Tell Bill: "Have you been scammed?" and the VM's


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Tell Bill is one of the most astute and insightful ex-Scientologist critics of the cult, and I consider him must-read.

There has been renewed activity in his April post "Have you been scammed?", which deals with scilons getting scammed through donations to Super Power, IAS, Ideal Orgs, The Way to Happiness, and others including the VM's.

There is an excellent exchange between a scilon VM apologist and Tell Bill, and other exes are beginning to post their experiences in the VM's.

Scilon apologist:

There is a whole bunch of stuff here which I can neither confirm nor deny, as I don't have personal knowledge of it, but your section on VMs is a steaming pile of rubbish.

You see, I happen to be one of those guys who actually show up on disaster sites. And from what you write, you clearly have no freaking idea what we do there. Yes, we don't bring food. But guess what, food isn't what is missing in most cases. etc.

Tell Bill:

Dear Anonymous Scientology Volunteer Minister

Nice rant, but completely wrong.

First, your ignorant, uninformed assumptions are totally wrong etc.

I think it is worth reading and perhaps commenting on if you were a VM.


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I posted a comment there:

Thanks Bill. I do want to make the Scn's on the line aware of one other thing. The Ideal Orgs Scam, and that is what it is, is also not on ploicy according to Ron. Ron said to build a bigger and more successful org all you had to do was sell and deliver services to a happy public.