Thank You To All Of The Exes On Here


I feel so much better after posting my story here and I want to thank those that have responded. I have to share something very significant in my life today. I had a job interview with a business owner that is looking for workers for his restaurant business. He was very excited about it as he was talking to me and said that it doesn't matter what your experience is, but what matters is if you have passion. If you have passion, you will do well. His story was very inspiring to me as he wanted to inspire others to do well and give others the passion to do well, too. He came to my area from another country 7 years ago and owns 3 businesses. This past Thursday, I called Tory and was surprised it was her when she talked to me. I had watched her videos and it was very shocking to actually hear her in person. Just talking with her helped to confirm everything that I had thought, but wasn't able to communicate to people within my immediate vicinity. She had talked to me as the person I was and not the person she wanted me to be. I was scared to call, but did it anyways. Both of these events have helped in my recovery and discovery of who I am meant to be.


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I am very happy for you EDM4EVER. This is exciting in so many ways and the best part it is your way. :happydance: have fun sharing your passion.


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"[Tory] had talked to me as the person I was and not the person she wanted me to be."

This is just a great sentence.

Yeah, all those old Scientology hang-ups -- the know-best, controlling, lecturing, hectoring bullshit -- it just sucks.

Best wishes to you.



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I'm so happy for you! I know that fear of making that first call... Bravo!

Your comment reminded me of this song.