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The Ethics Order Thread

Discussion in 'Important documents' started by Martin-O, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I feel some clarification is in order on the Beans and Rice thing. Many of our readers, when they think of beans and rice, may think of a nice evening out at a fancy Mexican Restaurant. Its Chile Rellenos with your favorite salsa and chips - not. Sea Org galleys use large institutional kettles that cook in bulk for hundreds at a time. Often the food is over cooked to mush. Food loses a lot of nutritional value this way. When crew is ordered onto rice and beans its not just as a cost saving measure - its to drive the point home that you're downstat losers and you better get the GI (Gross Income) up! It is JUST beans and just rice, the same beans and the same rice cooked the same way day after day, week after week, month after month and don't count on there being any catsup.

    You will notice in the letter, they are already in Room 731 in the main Building. The 7th floor historically was RPF berthing. My theory is that they put the RPF on the 7th floor because it was more difficult to escape and RPF were not allowed to use the elevators. For all I know, for these people at this time Room 731 might have been perfectly fine.

    Just a little background. Carry on...
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  2. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    As one of my "time to get out" cognitions, I reflected upon some Scn people looking down upon a SO friend of mine because, in her past, she was a "prostitute" (she wasn't, she was a topless dancer, but it made no difference to them).

    My thought was that I had much more respect for a prostitute than a Scn Reg, because the prostitute actually delivered what was paid for.
  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I had considered including "Prostitute" in the list but I didn't want to disparage the profession by association. Perhaps including "Pimp" would be more appropriate.

    As I was composing the list, the thought crossed my mind that OSA Operative would rank higher than Reg because they at least have no moral equivocation. Their purpose is to destroy people utterly and they proudly say what they do, unlike a Reg who must manipulate people's priorities to coincide with their own through duplicity. Also, OSA Operatives mostly deal with disaffected people who have left whereas Regges got them into Scientology in the first place.
  4. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    At Flag, the mecca of the tech the most upstat place in the world

    For the public:

    In the 80'0, all the FSO tech people (C\Ses and auditors) who were sent in the RPF (we all know all those guys are there were a lot)
    were sleeping on the garages cement dirty humid floor and running all the times looking down on the floor (ver shameful) , forbidden to talk to anybody. I wonder what they ate...since there was never enough food (to feed all the crews showing at meal time) :unsure:

    The rice and bean diet is really degrading for people..the combinaison doesn't provide good nutriment but too much glucides (lot of sugar and proetines) withouth needed vegetable and fruits. It is very rough on the digestive track, especially for people who are not used to eat those beans.

    If you can imagine people at night, close to eachother...well...When it's so degrading it is Dr Hubtard and $cientology tech for sure.
    (don't forget the dark dirty clothes -ensuring they smell pigs (not allow time to shower,neither wash clothes), are yelled at constantly...refered to as criminals...

    Oh soon get a Stockholm syndrome suffering crew....very easy to manage though..they don't even try to escape!:confused2:
  5. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    OSA, pay attention here,

    How much of all this negative after staff commentary would not exist if only an accurate representation of conditions were provided prior to routing in. We are having to do your work for you. The brochure should explain all the beans and rice, the pictures of crowded berthing, rocks and shoals, over-boarding, running around poles, videos of RPF daily life, what a Freeloader Debt Invoice looks like, etc., etc. If we sign on fully knowing the score then its all on us.

    There is so little to mitigate the circumstances. All those beans and you even get punished if you make J&D fart jokes.

    That's just wrong.
  6. Martin-O

    Martin-O Patron

    As far as I remember, I was on rice and beans three or four times. The longest time was for about 3 weeks. The problem was that I just could not eat those repugnant beans. I would skip breakfast completely. During lunch and dinner I would eat rice with mustard, which was freely available. Occasionally I would steal some cheese from the kitchen. It is still a miracle to me how I survived this "diet".
  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Did they also reassure you that rice combined with beans provided a "complete protein"?

    As though that made everything Okay.

    I think its an LRH authored Flag Order but I'm not sure. Maybe its based on a personal R order or telex tracing back to the ships. Be nice to dig that up.
  8. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

    The rice and beans 'provides a complete meal' is directly from Ron's whole track research back when he invented food.
  9. Martin-O

    Martin-O Patron

  10. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I remember a Meko in the early 80s who worked on the promo assembly line in Dissem FB in Clearwater.

    Does anyone know if it's the same person?
  11. Udarnik

    Udarnik Gold Meritorious Patron

    Complete protein? Uncooked brown rice is about 7% protein.

    I doubt y'all were eating brown rice. Protein content of white rice is about 3%.

    It's the absolute lowest protein content of all the cereals. The beans were providing the protein, the rice was doing bupkis in that department. It was, however, providing the carbs.
  12. Martin-O

    Martin-O Patron

    Why Sea Org couples from the L.A. area should not be posted at the L.A. org when they await a baby and decide to leave the Sea Org:

  13. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Classic Sea Org rational. Sea Org couples are very likely to be destitute and completely dependent upon the Church. They may have alienated from family and friends, little or no money, no car or ability to pay for its operation and insurance, poor credit, work experience and time line that makes for a weak resume in the wog world even if for part time work while a non-SO staff member. Now they are having a baby and they will need everything and lots of it: a clean safe place to live, good food, free time to care for the child, health care, etc. yet the central overriding criteria established at the highest levels of the Church is to send them to.... a "Failing Org".

    It really is always worse than you think.
  14. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Add to that, the pressure on the husband to stay in the SO, and abandon wife and kid to their fate. With one lady I know, they let the husband know some stuff from her PC folder to convince him to divorce her.
  15. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Isn't the term they use now "Administrative Divorce"?

    One spouse is routing out or on extended leave so the one who stays must get divorced because by policy they can't be married to non-SO or live in non-SO berthing but they still want to maintain a couple/family relationship?

    I'm not sure as I think this evolved after my time.

    Also, the state of personal deprivation for people routing out in my time wasn't discussed openly and they didn't give $500. or anything for bus fare or a few nights in a hotel that I recall, but in later years capitalizing on one's poverty and lack of prospects seems to have been embraced as a deliberate point of manipulation to intimidate people against leaving.

    The brainstorming that probably went on behind the development of this policy must have been particularly pernicious. They already highly resent ex-Sea Org. Its one thing if you were never SO and hadn't promised your loyalty for a billion years but having been SO it is expected that you know what is at stake and make the ultimate sacrifice. To be so non-OT as to let yourself become no longer qualified is Treasonous. Even a wog is just an unwashed heathen by comparison.

    Once out of the SO these people are not obliged to be posted or to pursue a job at a non-SO org, they can and should start out fresh, so this is like tossing scraps to a starving dog - only worth the slightest consideration out of the generosity of our hearts. Now post them some place where they have little or no connection to people in the Scientology community around Los Angeles who might give them a job, help with transitional housing or taking care of the baby. Its off to outer Scientology Siberia for you so you serve as an example to the next couple who is careless enough to get pregnant and where you are less able to contaminate the local field.

    At least when the Cadet Org and the pregnancy issues were hitting the fan in the late 70s, early 80s I think there was a tacit understanding with the people doing those data analysis that the Church was not equipped to deal with it and never would be but that the causation was due to LRH and top brass deliberately creating untenable circumstances and denying the money and logistics necessary to make it work. They had little choice but to issue those draconian decrees and suggest solutions that would never work. I knew some of those people and they were in an impossible situation.

    Apparently by 89 they had dispensed with all this facade and just went for the jugular.
  16. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    There's a policy, HCOPL Sea Org Resignation, which I had shown to me, and which Mike Hobson quotes on

    But I think it's different if you are ejected from the SO as "being unqualified", as opposed to leaving on your own determinism.
  17. Martin-O

    Martin-O Patron

    Another SP-Declare, this time from 1979. Nothing extraordinary, except that the 1965 HCO PL "The Fair Game Law" is cited, although it was officially out of fashion since 1969.

  18. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Interesting that the use of the term "Fair Game" appears on this 1979 document, after the HCO Policy Letter of 21 October 1968 said the term "Fair Game" was no longer supposed to be used.
  19. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I remember that policy. It was strictly enforced back in the 70s and 80s, especially because Hubbard didn't want the missions and orgs to offer a way out of the billion year SO commitment.
  20. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    Isn't that Declare Order essentially saying Hubbard declares a person because they no longer agree with him and his viewpoint?

    Hey Ron, where are the god damn clears and OT's, and in the end, you Ron said you failed and wasn't coming back, per Steve Sarge.