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The Amazing Catch-22 Of the S.O.#1 Line


Some interesting links and data on this thread. Thanks folks!

Div 6

Crikey - I read this (despite the blurb at the top re it later being retracted), and figure that a lot of it has some truth, cause it fits. His retraction of it on other sites tells quite a story. So many stories and versions of events. I wish I wasn't interested (it's so bloody time consuming), but I am.

The more data I get on all this stuff the better. For me, it helps! Thanks for the link :thumbsup:.

Zegel's information on the first three tapes was accurate. As has since been established.

Zegel was under threat by Scientology, and his "retraction" in the fourth tape, as with so many "retractions" before it, was under duress.

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