you on ESMB, but I have been recovered by the Church of Scientology. I am now back on the level! This miracle was only possible because of a new release of old LRH tech on OT VII. The squirrels took this precious tech away from us.

No wonder we all left with "no results"!

It explains why BT's do not blow....preventing you, the being, from achieving gains beyond your wildest imagination. This correction list handled my case and it can handle yours!

I cannot give you all the info here, so you will need to go in for a briefing. Tell them that I am your FSM, so your exchange is in, otherwise you might not get the gains you deserve. After they assessed the entire correction list on me, only one question read:"Hell no, we won't go!"

The handling is to do a Listing & Nulling on all BT's and just let them shout out their items randomly. Here is what happened...

L & N:

I have no MU's why should I leave? x

Break our billion year contract and get Declared? No way! tic

We'd love to leave--but you can't audit worth shit! sf

Just hangin' around for the sex, especially with hot Asian chicks. dirty needle

So, you're saying I am a Being stuck inside an evil Cluster? Damn, I thought this was the RPF! tic

No thanks, I'm stayin, cuz they promised me Total Freedom in here. x

We're waiting for the economy to pick up. What part of JOBS don't you understand? sf

Uhhh, did you ever stop to think maybe we are waiting for YOU to split? tic

Ron says the only reason you have a conflict with us is Third Party. Let's handle it. sf

We'll guarantee you that we'll blow but only if you guarantee us a feature story in the St. Pete Times. fall

Why do you keep asking us to leave? Ever hear about something called 'manners'? x

Jeez, you still don't get it. We aren't BT's. This is a protest by Thetan's Anonymous. fall

Maybe if you started doing your 5 sessions a day instead of wasting the whole damn week lurking on ESMB, you'd get something done around here! x

We are applying Ron's policy on Leaving & Leaves. No Replacements, No Blow! LFBD FN.... Item Indicated
(All BTs were VGI's but none blew after this cognition. I am waiting for a new C/S that they said will totally handle it!)


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I found another reason. Add to the list please...

Your BTs don't leave because Alan Walter would recruit them for use in the CIA secret psychic war scenarios:


Alan Walter…

He was a busy boy in 1968. At the same time as he is working with CIA agent, Pat Price, to develop Psychic Warfare - he starts recapturing thetans who have been set free by people auditing on OT 3. He is essentially forming them back into clusters, under the guise of “Spiritual Teammates.”