The Catholic Church has TAKEN THE GLOVES OFF!!!!!


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It's not just attacks on Catholicism. It's the Christian faith in Jesus Christ, which all true Christians share, which seems to be at the root of the attacks. There are many reasons to attack the works of false Christians because there are alot of false teachings and resulting acts. Never the less, for me, it's evidence of that being a believer - a Christian - means the likelihood of being persecuted for the faith. I find comfort in the fact that we're in good company on that.

MAry McConnell
The Catholic church has its share of skeletons that it would prefer to keep in the closet, just like Cof$. The Catholic church has its own intel dept., it is known as the Jesuit order, and, specifically, there are special units within the Jesuit order ... they actually put OSA to shame. The Catholic church has its share of rituals that may seem whacky, just like Cof$. The Catholic church has excommunication, just as Cof$ has suppressive declares. The Catholic church has some serious real estate holdings, just like Cof$. The Catholic church is a top down structure, with one man at the top, i.e., the Pope, Cof$ has its COB. I could go on and on with comparisons.

You say that the Cos and the Catholic Church are similar...

Well, today I read this story on the BBC website.

The Pope has stepped up - better late than never - and condemned abuse of children by priests as a "heinous crime", and said Irish bishops must act to restore the Church's "moral credibility". He has ordered the Irish Bishops to be completely open with authorities (the Police) in order to set their house in order.

The Vatican also said that the Irish bishops promised to co-operate with civil authorities, "to guarantee that the Church's standards, policies and procedures represent best practice in this area".

If the Cos and the Catholic Church are similar, when is DM going to do the same? When is DM going to go public and air the church's dirty laundry so everyone can see?

Where would he start? Maybe with the mistreatment of thousands of SO members who have had to work ridiculous hours for no pay? Maybe with the members of the CoS who, because of sec-checks and cruel routines, have suffered psychotic breaks? Maybe with the CoS children sexually abused by members of the CoS ... members who have never been punished for their crimes and are still scot-free?

Can DM do such a thing? Something that is obviously the moral thing to do?

Of course he can't.

And of course he wouldn't.

Because then it would be over.

Just one admission of guilt and the flood gates would be open to law suits and class-actions. Just one admission of guilt from the CoS and the impregnable veneer of $cn would be shattered.


The point being, CoS and the Catholic Church are not the same. The CoS is little more than a number of good-natured people led by bullies and criminals.

The Clam

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Not only have they taken off their gloves but some of the priest have also removed their pants while anointing the young alter boys with Vaseline.