The Co$'s greatest fear revealed - by the Co$


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The cult has just let slip its greatest fear.

It’s gone out of its way to stop my mate Aaron Saxton from appearing at the next protest outside AOSH ANZO by hitting him with a restraining order via the local police.

I haven’t gotten the full details from Aaron but these usually are filed by someone when they think they may be assaulted by a possibly violent person.

Why did the cult do this?

Short-term tactically it makes sense: Aaron can’t go and stand outside the AOSH ANZO and protest because he’s within the 200 (?) meters of the person seeking the restraining order. It stops Aaron making an impact on the public and staff of the AO like he obviously did at the last protest there.

Why is it so important to stop Aaron?

He used to be the receptionist there. So every public going into the building at that time he was there will remember the grinning teenager who used to greet them at the door. And wonder what the hell happened to make him now outside with a bunch of “masked misfits” protesting the very cult he lovingly served before. And every crew member who served with him will remember the dedicated young Sea Org member doing his utmost to “Save the Planet.” And wonder how someone so “on-Source” as a teen could now be “an evil SP.”:confused2:

You see, a lot of the crew and public wouldn’t have known Aaron had been all over the TV and U-Tube. They don’t watch the “entheta” because they’ll wind up in ethics if they do.

They won’t know why Nic Xenophon spoke out in parliament, nor what he said. They won’t know Rathbun and Rinder have been out with their posse doing their utmost to bring down Saint Dave, COB. They won’t know how badly the French court case went against the cult. They won’t have any of this info because they trust OSA and the Co$ to give them all their info on the “wog world.”:no:

So when an ex-SO member speaks out in front of his old org, and speaks with compassion for those he once was a team-member with, OSA has a huge problem.:p

I saw a little of this when I protested outside Melbourne org late last year. When we all rolled up outside the org, the ground floor of the building was boarded up and there were staff inside moving around leisurely. The soundbox was warmed up and a few speeches were made and nothing much happened inside.

Then I announced I was outside and talking specifically to the staff and public and panic reigned – windows were hurriedly closed, staff inside were suddenly running around.:nervous:

Why? Because I was a threat – an OT, long-term staff, one of the enduring “good guys” now saying “it’s all lies, folks.”

Aaron IS threatening, make no mistake about it. He threatens the person who has taken out this order against him very much. She was (up to a few years ago at least) the major reg in Sydney for the Ideal Morgue scam. And Aaron threatens her livelihood big-time. He threatens her stats. He threatens the very food on the table and the roof over the berthing. Because he threatens to take away the very foundation the whole cult is built on: people who won’t/can’t look at the world for themselves but rely on the cult to do it for them.

So OSA just HAD to do SOMETHING (and before Thursday 2pm too, of course :D):confused2:

So they’ve awarded Aaron with an honour I don’t think any other ex has ever had – his very own restraining order.:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

It says “we are so scared of you and what you are doing we will do anything to keep you away from the doorstep.”:ohmy:

THAT is the ultimate status symbol in my opinion. It says that Aaron is so much bigger than OSA that they can’t do anything effective to counter what he’s saying. It says that OSA have no answer to Exes speaking up outside the orgs they are so familiar with. Because it threatens the very existence of OSA as we know it, Jim.:yes:

OSA is supposed to have external threats covered. Obviously Aaron is too big a threat for them to deal with in the usual way. So they’ve gone unusual. Out of fear. The thought of having Aaron outside the IAS event in a few days will have sent OSA collectively into a panic. Because it will prove how ineffective they are at their “jobs.”:omg:

So Aaron has received the highest honour there is – he’s officially recognized by Co$ as bigger, more powerful and more capable than all of the ANZO crew, OTs and other culties put together.:clap:

Sorry Alanzo, but you’ve got a lot to do to get that status, as have the rest of us.:yes:

Is there anyone else ready and willing to step up on the stage and challenge Aaron Saxton to the title? Try your best at the next protest near you.:thumbsup:


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Sensational post, Scooter.

And now, we get to educate the local police and courts about how the CoS lies. I'd love to know what lies they must have told to get the TRO.


I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation

Aaron is really REALLY scary ... eek!


Ah well ... I expect he will just stand 200 meters away then (and terrify the most 'at cause and able beings on the planet' from there instead).

Poor little things.



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Just an addendum to this: if someone more Net-savvy than me can put up the U-Tube vid of NWA doing "Express Yourself" on this thread, I'd love it.

Because that was the song I was lstening to when I wrote the above and I think it's perfect for what Aaron is doing.

And I reckon it's the best NWA song eva!:thumbsup: And that's coming from an ex-hippie.:D


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Just an addendum to this: if someone more Net-savvy than me can put up the U-Tube vid of NWA doing "Express Yourself" on this thread, I'd love it.

Because that was the song I was lstening to when I wrote the above and I think it's perfect for what Aaron is doing.

And I reckon it's the best NWA song eva!:thumbsup: And that's coming from an ex-hippie.:D



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So.. Are the local police buying this? - Or expressed another way, are the Sinister Scam Cult of Scientology able to pull the police around by their noses once again?

Aaron's not gonna assault anyone.. He's gonna talk to 'em, that's all!

Well, if the police are fooled and he does get a restraining order. How about having him talk into a radio link, with the an offensively big loudspeaker in front of the org?


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600' of orange XLR cable plugged into a PA system could handle that.

Leave pairs of binoculars near the front of the place for anyone who wants to watch him as he speaks.

or setup a 42+" HD tv near the PA box
place a video camera on him and route it to the TV

Open his speech with a guitarist playing John Fogerty's
"The old man is down the road."
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aaron saxton

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NWA? I am impressed. We're gonna have to meet again soon and let the music blast.

Oh, I'm not going down the street.

I will be right there in their faces.

The police are going to have to serve me before I follow anything.

I will get my 2 cents in before that happens.

And some loose change I can find flying around...


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Well done Aaron!

Get the press there and covering the police enforcing the order. It would be a great news item of how the cult suppresses freedom of speech.

Ironic that the cult front group "Youth for Human Rights" currently promotes the right of freedom of assembly! :roflmao: ref "Human Right #20
The Right to Public Assembly"

You could link that to the news item. :thumbsup:


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Good on ya Aaron

This is going to work against them, they are providing the foot bullet again, they'd be better off just allowing you to be there without any of this, let us hope they don't get bright soon and withdraw the Temporary Restraining Order.



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I envision Aaron on a soap box, mic in hand, and a ring of Anon with Aaron faces about 5 feet away.
The Anon there to prevent the violence from the person who filed the restraining order.
Filmed in wonderful HD.

Maybe a mock set of bars with the label Temporary Restraining Order?

Go Go ANZO!!


Oh. I am sure there are a few Senators in Oz that would be interested in these "Battle Tactics".

In the US its called "prior restraint". And it is not legal. Not sure about such things in Oz.....


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Question for Aaron

What allegations did this bimbo make?
Are you entitled to a hearing at some point (I know they are usually granted ex parte but you should still be entitled to a hearing at some time)?
A restraining order generally requires the applicant to make some allegation of prior acts of physical abuse and present threats of continued abuse. Did she do so in this case?

If you are entitled to a hearing at some point please take advantage of it and force this person to testify. These people can and should be made to look like the lying scum bags they are. If nothing else, it will take her off post to deal with the wog justice system.

All you guys in Oz are fighting the good fight and have my support. Scooter is right, you (Aaron) have them scared. It is not the "arrogant fucktards" (to quote Pooks) like Rathbun that will bring down this organization. It is the hundreds of decent hard working people that have dedicated their lives only to be systematically and systemically abused by this cult.


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Well, I am hoping that Aaron will push through and actually get the hearing. I think they have given the police back the power to issue TRO to protect people in immediate danger. The person being protected can then take it to court for a permanent AVO. Much more complicated, and requires proof. I think in this case the police are being led around by the nose and being made to look like fools.