If you were to ask Tommy Davis in a TV interview if his organization practices ‘Fair Game” he will tell you emphatically that they do not. When asked about if they are involved with disconnection and breaking up families you will most likely get the same answer. Well, for some reason they are now making exceptions to these statements.

Several fellow ex-Sea Org members are going to be filing complaints that they were not paid the minimum wages required by California law. Every single person that Tommy Davis is worried about filing a complaint has been contacted. Tommy Davis is contacting family members of these people and telling them that they will not be allowed to speak with any family member that is in any way connected to Marc Headley.

All of my family have been contacted and told Tommy’s version of what happened when I was at Gold. I was not allowed to contact them or tell them the truth. I do not even know where they live! How could I? Well, Tommy Davis was not there. (Insert John Sweeney yelling video clip) Tommy does not know what happened. How could he possibly know what happened? He is telling Dave Miscavige’s version of what happened. He is stating this as fact when he does not know it to be true. So be it. The truth will come out and I guarantee it will not be the version Dave Miscavige is selling. Dave Miscavige is a liar. You will see this to be the case time and time again. Larry Brennan has already documented Dave Miscavige lying under oath!

Child Protection Services got an anonymous tip and came to my house. Tommy Davis seems to think that them trying to have my two kids taken away from me would make me walk away from trying to take legal recourse against his organization. That was surely not the case. To say that made me more committed is an understatement. Child Services even warned us that this bogus tip looked like harassment and told us that it would be noted in their files. I have taken proper precautions for my children. I would never let anything happen to them. They are both with me and well and are in no danger. If ANYTHING happens to me or my family, I assure you that it will not go unnoticed.

I have a list of 65 people that I know of that have been contacted by Tommy Davis. All friends and family and family of my friends. . The ones that do not call me afterwards are still talking to someone I know. No matter who Tommy talks to, I usually find out right afterwards about the meeting and all the details of what went down. Tommy Davis should also know that I have already spoken to most everybody that I thought he would contact and told them the truth about what happened at Gold, so they know the true story before he shows up with his bogus version from Dave Miscavige. The ones I could not get to have seen him lie on TV or the Internet and are un-phased. So either way, I am covered.

If Tommy Davis knew who I was meeting with, he surely would be taking a different course. I am sure if he knew that film scripts were being added to and adjusted every time he meets with someone, he would be a bit more discreet. Tommy Davis and his fair game antics alone could fill a book and probably will.

Tommy has contacted employees at the company I work at. That I own half the company, makes his actions against the law. Whether he knows this or not, so be it. More ammo for the BFG 9000.

Tommy has not once tried to contact me personally. Not once. Tommy knows he has to do what Dave Miscavige says and that is what he is doing. I don’t think Tommy Davis has any say in what he does. He is a puppet. I however, am thinking for myself.

There are currently 25000 ex-members of the Sea Org. Are you going to meet with each one of these people Tommy? I can tell you right now that I have contacted easily 100 times as many people as you and in a much shorter time period. I also am a lot more believable. While I don’t roll up in a brand new Mercedes and $5,000 worth of clothing and accessories, I am sincere and not there on someone else’s behalf. I am there for the person I am talking to, and that is why they listen to me. I also occasionally run into people that are Scientologists. They know me. They have seen my videos and they approach me and ask to speak to me. They want to know the truth and they know that they are not going to get it from someone that is part of the organization. They have disagreements about certain things and don’t understand why certain things are happening within the organization. I tell them what I know. They usually thank me and refer a couple of their friends to talk to me as well.

Now the question for Tommy is, when Dave Miscavige comes under fire for things that Dave has done and lied about, who will Tommy listen to? If Dave lied about other things, maybe he lied about what happened at Gold. Well Tommy already knows that there are lies being covered up. So I guess the real question is, when does Tommy Davis call it quits? How many disgruntled ex-Sea Org members will it take to make Tommy Davis see that he will soon be in the same boat as them.

Here is the real thing that Tommy Davis should know. If he were NOT meeting with people, I would be worried. The fact that since I started down my current path, he has been such a busy little bee (insert busy bee photo with Tommy face on it) lets me know that I am doing the exact right course of action. Every time he meets with someone, I get a little more confident that I have struck a chord with them. I found the small hole in the side of the ship that will surely sink it. As I make the hole bigger, more and more people see the ship sink a little further. Will Tommy himself take his opportunity to get off before it goes under?

If my case means nothing to them, then why are they fighting it harder than any other case they have had? Why have they already paid out over 1 million dollars in legal fees to try and make it go away? Why have they hired private investigators to follow me around? Why have my friends been followed around by private investigators? Why are they attempting to get former members to sign waivers that they volunteers? Why do I find people taking pictures outside my company? Why did they have private investigators show up at my house while I was away in Germany. If they have done all of this because I have no case against them, then I think that their members that are paying for these things should know exactly what their money is being spent on. Noisy invests?

Tommy Davis & Jessica Rodriguez are practicing the policy of disconnection and Fair Game daily. Every instance of this is being recorded. The people they are talking to will, no matter what, eventually come out and say that they have been contacted. What Tommy Davis & Jessica Rodriguez do now will certainly decide their future situations. One cannot sit down to eat with thieves every meal and not expect to lose a wallet or two.

So for all those out there who have been wondering if I have been fair gamed, I have. Big time. I could pretend that nothing has happened and tell you that. I feel it is my duty to tell you that Fair Game is still in effect and that it is alive and strong within the organization. A few months ago Jason Beghe and I started a website for people to come out and tell their stories. Doing so upped the pressure and I decided that maybe I was not willing for other people to be fair gamed on our account. Still, some people have said that they want their stories up on the site. I applaud you. You are brave. This organization will do whatever it takes to protect the millions they are making. Breaking up families and ruining lives is a small price to pay in comparison to what they stand to make perpetuating the lies and deceit.

So, Tommy Davis and Dave Miscavige, I am not scared. Your attempts to knock me down have built me up. You have not changed my mind. You will not shudder me into silence. Dave Miscavige knows me and knows that this is the case. You are being sent on a wild goose chase Tommy. Get out while you still can. I will continue to fight until the last shot has been fired.
This story is not finished. I am sure there will be many more exciting chapters. I will tell you about all of them. I will also tell you right now that the next few months will be full of win, caek, lulz, you name it.

Until next time…

“You can’t change the world, but you can change the facts.
When you change the facts, you change points of view.
When you change points of view, you may change a vote.
And when change a vote, you may change the world.”

Martin L. Gore


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Thanks BFG for standing strong against this big evil cult. I look forward to the exposure and destruction of the CO$. This is going to be a landmark year in their decline.


Lulu Belle

Irish blessing:

May you have the hindsight to know where you've been
the foresight to know where you're going
and the insight to know when you're going too far.



Thank you for posting. :)

I'm not surprised at what's been occurring, but I'm damn excited about the size and magnitude of the impending bombshell that you're gonna be droppin'. :buzzin:

We so appreciate everything you are doing. Thank you. :thumbsup:

Let us know if any support from us ANZO folk could help in any way.


Been Done Had

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Stand strong. I am awed by your courage and strength. The irony is you are behaving as a real Scientologist should.

Document everything. Everything. The harassment, the threats and intimidation, everything.

Try and get a restraining order on a PI following you. I'm sure you already know the value of doing just that.

It is strange they are engaging in the behavior these days. Old habits die hard. Every move they make is scrutinized at the speed of light. The World is watching this time. All they have to do is treat people decently. That's all. It's so simple.

Change the world, Brother. Change the World.



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Thank you, Marc.

What you are doing is truly planet-changing.

I salute you.

Post if you need any help with anything.


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Marc..I truly admire your courage and persistance. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you or your family.



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Stay strong, it's all going to end soon.

I have helped arrange a public humiliation of Tommy Davis we'll all see in early March.

Be patient


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Dude, that sucks. On the other hand they're dropping powercells like a badly balanced boss fight so pick em up and use em (I know you are but I just wanted to say it).
Do you hear that rumble? That is the CoS falling down. Do you hear that swoosh of air? That is all the members rushing for the exits. Do you hear those deafening cries? They are DM and his cronies in prison!