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The Church of Scientology killed my son - Karen de la Carriere

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The link for this came from Tony Ortega: http://tonyortega.org/2013/03/27/david-miscavige-declares-scientologys-golden-age/


Last July, we broke the news that Karen de la Carriere had lost her son, Alexander Jentzsch, whose father was Scientology’s president and Karen’s former husband, Heber Jentzsch. Alex had died of a drug overdose, and the church prevented Karen from hearing about it or seeing his body because she had been excommunicated. Now, Karen is telling her own story in a video series professionally produced by church critic Angry Gay Pope. Give the first installment a look…



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Thank you for speaking out about what must be the most terrible thing in the world to talk about, Karen. You are using your own pain to help insure that other people never receive a message like the one you received.

You have my love and respect for what you are doing, Karen. :hug:

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Karen - Big HUG! Very well done video. You are so right - Scientology KILLS! I believe you are about to witness the downfall of Scientology in our lifetime and it is about time! Scientology KILLS! Shame on you David Miscavige - SHAME ON YOU!


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I'm gonna quote what I wrote on Tony's blog about this video 2 days ago because it's late and I have brain fog at the moment :yes:

OMGosh! That video....More than moving. Bone chilling! Bull eye.Karen De la Carriere, Angry Gay Pope ( AGP ) and JSwift! It's amazing what people united can do together!

Can't wait for part II.... I will show these to every person who contacts me about Narconon and those who have already contacted me about Narconon. The victims of the scam, of the lies. People have died trying to get help from Scientology programs for their addiction. Scientology and Narconon cannot wipe their hands of this proof. Alexander deserved better. Karen deserved better. So did the others who have died or been hurt by this junk science. No more deaths... help us shut these programs down. http://reaching4.info


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Great to see AGP back in the fray. I've missed his vids and been wondering what he's up to