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The Auditor News (Sep 19th)

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ooooh yeah ... so much nicer ... :yes:

but,I actually meant the log in name ...

Oh, right! Yes, that's probably a good example of CofS/OSA's idea of what's "hip wid da kids". :confused2:
That user-name will undoubtedly create heaps of good PR and interest in becoming a Book One Auditor, especially in the African-American community! :D :angry:


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Thanks for posting these emails AOBON.

I’m sure that Wendy will be grateful that all us SPs can read them and marvel at the power of the True Tech. :eyeroll:

Quote: “Otherwise it can end up on the internet and in the hands of somebody we do not want to have it.” Oh dear, Scientologists aren’t very good at security are they?

I was amused to look at Wendy’s website. There is only one small mention of Scientology tucked away and it is only implied that she is a Scientologist. And she doesn’t mention that she delivers Scientology or Dianetics. You’d think that she would want to shout it from the rooftops? :confused2:

Or perhaps even the IAS Freedom Medal winners are starting to realise that Scientology is a dirty word and it puts people off? :yes:

Perhaps we could all drop Wendy a friendly Email and tell her how much we enjoyed reading of all her wins? We could even add a few wins of our own along with a few tit-bits from the real world. :coolwink:

Interesting to see that Wendy is now living in Scotland. Perhaps she should be called back to Oz to quell the rebellion?



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It seems Wendy Honnor gives a series of lectures, as listed at her website. The lectures are based on a list of questions, so I thought I would save everyone some time (cause I know you were all ready to rush over there!) and answer these questions for you:

* Anger? Why does it happen? How can we prevent it?

Often it is the result of realising you are a part of a brainwashing and destructive cult.

* Mind. Body. Spirit. Which one are you?

Eeeny, meeny, mo?

* The two types of people. Which one are you?

Scientologists. Non (or ex) Scientologists.

* What is happiness?

Being a Non (or ex) Scientologist.

* Rumors and whispering campaigns in the corporate environment. Why do they happen? What can you do?

Because the "walls have ears", so speak quietly.

* How to create a thriving family within the pressures of a modern society.

Don't join staff. Definitely do not join the Sea Org.

* Overcoming the ups and downs of life in the corporate environment.

Stop interpreting ups and downs as somehow being a problem. There, solved.

* Ethics and happiness – are they related?

If ethics means reason, and one truly applies reason then they will either stay away from Scientology, or leave it if already apart of it. Given that being a Non (or ex) Scientologist is the way to happiness, then I would say that yes, they are related.

* Leadership – why am I under attack despite my excellent results?

Good question, Wendy Honnor. Perhaps you could ask the Ethics Officer at Melbourne day that on my behalf. And while you are at it, ask her if she is happy, because apparently, ethics and happiness are related.

* Power – the seven points of power that all leaders need to know.

1. Avoid Scientology, and Scientologists.
2. - 7. See point one.

* How to swiftly ease tension in hostile communities.

Get the Scientologists out of there.

* What is the anatomy of peace? What is war? Does all conflict have a theme that we can understand?

Peace = lack of war. War = lack of peace. Scientology = lack of common sense. If there is conflict then ask "who benefits from the conflict?"

* The modern cultural renaissance – is it possible? Can we achieve it in our lifetime?

Yes, but I don't think we'll create it in Ron's lifetime.

* September 11. What it was like at the World Trade Center in the first week afterwards. How to work in a team under such dramatic pressure and not become the affected.

And how to receive an award you are not entitled to, and tell everyone you were awarded it legitimately. Perhaps you could get the "real" heroes, the firemen and women, and policemen and women to explain what it is like.

Wendy Honnor, what happened to the Launceston Mission. The one that you were awarded a Freedom Medal for? You applied LRH tech to that, surely. So why isn't it flourishing and prospering?



You are too much Neo!

Why don't you drop her a line and ask her about the Launceston Mission? I'm sure she would remember you. I mean, anyone turning up to chauffeur her in a dysentery-brown Datsun 120Y is bound to create a lasting impression. :)

(I had a good giggle when I read that part of your story – it just about sums up the CoS, doesn’t it?)



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Thursday 2

So , do you fellers know what's funny about this?

Wendy cced;CC:

Positive media is an OSA stat, it is measured in inches. Obviously OSAs stats in ANZO were not going too well this week. Two hours prior to Thursday 2pm, some one MIGHT have thought it a good idea to post Wendy's exuberant promotion.

Great thinking!

Good on ya OSA!!

Love the nick:thumbsup: