that Time the Goodyear Blimp hunted Nazi Subs


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that Time the Goodyear Blimp hunted Nazi Subs

See, during World War II, America actually still had a pretty robust blimp program. While the rest of the world pretty much abandoned airships after the Hindenburg disaster, the U.S. was able to press forward since it had the bulk of the world's accessible helium.

And press forward it did. While the more ambitious projects, like experimental, flying aircraft carriers, were shelved in the 1930s, America had 10 operating blimps in the U.S. Navy when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and they were quickly sent to patrol the U.S. coasts, watching for submarines.

In fact, two blimps were involved in a disputed submarine battle claimed by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and a Navy veteran. Hubbard and his crew of PC-815 claimed the destruction of two submarines in a May 1942 engagement where PC-815 dropped its own depth charges while calling for reinforcement. Two Navy blimps, K-39 and K-33, responded and assisted in the search.
Hubbard would later claim one sub killed and the other too damaged to return to port, but the crews of the other vessels disputed the claim and Hubbard did not collect any physical evidence of his kill.

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The blimp hanger on the left still exists and is the Tillamook Air Museum. Worth a visit if you go to the Oregon coast and are near Tillamook. The other hanger burned down; the massive concrete foundation that remains is used by businesses for storage, etc.


Squadron 33, Tillamook Oregon.

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I've been to the museum. It's actually pretty cool. And if you're in Tillamook you have to go to the Tillamook cheese factory, guided tours, samples, etc.

Apparently Hubbard was attacking magnetic rocks on the ocean floor thinking they were enemy submarines. Early example of 'mankind's greatest friend' infecting others with his delusions. Admiral Braisted had Hubbard pegged,"unfit for command."