The $cn. Cult and Crypto Currencies

Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus
Does anyone one know if the $cientology kult has an official position on Crypto Currencies?

Just curious. I know they like to bring in loads of cash whenever and where ever possible and there are many opportunities for doing so in various pump & dump scams in crypto's.

My fave big bean Grant Cardone was recently pumping a scam crypto coin called BitConnect (since failed) with his buddy (and biz associate?) Sean Davis. Davis is a former stockbroker and pumps various crypto's on his YouTube channel. The BitConnect video's and his referencing his association with Cardone video's may have been removed.

Anyone know if Davis is a cult member? Being associated with Cardone there is a possibility he is - although I know Cardone has a big rep in the "wog-world" as some sort of business/sales guru, so it's possible Davis is not a cult member. I like him, he's a buffoon.

To the point:
Is Cardone operating in accordance with kult policy on crypto's or freelancing/scamming? Does the kult have a crypto policy?

I'm asking because there is a new crypto coin named wait for it....... Theta Token. I don't see any of the usual suspects referenced on their About Us page. But that means little. I don't keep track much of cult related stuff and who the new rising stars in the $cn. swamp are.

My position on crypto's:
It's like stock picking. There are good companies with well thought out useful products and there are crap scams that promise unrealistic returns. Which as we know from $cn. people seem to fall for.... a lot.

Any info is much appreciated.

Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus
Anyone? Any info?

To recap: Cardone was hawking a crypto currency scam called BitConnect. It failed.

Now a new one called Theta Token is out being promoted by several people who I know are NOT $cientologists....

1. Im trying to find out if Cardone is pumping this crap also.

And 2.
Is out fave cult involved/ behind this?

3. Does anyone know if $cn. has crypto investments?

My opinion is why would a 1950's UFO cult have crypto currency investments but I know they like to cash in on anything that makes steam-shovels of money, so....

Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

Just want everyone to know my favorite bigbean $cientologist Grant Cardone was involved in this scam.

Dumbass $cio's always seem to be in the middle of some scam or intel funny business, in this case getting scammed by the larger scammer's in the UK. The gist of it is at 4:15. BitConnect is an MI6 scam. Cardone and his (non-scio?) buddy Davis were pumping it like there wa$ no tomorrow.

Memo to the Dwarf. Maybe brief your whales to be a little more careful in their scams and not get them crossed up with the Queens scams.
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