The Apollo Stars: The Rock Stars of Scientology’s Sea Org


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Le Grand Charles responded "You do not arrest Voltaire"
However, you apparently do arrest and send to federal prison Mary Sue Arouet, Voltaire's wife, right? LOL

HELPFUL TIP TO CLAY PIGEON AND OTHER POWER FSMS: If Voltaire (or any other wholetrack author) ever wrote anything that people really like, just claim it was LRH in a past life. Or if they happen to like music, tell them that Ron invented music trillions of years ago at the beginning of the time track. That has proven to be a successful action in keeping Scientologists in a mystically stupefied fog where they believe things that pitifully degraded "homo sapiens" cringe and laugh at.

Clay Pigeon

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I think on this side of the Atlantic ma petit vignette translates to "You don't arrest Phineas T.Barnum"



Commander Birdsong?

Fuckin' Smooth Muthuhfukkah maybe...