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The CST Double Diamond Logo - your input requested


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Originally Posted by Pixie:
Clubs are wands, diamonds are coins, hearts are cups and spades are swords. They are read the same but some would argue they have different definitions however I disagree as this is what I used when I had no Tarot Cards, the only difference is that you have no major arcana.


Pixie, Diamonds are coins?
Id like to add your quote to my scientology-and-occult page... should I use by "pixie on ESMB"?

from a thread on ARS, FYI


I learned from an ex member that was into tarot and card readings that
the diamond on a regular deck of cards is the equivalent of the "Coin"
representing money in the Tarot deck, hence the CST logo visible from
space is a "Here's where you hid the loot for the returning reborn
In Test of Whole track Recall he went to considerable lengths wasting
everyone's time and taking the Apollo all over the Mediterranean,
digging holes in the sand.. looking for the LOOT that he buried last
lifetime, when he was Cecil Rhodes, and FAILED to find it..

Do you think that he may have decided that he was not going to make THAT same
mistake again?

Hence the CST double diamond logo visible from near earth orbit...


coming from a guy that was almost hit by a freight train on venus, it
makes perfect sense to me, and implies that Ron died believing his own nonsense.

Do you think Herr Dwarf thinks he's smarter than that?

He is the guardian of Ron's loot!!

What a hoot!

This is another example
that the best place to hide something is right in front of you!

Panda Termint

Cabal Of One
Good grief!
I always thought it was Inter-Galactic-Speak intended for the Mothership.
According to my Whole Track memory it says, "Mentally Disabled Parking Only!" :D