The Command Channels of Scientology

Lulu Belle

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Anyone happen to have the chart that shows what the command channels of Scientology supposedly are?

This is one fantastic place to show how close theory and application come in the through-the-looking-glass world of Scientology management.

There is this place called Int which is supposed to have all fashion of organizations clearly separated in function and working along certain command lines to effect Scientology expansion.

Fortunately DM found out that the layout made for these command channels by LRH (well, er, uhm, maybe it was actually by DM, the later source of Scientology) is utterly and totally unworkable and suppressive. So he wiped it out and made it the one-man show it is supposed to be to be "workable."

To begin with, let's justify this overt: As LRH says, the one form of government that everyone can agree upon is a "benevolent monarchy." (Could I see a show of hands of how many people reading this agree that a "benevolent monarchy" is indeed the best form of government there is? Thought so.) So it is only fair that DM would be that benevolent monarch, after all, he does have some royal blood in his family tree. At least he hopes he does.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's introduce the actual command channels of Scientology.

For sake of simplicity, I will skip over the parts that somewhat resemble the theoretical chart, middle management on down and concentrate on the top part of the chart where the select few, the most on-source Sea Org members are posted: Int Management.

(Please note, I don't have a copy of the chart; I'm doing this out of memory, so feel free to correct any misconceptions and any mistranscriptions by the evil transcriptionists.)

Theory: There is a Religious Technology Center, above and to the right of the chart, at the location that usually is reserved for the Founder (Originator, whatever you wanna call it). It has the supposed purpose of keeping Scientology working by safeguarding the correct use of the trademarks and has no connection whatsoever to running management. The Inspector General network is in RTC.

Practice: There are two units, considered separately, one being COB's Office and one being RTC. The difference between the two is similar to a higher org - lower org setup. COB's Office consists of those few handpicked individuals who COB considers trusted enough to handle his correspondence and who will feed him without poisoning him and can run simple errands without creating too much havoc in the making. That's the top level. Most COB's Office staff travel to wherever he goes except for a couple of communicators and typists who always stay on the Base. RTC handles trademark matters, some minor PR matters are in charge of the SP Room and have a sec checker to pull the withholds no other sec checked at lower echelons managed to do (She can't do it either, but she tries harder, like Avis). They also have a data bureau where every single report in the universe of Scientology ends up. Plus a Treasury that makes sure DM has the money he needs when he needs it. And a couple more people on post which don't differ significantly from a Cl V Org (HAS, Dir I&R). With about 10 unposted (read: busted) IGs, the only IG there is is D/IG Internal Affairs (Warren McShane). The rest -- IG, D/IG, IG Ethics, IG Tech, IG Admin, D/IG External Affairs etc. -- are held by DM. Although he is not, per say in RTC. Except of course by title and by some bureaucratic and insignificant legal papers describing the corporate structure. Essentially one executive on post, if you can call being full time over the SP Room being "on post."

Not particularly mentioned on the Command Channels chart, there is CST, preserving LRH tech for eternity. ("Eternity" means 1000 years in Scientology -- it's just one of those things). However, for some reason half of CST was sent to the Int Base in the early 2000's to handle production bugs. So they were in charge of the daily activities of the Int Base until 2006 when the books fiasco finally brought even them down. So I guess we don't have to worry about them not showing up on the chart any more. Besides, they were just a via on DM's command line to the Base. It is much more straightforward without such useless vias. Now he can order anyone directly which is much more efficient.

Okay, then there is Incomm Int -- or is supposed to be, in theory. In practice, there were two people on post, one handling installation and one traveling with DM making sure his computer equipment work. No execs; they are in the SP Room.

Coming down the line, we get CMO Int. Or do we? We find that there are a few people on post here and there, especially in the external facing networks, just to keep up the apparency someone answers communication sent from lower echelons, as well as to keep a few vital functions going, namely Int Finance (gotta take care of that one!), External Comm (Keep 'em reports flowing), LRH Bio Office (The LRH Biographer writes the event speeches) and almost nothing else. Especially no execs, who are in the SP Room. (Did someone mention WDC? What's that?)

CMO Gold takes care of running programs in Golden Era Productions -- or did (or didn't) until it was disbanded in '05.

Household unit was retained to take care of LRH's House until DM finds a suitable candidate.

Int Executive Strata. As you can see from the chart, there are 11 experts over the Functions posted in that place. As you can see from their offices, there is an IMEC Comm on post. The rest of what hasn't been busted to Gold is sitting in the SP Room (If there are any seats there, that is).

Golden Era Productions. The central dissemination organization of Dianetics and Scientology. Aha: We find people on post. Familiar faces from what we used to see in RTC, CMOI, Exec Strata, CST, ASI, etc. Is that where they all went? (Quiz answer: No, some of them got offloaded.) You will find almost 400 people still in this org, most of them on some post or another. As opposed to maybe 40 people total on post in the rest of the orgs on the Base. If that. Cine is the biggest division with 100 people in it. That's important as Cine puts together all the events and makes the registration films etc. Dissem is almost as large: that's really Manufacturing, but it is good to change the name of the division every once in a while and change the Org Board so that people don't get bored or become too stable. Dissem of course manufactures the lectures, CDs and DVDs. Audio is rather important as well, they put together those LRH Lectures in 16 languages. Music Department is worthless. Marketing is worthless, since DM "does all Scientology marketing himself anyways," so that's down to a dozen people (from about 45 ten years ago). LRH Book Compilations is worthless. DM had to do all the books all by himself. Then there are some auxiliary divisions, HCO "upholding the necessary ethics level and recruiting people" (that lie would R/S on a Mark 0), Sales to keep track of the money, etc.

Now, possibly the most fascinating thing is: Golden Era Productions is the only real org on the base and there are NO command lines to Gold from any other org (Perhaps the fact no other org exists has something to do with it)! Thus DM orders directly into Gold.

How this goes in broad strokes is that he calls up CO Gold (Lisa Allen) and talks to her for an hour or so complaining about the ethics situation on the Int Base and then gives her some orders. That's the Int Base Command Line. That's the totality of it.

The other two trusted people in Gold, as I mentioned, are the Art Director Gold (Henning) who also get calls from DM and the Director Gold (Francois DeJuste) who also gets calls from DM. Those are the alternate Command Lines of the Int Base.

At this point I would like to express my opinion that there is something non-standard going on. But that's just my opinion.


It was BlownForGood who said ""The only standard there is (is) whatever the fuck Dave Miscavige feels like that day, at that time." Your writeup therefore sounds totally "standard".

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