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The Don Purcell seizing Dianetics lie


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The Don Purcell / Dianetics story deserves a thread all to its own, i did a search for it, but nothing came up. Warning -This story may incite rage, for ex Scientology staff who have given their life and been slipped the knife at the end of their usefulness you will see it is the mainstay trait laid into the organization by its founder way back.You fell victim for helping.

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The full text version for quoting is below the newsletter

The below Docs are sourced from Lermanet


DIANETICS TODAY March 53 Newsletter Page 7

Sep 1953 Pg 10 & 11

Jan 1954 Pages 1-4

July 54 Page 13
January , 1954 The Dianetic Foundation, Inc 211 West Douglas ave, Wichita, Kansas Vol III, No.1


I hope this is as good a communication as I want it to be. It is concerned with the affairs of the Dianetic Foundation and some decisions that may have a far reaching effect on Diabetics.

It is concerned with its success and a failure.

When The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation of Elizabeth, new Jersey, found itself on the financial rocks late in 1950 I decided to lend a hand. I tried to get an accurate picture of what would be required to put Dianetics back on an even keel financially. Based on the data I obtained at the time I decided that I probably could manage it without difficulty. My intention at that time was merely to lend a financial hand. I did not want to assume any responsibility for management or direction.

Several alterante locations were being considered for the new location of the foundation. I submitted data relative to to Wichita simply because I felt that Wichita would make a good, healthy location for such an organization. I did not stipulate that the foundation must move to Wichita in order to receive my financial aid. I stated that I would render such aid regardless of the final location selected.
History will bear me out when I say that I did not have accurate data concerning the amount of aid the foundation would require to get back on an even keel. I will say now in complete honesty that had I been possessed of accurate and total data regarding the Foundation I would not have offered my assistance in the way I did.

I provided time and money to prepare adequate quarters for the Foundation in Wichita. I agreed with Jack Maloney and L. Ron Hubbard that I would remain in the background and function only in an advisory capacity regarding business affairs.
The Foundation arrived in Wichita on April 13, 1951, and took up its quarters at 211 W. Douglas Ave. With each passing day new and more accurate data came to the surface. Legal commitments of which I was not informed came to light. Money was needed in California to keep Foundation personnel out of trouble. Irate creditors from New Jersey began to aim their arrows at me.

Ron was still in Havana, Cuba, finishing Science of Survival. With him was Richard deMille. One day earlier in May I received a long distance call from deMille telling me that Ron was dying and urging me to “do something”. I did. I chartered a private airplane, hired a registered nurse, and sent them to Havana for Ron. They returned to Wichita on May 15, 1951. He spent the first few days in a local hotel with me and then moved to my home. He was given good “present time” environment and auditing from then until the time of the first June Conference.

After the conference Ron moved from my house and took over active control of the Foundation. Large plans for the future of the Foundation were made. I began to see the possibilities and became quite enthusiastic. I began to take more and more of an active part in the affairs of the Foundation although I maintained my office in another part of the downtown district.
With the pasage of time more and more legal complications, some belonging to the Foundation and some belonging to Ron personally, began to pile up. I became more and more the target
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of the sharpshooting attorneys representing creditors from Elizabeth, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and points west.
I resisted the onslaught of these legal attacks but such did not satisfy Ron. He kept telling me that I had agreed to pay off all the bad debts and underwrite a new start for the Foundation and why didn’t I just go ahead and do it?

In the meantime Ron established an overhead structure that far exceeded the gross income. I began to hold out for an organizational structure that could exist within its income with the idea of expanding the structure as our income increased. This idea did not satisfy Ron and friction between us ensued.
Law suits were filed in the district court against whichattempted to build a defense. When the facts were all brought out, we did not have a defense.
In the final hearing in district court the judge ruled against us and placed us in State Receivership. Ron insisted that we appeal before the receiver was activated. This we did. I was required to put up an eleven thousand dollar bond for the appeal.. By this time I was pretty much aware of what I had let myself in for way back there at the beginning of the year; it was now August, 1951.

After our appeal was filed we held a complete reoranization. Jean Oliver Moore was given complete authority for a period of thirty days in which to effect this reorganization. At the end of that time we had established some pretty clear cut lines of action and responsibility. Among them were the lines of of responsibility concerning myself and Ron. I was to be completely responsible for the management of the business affairs of the Foundation and Ron was to be completely responsible for training, processing and research.

Things went along fine for awhile then Ron began to encroach in my territory. Being the major stockholder of the cor-

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poration he could legally do this. The more he did this the “ornerier” I got. We both went down to in tone, fighting like a couple of uncivilised tom cats.
By that time not only did we have legal and internal troubles to plague us but the Inetrnational Dianetic Auditors Associaton began to come apart at the seams also.

During this time I was negotiating with attorneys trying to effect a settlement of the State Receivership. I purchased all of the accounts involved in the deal and heaved a sigh of relief.The mess was cleaned up. We dropped our appeal to the Supreme Court.

I didn’t suppose that there could possibly be anything else that could be dug up from the Foundations past but there was. As soon as the appeal was dropped I was informed by the attorneys that another big stack of creditors had just come to light, and would I please pay them off or we would have to go back into state receivership. I suggested bankruptcy and Ron hit the ceiling.

By this time I was pretty much aware of the fact that Ron had deliberately suppressed information I should have if I were to succeed in putting the affairs of the Foundation in order. In my opinion the only way left to get all the facts out in the open and dispose of them was to proceed in bankruptcy. Because any other course woulkd have ended in complete obliteration of the Foundation, Rons attitude clearly indicated that he was motivated toward the destruction of the foundation.

That night Ron called a meeting of the Board of Directors.
At this meeting he suggested that he be allowed to turn in all his stock to the Foundation and resign. In this way he could preserve Dianetics regardless of what happened to the Foundation. “I’ll take Dianetics out under the label of Scientology” said he, “:while you stay here and let them blunt their arrows on this old hulk.” He further suggested and agreement between us concerning the future relationship of myself with him and of the Foundation with Hubbard College. The relationship was to be one of cooperation and agreement. Somehow he must have figured that when he abandoned the ship it would be just a rudderless hulk and that it would only be necessary for him to give it another shove and it would go under for keeps. Somewhere back along the line I had decided to keep things going at least until the name Dianetics was cleaned up again.

During this period and subsequently I have been functioning in terms of this decision.
After Ron signed his stock back to the treasury we held a new Board meeting and voted to go back into Bankruptcy immediately.
We worked without sleep until we had the petition ready to file.
At that, we only beat the reactivation of the state receivership by a couple of hours. During this time we were preparing the petition we also wrote Ron a special delivery letter telling him of our action.

With this filing of the bankruptcy Ron began to show his real intent regarding me, the Foundation and Dianetics. The same day that the action was filed, february 22, 1952, I received a telegram from Ron which read as follows:

You are advised that a $500,000 breach of faith and contract is being filed against you pursuant to failure to discharge creditor obligations and that another suit for bad management for a similar amount is also being filed. I am sorry to be pressed to this extremity. Sorrowfully—L. Ron Hubbard

A million dollar lawsuit, regardless of how ridiculous its grounds might be, is no stroll through the park. I fought back at the Same level.
To fully understand what happened during this time one must understand during this time one must understand the motives involved. Rons motive has always clearly been to limit Dianetics to the Authority of his teachings. Anyone who had the affrontry to suggest that otherts besides Ron could contribute creatively to the work must be inhibited.

One of the most powerful methods of control known is control by limitation.

My motive then and now is to remove all limitations within the field of Dianetics. One of the most important concepts of Dianetics is the uninhibited function of the individual through his own self determinism component. In terms of this concept any effort to inhibit or control this self –determinism of others is not a part of Dianetics.

When it became apparent to Ron that legal actions, threats of legal actions and other wild efforts to destroy were not proving effective, he left Wichita and went to Phoenix. It was then that we were able to set about the job of restoring order and reason to the Dianetic world. We felt, perhaps wrongly so that it was our responsibility to do this. I had decided to make the name of Dianetics legally clean and I reaffirmed my decision at this time. I also decided to have a try at making the Foundation a financial success, a task that I viwed with considerable trepedation.

We spent a year in federal court hearings, litigation between Ron and myself, and a sincere effort to restore a sound organizational structure to the Dianetic movement. We created the Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc. for the purpose of preserving the ideal of Dianetics no matter what might happen to us at the Dianetic Foundation, Inc.

Many fine people came to our aid. With their help we did some good work. We made Analytical Procedure available to the Dianetic community. We restored an air of sanity to to that part of the dianetic world that we has assumed responsibility for.. We have created a sound approach to the development of qualified Dianetic Auditors and the development of an affiliate organization.
But we have failed financially. I have not received sufficient processing to keep me at the proper tone level required to cope with the complexity of problems that have confronted me, and at the same time to maintain my own personal survival. My tone has had a profound effect on the rest of the staff.

But we have been discharged from bankruptcy. The name of Dianetics is once against clean. My responsibility has been discharged. Now, actions must be taken to preserve Dianetics. What these actionsare to be I do not know. Much will depend on you.
At the present time the Foundation occupies a large three story building in downtown Wichita. We conduct a professional school and professional processing.. We publish the newspaper DIANETICS TODAY. We publish books and pamphlets. We maintain communication activities such as the HI-ARC net. We maintain communication among the Board of Governors of the Dianetic Research Foundation and we provide the editorial and mechanical requirements of publishing the Bulletin. We sponsor a group program built around Operation Bootstrap. We engage in many activities designed to create ARC with the general public. And not a single one of these activities is self-supporting.

The Dianetic Auditor Examination and Affiliate Program, if it is successful, will make possible the maintenance of all these activities on a self-supporting basis. It will make possible the establishment of qualified Professional Educational Centers in various sections of the country. It will make available qualified professional auditing in all sections of the country. It will make possible the organization of Dianetics on a sound scientific basis. It will make possible the legal and popular acceptance of Dianetics.

I want to do everything I can to make the Dianetic Auditor Program and everything it makes possible a reality. I believe in Dianetics and what it can do.
To accomplish this I propose several actions. The first ones deal with the Foundation of Wichita. We are going to move from our present quarters to smaller, less expensive quarters sometime in February. We are going to cease activities in professional education and professional processing as soon afetr the move as possible. We are going to reduce our staff and fixed expense to an absolute minimum. We will carry on with the other activities to the fullest extent that we are able.We will sponsor the establishment of professional schools in the east and in the west. We will do everything to make these schools a reality as soon as possible. We will continue to sponsor

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The other features of the Dianetic Auditor Affiliate Program also. We will try to serve as a rallying point for a solid core of Professional Dianetics

We will also continue our efforts to make Dianetics a scientific study. At the present time we are engaged in three projects designed to produce scientific data. One is a Dianometry testing project, two is an accident-prone processing project and three is the Records Research Program. These projects have been set up in an accepbly scientific manner. We will continue to design and promote projects with a similar goal.
I am going to get down to business on my own personal progress.

Thus I have stated my case. It is an act that has needed doing for a long time. I sincerely hope that you like the Dianetic Auditor Examination and Affiliate Program and that you will cooperate to make it a success. Its success or failure will have a profound effect on th efuture of the Foundation and the future of Dianetics itself.
Don Purcell.-


THE PURPOSE of this article is to tell the true story of Don Purcell and his valiant effort to place Dianetics on an ethical . responsible basis. Much of the story is known to "old-timers", but the full story is known to few - and since his death, Don has been subjected to a resumption of the un- fair and unkind attacks that characterized the period 1952-1954. Don and I became very close friends during this period, and he confided to me many things that were never made public, so I was acutely aware of the unjust treatment he received.

Nowadays, Scientologists are full of talk about "overts", "withholds", and "confrontations". Their words and actions would be more credible if it were not for the many overts and withholds that were committed against Don Purcell - and which have recently been resumed. In the face of so monstrous an injustice, they stand convicted of rank hypocrisy.

Don's outstanding trait, to me, was his sincerity. He was deeply devoted to the betterment of man, and Dianetics was to him a cause to which he gave freely and without stint. His motivation in working for Dianetics was deeply idealistic and altruistic. When he first went into Dianetics he was a moderately wealthy man; to it he gave most of that wealth in an effort to keep Dianetics going. When these efforts met only vituperation and abuse, and he realized that unity could not otherwise be achieved, he gave the Dianetic Foundation back to its founder, with no strings attached.

But let us telI the story from the beginning.

Ron Hubbard "hopelessly insane" , United Press headline April 24,1951

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, after an auspicious start, ran into serious trouble in late 1950 and 1951. Perhaps owing to over- enthusiasm, the Foundation found itself deeply in debt - I believe in excess of $100,000. These were business obligations - bills due for goods and services rendered- not a di-abolical plot by criminals and Communists-. Then, on April 24,1951, the United Press broke the story of Sara Hubbard's divorce action, in which she charged that "competent medical advisers" had found her husband "hopelessly insane", and in need of psychiatric observation. These charges were not true, but the bad publicity was a damaging blow to the Dianetic cause - nor was it helped by the fact that previously there had been a rumor to the effect that Sara was a "clear".

Added to this was a considerable amount of internal dissension, culminating in the withdrawal of five of the seven original members of the Board of Directors. These included John W. Campbell Jr., and Dr. J. A. Winter, whose enthusiastic endorsements had played a major role in the great interest Dianetics attracted.


Don Purcell was at his best when the going was tough; and he proved it on this occasion. In a letter sent to friends dated May 21, 1952 , be tells of it in his own words:

"We have received a great many letters lately requesting us to answer the accusations that have been made by L.Ron Hubbard and James [Jim] Elliott against myself and the rest of the Foundation personnel. This letter is an answer to these accusations..

"In July of 1950, i took the professional course in Elizabeth, N. J. By the time I had finished the course, I knew that Dianetics offered a greater understanding of mind than any other field of investigation in existence. Mind had been a subject of prime interest and study to me for about 20 years.

"While at Elizabeth, I determined to do all I could to assist the advance of Dianetics. This was a strong postulate. Just before I left Elizabeth I asked Ron how I could best serve Dianetics.... He told me to go home to Kansas for the time being and develop as much local interest as possible....

Don offers assistance to Debt ridden Elizabeth Foundation

"When things got rough within the Foundation late in 1950, we offered assistance. Our offer was accepted and the Foundation moved to Wichita (in the Spring of 1951.--A.C.).

Ron in bad shape flees to Cuba from Psychiatrists

"Ron was in Havana, Cuba, at the time. He was in bad physical condition and quite sure that he didn't have a friend in the world except me. He had left Los Angeles and gone to Havana because he had been told that psychiatrists had been hired who would examine him and adjudge him insane and have him committed to an institution.
Don Purcell to aid of Hubbard April 14 1951

"I finally convinced Ron that I could protect him as a guest in our home until June. He arrived here on April 14. We gave Ron good present-time and helped restore his confidence in people. Ron, Margaret (Mrs. Purcell), and I would sit up until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, discussing Dianetics. When Ron's mind is working on this subject, he has no equal.

"As Ron's self-confidence returned, he began to develop more and more ambitious schemes to rapidly advance. Dianetics. In fact, he wanted to advance it more rapidly than the society would accept it. I was chided when I tried to inject conservatism in these plans.

Don Purcell suggests bankruptcy, Ron refuses

"The old creditors -from New Jersey were hounding us with lawsuits.... I suggested we put the old Foundation in bankruptcy so we would have an opportunity to rebuild without the pressure of litigation. Ron would not agree to such strategy. He preferred to have me pay these creditors off as the occasion arose. "Finally I arrived at the conclusion that we just had to adjust our spending to our income. My available cash surplus was about gone. After informing Ron of this fact, things were not the same between us. He apparently did not believe there was an end to my cash and that I was just plowing his schemes under by refusing to finance them.

Hubbard broke initiates his Allied Scientists of the World scheme

"Ron decided acute measures were called for to raise cash and initiated his Allied Scientists of the World scheme. It was a money raising scheme launched independently by Ron from Denver, Colo. Ron solicited funds thru the mails from many scientists, including scientists working on secret Government projects. The Department of Justice became very much interested in his activities and took a dim view of the whole thing. Ardent work on the part of the Foundation staff and particularly on the part of Jean Moore finally got the mess straightened out.

"Our creditors were still pressing hard and finally threatened a liquidating receivership for the Foundation. To escape this litigation, Ron quit the Foundation. He released all his interest in the Foundation, implied and contractual, gave all his stock back to the Foundation. and resigned. Ron did this to set up a screen between himself and the creditors. From his subsequent actions, it seems that his reasons were more deeply seated than he would have us believe.

Don Purcell advises file for bankruptcy, Ron sues Don for a million dollars

"We prepared to file in bankruptcy and Jean Moore sent Ron immediate notice of the fact ... I received a telegram from Ron informing me that he was suing me for one million dollars…

Ron Hubbard declares American Medical Association conspiracy against Dianetics for Foundation failure.

“l am not trying to destroy Dianetics or Ron Hubbard. I am not prepared to spend $500,000 for this purpose. All my liquid assets have already been spent during the past year trying to build the Foundation, in spite of Ron Hubbard's talent for spending money on wild schemes. I paid the court approximately $6,000 for the Foundation
and all its assets, copyrights, etc., in order to protect the investment of cash and work that had been previously put into these things. I did not receive $500,000 from the American Medical Association to put the Foundation into bankruptcy as Ron claims I did. None of the other accusations made by Ron or Jim [James] Elliott are true.

Ron Hubbard recants accusations of conspiracy

Ron told me in a recent telephone conversation he made these accusations only for the purpose of enlisting public opinion on his side ......

For the next two years, Don worked long and hard on behalf of the Foundation, supporting its activities at a loss, doing everything he could to build it up into a reputable and socially acceptable institution. On advice of his lawyers, he filed countersuit against Mr. Hubbard;(against million $ claim) but this was purely defensive and he several times assured me he would gladly have dropped his suit had Mr.Hubbard done the same.
Again and again he tried to persuade Mr. Hubbard to rejoin the Foundation.
One can question Don's judgment in this matter, and I, for one, did. on several occasions I suggested that he try to terminate the struggle and let Mr. Hubbard have the Foundation back again. But Don believed. in Dianetics , and he continued to hope that some day he could induce Mr. Hubbard to return.

Foundation given back Don Purcell $100,000 poorer Aug 54

As time went on, it became increasingly clear that this was not going to happen. Finally, in August. 1954, Don gave the Foundation and all its assets back to Mr. Hubbard after having spent over $100,000 on its behalf .

Don Dies of Cancer June 1959

Don died of cancer in June, 1959.

Hubbard smears Don Purcell Dec, 1959

In Hubbard‘s REALITY (December, 1959), there appeared a statement,
alleging: "A millionaire in the U.S. once tried to seize all of Dianetics, but the effort failed. And, sad to tell, the millionaire died the other day."

The students in Scientology aren't the only ones with " overts "
that should be " run out ".

The Aberree Volume 8, Issue 7 November 1961 page 12
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Good one, Jachss99!

This is from the Bare-Faced Messiah timeline.

Apr 12 Sara goes to the press (183),
Apr 23 files for divorce (184).
Hubbard asks Don Purcell from Wichita, Kansas to bail him out (185).
(age 40)
May 4 FBI told of Dn setting up in Wichita (188); Ron invites Barbara; divorce from Sara proceeds.
Jun 9 Sara forgives debts and grants divorce in return for custody of Alexis (192).
Jun Dn conference sparsely attended; Science of Survival published (194); Helen O'Brien's account.
Mary Sue Whipp (age 19) arrives as Dn student and moves in with Ron (195); Perry Chapeldaine's account.
Aug Another medical exam for the Veterans Administration.
Hubbard and Purcell fall out over finances and "past lives" (197).
Nov "Allied Scientists" mass-mailing backfires, attracts FBI and mail fraud investigation (198).​

And then there's this from a letter written by an Old Timer, which you can read here:

But I digress. According to A. E. van Vogt, two wronger people for each other than Hubbard and his then wife were hard to imagine. They were continually at loggerheads, and a messy divorce was inevitable. She won custody of Alexia, Hubbard's brilliant little daughter, of whom it was said that "She's the only person in the World that Ron cares more for than he does for himself." At the same time, the Foundation was in the process of going bankrupt, Hubbard being no businessman, although he tried to claim that he was one; he consistently spent more than he earned, and unless you're a government, you can't do that too long without damaging the exchequer.

The double whammy of losing his daughter and his Foundations literally destroyed him. He flipped. There is no kinder term for it. He vanished. Several concerned Dianuts (as we laughingly called ourselves) set out in search of him. Don Purcell, a Kansas Oil man, and Jack Maloney, the Foundation's Accountant, finally found him hiding under a bed in a hotel room in Cuba! (Remember, this was in 1951) He spun a fanciful, unbelievable yarn, about how he had been kidnapped by the Communists who wanted to know all the secrets of the human mind, and forced him, under torture, to reveal advanced techniques of brainwashing.

He also warned that the Communists planned to take over Cuba as an advance base for the conquest of the west, and that Batista's days were numbered. In retrospect, maybe someone should have listened to him! In any event, Don and Jack brought him to Wichita, gave him "Good present time" and a lot of Auditing, (the term 'processing' had not yet come into vogue), and cleaned him up to the point where he was his old arrogant self. Don told me, very seriously, "Never do Hubbard a favor; he'll not only never forgive you, he'll do his best to destroy you!"

Purcell bought all the assets of the bankrupt Foundations and moved them to Wichita, where he reincorporated into two Foundations, the Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, (HDF) which was the money-making arm of the outfit, selling training and auditing, and the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, (HDRF), which was to take the profits (hopefully!) of the HDF and funnel them into new and improved processes for improving Mankind generally. Everyone was hung up on the first sentence of Book One. Then, with much fanfare and self-congratulation, Book 2 was published, with the "Complete" (up to then) "Tone Scale Chart." It still "Only" went from 0.0 (Dead) to 4.0, Dianetic "Clear." (A "Clear" was a person all of whose aberrations from any source had been removed. It was a theoretically perfect goal, unreachable in finite time, but still a useful concept.) What we mostly sought were "Releases," another Dianetic term, meaning "People whose major aberrative circuits had been resolved." We no longer sought "Erasures;" That not only took too long, but had a tendency to backfire, since nothing ever really erased; it was always there, ready to plug back into the board if Survival dictated. I published, in the "Arc Light," an independent Dianetic Journal published by Bill and Dee Swygard in Florida, a paper on how to get around that; imagine my chagrin not too long thereafter, to find that it was one of the latest Hubbardian "Discoveries." Oh, well, at least it was out into the field, and could help people; I really didn't NEED the credit, did I?

Apparently Don Purcell noticed what I, and some other members of our group in Fair Oaks, Calif. were doing, but of that more later.

Things went well at Wichita for a while. Self Analysis, a great help for individual work, and Handbook for Pre-clears, were published. In the latter was the first mention of the word "Scientology."

Now, I must backtrack a bit. "Our" HDA was a Medicolegal Expert for the State of California; Marshall Trout, PhD, MD, ScD, LID. A brilliant man, a fine legal and medical scholar; he had been a Superior Court Judge at one point, and preferred to be referred to as "Judge Trout," rather than "Doctor Trout." His opinion of the Medical profession was not high. Scientology can really be blamed on him. One afternoon, while in conference with Hubbard, he being one of the two or three people for whom Ron had any real respect, he told Ron as follows; "If you in Dianetics go on curing Asthma and Arthritis and Bursitis and Cancer and Diabetes and all the other psychosomatic ills to which Humans fall prey, the AMA is going to come down on you for practicing medicine without a license, and we'll all end up in jail; the only way you'll be safe is to make a Religion out of it! Also, the primary, stated goal of the Religion can be Spiritual Healing, but not Physical Healing; that can come as a result of your "Worship Sessions," but cannot be a stated purpose. Look into incorporating as a Religion." The rest, as they say, is History.

The other tribulations of the Foundations got in the way, but apparently Hubbard never forgot. Anyhow, the Tone Scale suddenly expanded; now, we could get clear up to tone 40, but tone 22 was the preferred reachable goal. (Things were getting complex).

Meanwhile, in Wichita, Hubbard made two million dollars, and spent three million. He had purchased, not one, not two, but three formula 1 cars, and was tuning them up for racing; (he was going to enter the races himself, but Purcell talked him out of that, on the basis that he was too important to Dianetics to risk his life thus). He also devised the "Scientists of the World" scheme, about which I know little; Purcell never gave me any details, but merely said that it was a barefaced con, and it cost him a LOT of money to keep Hubbard out of jail. Every week, on Wednesday night, Hubbard would give, to students and staff, a lecture on the subject of the latest techniques he had developed from the ongoing research program (although Waldo Boyd said, "I don't know where he's doing the research; I never catch him doing any!") Wally was the Editor of Foundation Publications, and, as Jim Pinkham called him, "A Good Boy Scout."

Eventually, things came to a head; Purcell called a meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors, which included him, Hubbard, Boyd and Maloney, and explained that Hubbard was putting the new Foundation into bankruptcy faster than his penchant for profligate spending had put the old. He said that, from now on, Hubbard would not be able to dip into the Foundations' tills as he had been up to that time; that he would be put on a straight salary ($10,000.00 a month was the figure mentioned - surely not a mere pittance.) That for this he would be expected to give his usual Wednesday Night lecture. He would be free to conduct any research he wanted to, and his writings would, of course, continue to be published by the Foundation, at a standard 25% royalty, no advances. That he would be allowed to use the Foundation's facilities for private Auditing sessions, the proceeds of which he would keep. Surely a good deal, for any really sane individual, though not one calculated to make Hubbard a millionaire overnight, which was his stated goal. Hubbard screwed himself right into the light socket. Wally Boyd said, "You have not heard inventive swearing until you have heard Ron in a rage." When he came down, he said, "I QUIT !!!") and stormed off. I suppose he figured that the Foundations could not do without him. Had that been all, Dianetics would have survived his loss without a qualm. But later that night, he came back; he still had his keys, after all, and he stole all the tape recorders (twelve Ampexes!) all the tapes, not only session tapes (every Auditing room was wired), but also all his lecture tapes, which the Foundation rented to groups around the country; he also took three electric typewriters and the Addressograph; also the address files of every Dianeticist in the World! Really a clean sweep. You can't call it either burglary or breaking and entering, since he entered with his own key. He, Jim Elliott, and Mary Sue Whip were up most of the night carting stuff from the Foundation into a rented truck.

When Purcell arrived the next morning, he felt like he'd been kicked. "Okay, " said he to himself, "He wants to play hardball, we'll play hardball." He called his attorney, got Hubbard restrained six ways from Sunday, and sued for recovery of the Foundations' property. An apparently very contrite Hubbard brought back all but one typewriter and two tape recorders, and all of the tapes, but he kept copis of the mailing lists. After he left, Jack Maloney, being a suspicious soul, played a tape. Total hash. Have you ever tried to listen to a tape over which has been run a fairly powerful magnet? In one action, Hubbard had destroyed years' worth of lectures, some of which represented valuable contributions to Human knowledge, and all of which had represented a strong source of revenue to the Foundations, Hubbard's rental tapes being always in demand. Fortunately, a number of them were out circulating, and Hubbard was not able to destroy those. But the tape library was, to say the least, sorely depleted.

Two of the tapes were of signal importance; they were called "Black Dianetics I and II" They consisted of a discussion of things that you should, as an Auditor, NEVER EVER even think of doing. They ranged from elementary Mind Control techniques to advanced Brainwashing and enslaving techniques, and were totally vicious in concept and execution. Hubbard explained his presenting these techniques as "Things no Dianetically-oriented person will ever do, even by accident. They are presented in order that you may be warned; if anyone you encounter is using these techniques, get away as fast as you can, and notify the Foundation." I have no idea what he intended the Foundation to do about it, but I presume he had some means of punishing people set up; he certainly did later.

Anyway, Hubbard disappeared from Wichita and resurfaced in Phoenix. There followed a most interesting (in the ancient Chinese curse sense of the word), time. Jim Elliot speaking for Hubbard, (Reminiscent of "Helmuth speaking for Boskone" of E. E. Smith's Lensman series), wrote a whole lot of wild stuff, accusing the Wichita Foundation of everything but baby rape, and promising startling new developments from the newer researches of the Master, which would totally revolutionize all concepts of mental function. Rumors were afloat that Ron was working with two paranoid schizes who had contact with "The Whole Track," whatever that was. I think he was reading Dr. Victor Lindlahr's book, "The Fifty-Minute Hour," with particular reference to the chapter entitled "The Jet-Propelled Couch." He may also have been dipping into OAHSPE, a strange, "Channeled" work which alleged to explain the origin of all Universes and contain the underpinnings of all religions. It was full of "Space Warfare."

The Wichita Foundation, meanwhile, was endeavoring to put the pieces back together. It created the position of Director of Training (which had never existed before, Hubbard having fulfilled that function himself), and hired Gene Benton, a well-respected psychologist, who had done yeoman work for the L.A. Foundation. Imagine how Purcell felt when he discovered that Benton was teaching - not Dianetics, but Gestalt Psychology! So he was discharged, and Wayne Dunbar, a fairly well respected L.A. Auditor, was hired. That was another mistake, for which the Foundation paid dearly, but more of that in its proper place.

About this time, N.A. (Art) Coulter, M.D., an Endocrinologist in Columbus, Ohio, who had developed an idea he called "Semantic Telepathy," which was an early, crude, but effective means of reading "Body Language," surfaced with a technique for clearing psychological problems he called "Analytical Procedure." He gave it to the Foundation with the idea that they'd research it and determine its validity if any. Purcell named me as a member of the research team, and I went to work with the "newer" ideas, to see what was good about them. I will state unabashedly at this time, "Yes, I went with Wichita. In the face of ever wilder and more confusing stuff coming out of Phoenix, and the pronouncements from Wichita showing the probity of a group of sane individuals attempting to make a go of something they felt was good, of course I went with Wichita. Too bad about Hubbard, but he had refused to act in a businesslike manner, and besides, he'd given us enough to go on with. I did the research and found the newer techniques to be good; they did not replace Dianetics, but they DID help in refiling garbage without incident running. In later years, these techniques became "Synergetics" and their practitioners "Syngeneers," but they are not germane to this narrative, and will not be mentioned further.

Now, we must go back in time to the original (Elizabeth, N.J.) Foundation. Hubbard had done something Freud refused to do. In his work with people, Freud occasionally found them attempting to work in the area before birth. He believed this to be aberrant, and refused to work the area, calling it imaginary, and of small or no value. Hubbard, on the other hand, believed this material to be of prime importance; the Source of all Aberrant behavior. He called painful or painfully emotional incidents in this area "Prenatal Engrams" and declared that erasing the trauma associated with them would aid in removing a whole host of troubles to which Human beings were heir. He was right. Unfortunately, at the Elizabeth Foundation, when people were "Sent Earlier," to find the "First incident on the Chain," once in a while they ran into a past existence; this was okay by Hubbard, who felt that the cellular memory could be transmitted with the germ plasm, and indeed might be very powerful, since that particular aberrant memory would be a built-in part of every cell. Unfortunately, people were not only experiencing "Past Lives," they were experiencing "Past Deaths," and "Between Lives" periods as well. This particular class of phenomena was not one that Hubbard, with his Engineering training, could stomach. He actually "Fired" students and staff-members who Insisted" on running 'garbage' like this. We, in Fair Oaks, were rather more pragmatic. After one very unfortunate early experience in which the client, having run into a prior existence which was running in full color, sound, and other elements of reality, INVALIDATED the episode, saying it must be a "Lie Factory" and terminated the session. This particular person thereupon shut down all perceptics and was never again able to "Run" an "Engram" "Properly." So we made it a solid rule, "No matter what material the person is working on, if he appears to be discharging trauma from it, regardless of how outlandish it may seem, RUN IT RIGHT INTO THE GROUND! If the material is brought up, it must be for a reason; maybe it is symbolic of material which is too highly charged to work with; maybe it is valid. We have no criteria by which to judge."

Hubbard was not that generous. He simply could not accept the existence of the Human Soul - at first. Fortunately, being of an Engineering mind, he eventually came to the same conclusion we had, "If it works, use it, whether you believe it or not." I am, quite frankly, not sure he EVER believed it, but BOYOBOY did he ever USE it!

About this time, Volney Matheson, a Chiropractor in Los Angeles, invented a gadget called an "Electropsychometer." Hubbard got hold of it and promptly claimed he invented it; I don't understand why Matheson never sued, but maybe there was some "Quid pro Quo" involved; not knowing, can't say. In any event, Hubbard claimed it was the absolute final word in uncovering hidden trauma. Actually, it was a reasonably sensitive skin galvanometer. If you insist on doing things like this, you can get all the same effects using a $35.00 multimeter, and test circuits, too; but this was supposed to be the last word in detecting "Psychic Charge." Myself, I believe the E-meter, as it is now called, would make a better boat anchor than an instrument for detecting anything about the state of the person's mind, and since it only weighs a couple of pounds, you can imagine what a good anchor it would make. However, Hubbardian Auditors have abdicated the first function of what Hubbard originally proclaimed were the attributes of a good Auditor; namely, that he/she should continually observe the actions of the client, getting clues as to what to do next from those actions. Now, they don't even look at the client; they look at the dial of the machine, and make judgments based on what the benighted and possibly misbegotten machine "says."

Since I can make the machine "Say" anything I want it to, by merely varying the pressure with which I am holding the tomato sauce cans they use for electrodes, and my son, who is a fairly powerful telekinetic, can make it "say" anything he wants it to without even touching the cans, I really have strong doubts as to the validity of anything the machine may "Say."

Furthermore, the early machines, on which the original "Research" was done, had two 12AT7 tubes in the circuit, only half of each of which were being used. The other half constituted an untuned transmitter, with a range of about fifty yards. Several times, to skeptical Scientologists, I demonstrated that you could put a high resistance shunt across the cans on one machine, put a person across the cans on the other machine, and watch BOTH machines react as you questioned the person! As I kept saying, "Okay, you've got a building full of these pieces of junk, all of which are operating at the same time, and each of them affecting all the others; just how much validity can you ascribe to the actions of ANY ONE of them?" They never got the message. With the modern transistorized machines that problem may - or may not - have been corrected, because I still believe it to be possible that they can pick up signals from Radio Stations, Cellular 'phones, and God alone knows what; at least, the last one I saw, a neat little transistorized model, still "hunted," "froze," and "bopped," when I put a 4 megohm resistor across it and centered it. Maybe that's been corrected by now, but the sloppy way the Scientologists do everything else causes me to doubt it. The point is that if the instrument is suspect, all of the data you gather using it are also suspect. For that reason alone, ALL of Scientology as it is currently practiced, can be scrapped. It may be totally true, although I have some difficulty in believing aberrations caused by something that happened eighty seven Octillion years ago, give or take a few quintillion. We barely have time to alleviate the traumata of THIS lifetime! And taking as gospel anything an instrument "says" is not only suspect, but dumb, on the order of scrambling jets on the radar return from a high-flying flock of swallows. However, I am categorically willing to state that if Scientology as it is currently practiced, and as it has been practiced for the past thirty years were simply abolished, the World would be a better place. However, back to Phoenix.

The Phoenix gang at that time consisted of Hubbard, Elliot, Mary Sue Whip, (whom Ron later married), Alphia Hart, and Ross Lamoureaux. Hubbard later destroyed, or tried to destroy, them all, except Mary Sue. It did not pay to help Hubbard when he was down, because your presence later on reminded him of how things were. (If you think I am painting a picture of a severely aberrated individual, I am. He was. He was also a major genius, in developing ways to contact (or create) psychological phenomena. Genius is frequently mad.

The first two totally "Scientological" works appeared. They were "Scientology 8-80" and "Scientology 8-8008." It hadn't become a church, just yet. Elliot also said that in order to raise some cash, Hubbard was offering for sale the only existing copy of the book "Excalibur," which, it was alleged, contained everything there was to know about the operation of the mind, but which was too much for most minds to handle; it was supposed to have driven insane the few people who had read it. Anyone who wanted it could have it for the payment of $15,000.00 cash. The way it was advertised was not exactly calculated to make anyone buy it, and indeed, I suspect that it never existed. I am, however, fairly certain that for $15,000.00 he'd have written it!

At this point, I gave up on Scientology. True or not, it was too unsane, insane, illogical, and unbusinesslike for me to swallow. I corresponded at length with Purcell, and continued working on the research with Analytical Procedure. As a sort of valediction, it was then I wrote

The Scientologists' Prayer
Our Father, which art in Phoenix,
Hubbard be thy name.
Thy hair be red, Thy books be read,
In Kansas, as in Arizona,
Give us each week,
A new technique,
And forgive us our faults, As we mess up our clients.
And lead us not into bankruptcy, But deliver us from MONEY,
For thine is the Thetan, And the Engram,
And the writings forever, Amen.

(I was not dearly beloved in Phoenix, but I didn't become a non-person until a LOT later.)

Don Purcell apparently liked the things I was telling him, about my own philosophy, etc., and so he invited me to come to Wichita to be his own personal Auditor for a while.

I found out later, (much too late, actually), that he was dissatisfied with what Dunbar was doing, and was grooming me to become Director of Training, if I was as represented. I was, but it didn't do me any good. As it was later pieced together from what Alphia Hart told me, Dunbar was Hubbard's Man in Wichita, with the prime goal of destroying the Wichita Foundations (which had reorganized, leaving the name "Hubbard" off the title). One of my first jobs after arrival in Wichita was to devise the letterhead for the Foundations. (Everyone who COULD do something, DID it; no Prima Donnas need apply). The Foundation also changed its procedures; the degrees now granted were "DA" and "CDA" for "Dianetic Auditor" and "Certified Dianetic Auditor," the one for graduates of the training course, the other for HDA's who had some experience, came back and got retreaded in the newer techniques, and got the "H" removed. Anyway, Don liked my style, and things were going along swimmingly; I was even commissioned to write a book for the Foundation concerning some techniques my father and I had developed. Then the roof fell in. Wayne Dunbar and one of the students did as neat a job of sabotage on me as has ever been done. Using some Hubbardian techniques, he got the student to claim that I had used "Pain-Drug-Hypnosis" on him, and committed certain unspeakable acts. Of course I was innocent, and demanded the right to confront them, but Don felt that the student was in too psychologically delicate a state to take a confrontation. I demanded the right to confront Dunbar and ask him just what the HELL he thought he was doing, but Purcell said that MY psychological state was such that I would probably beat the crap out of Dunbar, and the Foundation couldn't stand for that. In retrospect, he was probably right. Alphia Hart told me later that Hubbard had orchestrated the whole thing; not that he had anything against me, personally, but that since Dunbar was his agent in Wichita, he was to use any means necessary to destroy or discredit anyone whom he saw as a threat to his continued existence as Hubbard's point man. He gave Dunbar several means of doing it; using a student as a hypnotic subject and later having him "Run" the material installed was only one such means, but it was the one used on me. Of course, naming me as Director of Training was out of the question, since regardless of my guilt or innocence, the FACT of the accusation was always there. I suppose I have the right to be annoyed with Hubbard, but I have accepted what happened to me as just another one of his ways of doing business. After all, it was nothing personal.

I didn't even know about the lost opportunity until nearly a year later. Meanwhile, Dunbar messed up a case something fierce, which gave Purcell the excuse to fire him. He named Dick Weigand, a Staff Auditor, to the position, and things were never the same thereafter. I have often thought that had I actually been given the position, the Wichita Foundation would have lasted a lot longer than it did, because I am something Dick, with all due credit to his skill as an Auditor, never was; I am a capable Manager. People who work for me are fiercely loyal to me, and I can see as far through a ladder as most people. Anyway, I had become totally disenchanted with the Wichita Foundation's way of doing things, and I could not, in good conscience, go with Hubbard, who was sounding less and less sane, and more and more strident all the time. Shortly after the Second Dianetic Conference (in Denver), which I attended, the first "Dianetic Clear," who had been announced with much fanfare, was revealed to be a fraud. The man was brilliant, no doubt about that, and he took his Auditor in completely. That's a long story, and has nothing in particular to do with Scn, so we'll skip it. I had the opportunity to go to Morocco as the chief Chemist for a major Air Force Materiel Depot, with an Area of responsibility considerably larger than the Continental U.S., so I went. I severed all ties with Dianetics and Scientology; the idols in that field had proven, (in Alphia Hart's felicitous phrase), "To have Feet of Clay and Heads to match," and I had no desire to continue my association with either. Instead, my wife and I engaged in our own research, and came up with several signal advances. Of course, there was no escaping the news; I followed Hubbard's career 'from afar,' so to speak. He apparently got up to some of his old tricks in Phoenix, selling a few intensive auditing sessions for $1500.00 each, (an intensive was forty hours of Auditing in a week), doing a case evaluation, and turning the case over to a student. A few people, who felt defrauded by this process, sued. Hubbard left Arizona a half jump ahead of the Process server, but not before he did his customary hatchet job on Ross Lamoreaux and Alphia Hart. It took Alphia a couple of years to recover, Lamoreaux never did, and nobody ever heard of Elliot after Hubbard left. He and Mary Sue went to Spain, to England, to Australia, to Sea, and, (some people averred), to Hell. At least, some of the methods he came up with were definitely NOT made in Heaven!

If you go back, Jachss99, into your Aberree magazine posts you'll notice some mention of Alphia Hart.

Good stuff.

Notice the Ole Hubbard squid ink spin where Don Purcell is a "crook" who died from his own sins.

Hubbard sends in covert operatives in 1951 or 1952 or thereabouts to sabotage the Wichita org. Too bad Mary Sue couldn't see the writing on the wall because she could've saved herself several years in prison.

Secret operatives = bad karma!


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Yeah Alphia Hart established The Aberree with his wife Agnes Hart.

Alphia was previously the Editor of the Journal of Scientology and very loyal to hubbard, but not suprising joined the club of those attacked by Hubbard.


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