"The CHRIST IMPLANT" Scientology LIES! Christians can be Scientologists


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Anyone get a difinitive answer as to the authenticity of this supposed "OTVIII" HCOB? I always thought it was bullshit from Steve Fischman. If you listen to that long video he has an obsession with jesus. For those of you who don't know Steve was actually Jesus's father and has spent his entire whole track fighting with him, he REALLY hates jesus. So Fischman comes out with these "dox" and he is the ONLY person as far as i know that has leaked this document.

If you listen to him he also claims the wall of fire is some bridge in the between lives area that you have to jump off of.

Personally i think there are some people out there that would swear to anything and claim it was part of some old course.
You can read this from George White, I was on the ship with him when he was doing OT VIII. He confirms that it was on the 1st release of the level in 88.

Tony Ortega interviewed George White about this:


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